List of national and state libraries
A national library is established by the government of a nation to serve as the pre-eminent repository of information for that country. Unlike public libraries, they rarely allow citizens to borrow books. Often, they include numerous rare, valuable, or significant works; such as the Gutenberg Bible. National libraries are usually notable for their size, compared to that of other libraries in the same country. Some national libraries may be thematic or specialized in some specific domains, beside or in replacement of the 'main' national library.
United States Library of Congress, Jefferson Building
Some national entities which are not independent but who wish to preserve their particular culture, have established a national library with all the attributes of such institutions, such as legal deposit.
Many national libraries cooperate within the National Libraries Section of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) to discuss their common tasks, define and promote common standards and carry out projects helping them to fulfil their duties. National libraries of Europe participate in The European Library. This is a service of The Conference of European National Librarians (CENL).
The list below is organized alphabetically by country, according to the list of sovereign states, including, at its end an 'other states' section for non-sovereign states. A "♦" indicates a national library of a constituent country or dependent state. It is listed under the sovereign state which governs that entity. Sovereign states are listed even when they have no national library or when the existence and name of a national library could not yet be ascertained. Other states, constituent countries and dependent states are listed only if they have a national library.
National libraries
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
Abkhaziasee under Other States
AfghanistanNational Library of AfghanistanKabul
Åland Islandssee under Finland
AlbaniaNational Library of Albania (Biblioteka Kombëtare e Shqipërisë)Tirana[1]
AlgeriaNational Library of Algeria (Bibliothèque nationale d'Algérie

المكتبة الوطنية الجزائرية)
Algiers[2][permanent dead link]
AndorraAndorra National Library (Biblioteca Nacional d'Andorra)Andorra la Vella[3]
AngolaNational Library of Angola (Biblioteca Nacional de Angola)Luanda[4]
Antigua and BarbudaNational Library of Antigua and BarbudaSt. John's[5]
ArgentinaNational Library of the Argentine Republic (Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina)Buenos Aires[6]
ArmeniaNational Library of Armenia (Հայաստանի ազգային գրադարան)Yerevan[7]
Arubasee under the Netherlands
AustraliaNational Library of AustraliaCanberraYes[8][9]
AustriaAustrian National Library (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek)Vienna[10]
AzerbaijanAkhundov National Library (Axundov adına Azərbaycan Milli Kitabxanası, National Library of Azerbaijan)Baku[11]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
BahamasCollege of The Bahamas Library(de facto)Nassau[12]
BahrainShaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa National Library [ar] (المكتبة الشيخ عيسى بن سلمان الخليفة الوطنية)Juffair[13]
BangladeshNational Library of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ জাতীয় গ্রন্থাগার)Dhaka[14]
BarbadosNational Library Service of BarbadosBridgetown[15]
BelarusThe National Library of Belarus (Нацыянальная бібліятэка Беларусі)Minsk[16]
BelgiumRoyal Library of Belgium (Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België = Bibliothèque royale de Belgique)Brussels[17]
BelizeNational Library Service of BelizeBelize City[18]
BeninNational Library of Benin (Bibliothèque nationale du Bénin)Porto Novo[19]
Bermudasee under United Kingdom
BhutanNational Library of BhutanThimphu[20]
BoliviaNational Archive and Library of Bolivia (Archivo y Biblioteca Nacional de Bolivia)Sucre[21]
Bosnia and HerzegovinaNational and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Nacionalna i univerzitetska biblioteka Bosne i Hercegovine)Sarajevo[22]
National and University Library of the Republic of Srpska (Народна и универзитетска библиотека Републике Српске)Banja Luka[23]
BotswanaNational Library Service of BotswanaGaborone[24]
BrazilNational Library of Brazil (Fundação Biblioteca Nacional)Rio de JaneiroYes[25][26]
British Virgin Islandssee under United Kingdom
BruneiDewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Library (Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka Brunei Library)Bandar Seri Begawan[27]
BulgariaSS. Cyril and Methodius National Library (Народна Библиотека Св. Св. Кирил и Методий)Sofia[28]
Burkina FasoNational Library of Burkina Faso (Bibliothèque nationale du Burkina Faso)Ouagadougou[29]
Burma (Myanmar)National Library of MyanmarYangon[30]
BurundiNational Library of Burundi (Bibliothèque nationale du Burundi)Bujumbura
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
CambodiaNational Library of CambodiaPhnom Penh[31]
CameroonNational Library of Cameroun (Bibliothèque nationale du Cameroun)Yaoundé[32]
CanadaLibrary and Archives Canada (Bibliothèque et Archives Canada)OttawaYes[33][34]
Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (Institut canadien de l'information scientifique et technique)[35]
QuebecNational Library and Archives of Quebec (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec)MontrealYes[36][37]
Cape VerdeNational Library of Cape Verde (Biblioteca Nacional de Cabo Verde)Praia[38]
Cataloniasee under Spain
Central African Republic[nb 1][national library created in legislation but does not exist yet][40][41]Bangui
Chad [nb 2]National Library of Chad (Bibliothèque nationale du Tchad)[40]N'Djamena
ChileNational Library of Chile (Biblioteca Nacional de Chile)SantiagoYes[42][43]
People's Republic of ChinaNational Library of China (中国国家图书馆)BeijingYes[44][45]
Hong KongHong Kong Central Library (香港中央圖書館)Hong KongYes[46][47]
MacauMacau Central Library (Biblioteca Central de Macau, 澳門中央圖書館)Macau[48]
Republic of China (Taiwan)see under Other States
ColombiaNational Library of Colombia (Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia)BogotáYes[49][50]
ComorosNational Centre for Documentation and Scientific Research [ar] (Centre National de Documentation et de Recherche Scientifique)Moroni[51]
Republic of the Congo[40]People's National Library (Bibliothèque nationale populaire)Brazzaville
Democratic Republic of the CongoNational Library of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Bibliothèque nationale de la République démocratique du Congo)Kinshasa
Cook Islandssee under New Zealand
Costa RicaNational Library "Miguel Obregon Lizano" of Costa Rica (Biblioteca nacional "Miguel Obregón Lizano" de Costa Rica)San José[52]
National Library of Health and Social Security (Biblioteca Nacional de Salud y Seguridad Social)[53]
Côte d'IvoireNational Library of Côte d'Ivoire (Bibliothèque nationale de Côte d'Ivoire)Abidjan
CroatiaNational and University Library in Zagreb (Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu)Zagreb[54]
CubaNational Library José Martí (Biblioteca Nacional José Martí)[55]Habana[56]
CyprusCyprus Library (Κυπριακή Βιβλιοθήκη)Nicosia[57]
Northern Cyprussee under Other States
Czech RepublicNational Library of the Czech Republic (Národní knihovna České republiky)PragueYes[58][59]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
DenmarkDanish Royal Library, The National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek)CopenhagenYes[60][61]
State and University Library (Statsbiblioteket)AarhusYes[60][62]
Faroe IslandsNational Library of the Faroe Islands (Føroya landsbókasavn)Tórshavn[63]
GreenlandPublic and National Library of Greenland (Det Grønlandske Landsbibliotek = Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia)Nuuk[64]
Djibouti[40]National Documentation Centre of Djibouti (Centre national de documentation de Djibouti)Djibouti
DominicaPublic LibraryRoseau
Dominican RepublicNational Library Pedro Henríquez Ureña (Biblioteca Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña)Santo Domingo[65]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
East TimorNational Library of East Timor (Biblioteca e Arquivo Nacional de Timor-Leste)Dili[66]
EcuadorNational Library of Ecuador (Biblioteca Nacional del Ecuador)Quito[67]
EgyptEgyptian National Library and ArchivesCairo[68]
Egyptian National Agricultural LibraryGiza[69]
El SalvadorNational Library of El Salvador (Biblioteca Nacional Francisco Gavidia)San Salvador[70]
Equatorial GuineaNational Library of Equatorial Guinea (Biblioteca Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial)Malabo[71]
EritreaResearch and Documentation Center of EritreaAsmara[72]
EstoniaNational Library of Estonia (Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu)TallinnYes[73][74]
EthiopiaNational Archives and Library of EthiopiaAddis Ababa[75]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
Faroe Islandssee under Denmark
FijiLibrary Service of FijiSuva[76]
FinlandNational Library of Finland (Kansalliskirjasto = Nationalbibliotek)Helsinki[77]
Åland IslandsMariehamn's Library (Mariehamns stadsbibliotek)Mariehamn[78]
FranceNational Library of France (Bibliothèque nationale de France)Paris[79]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
GabonGabon National Library (Direction générale des Archives nationales, de la Bibliothèque nationale et de la Documentation gabonaise, DGABD)[40][80]Libreville[81]
The GambiaNational Library of The GambiaBanjul[82]
GeorgiaNational Parliamentary Library of GeorgiaTbilisi[83]
GermanyGerman National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)Frankfurt a.M. and LeipzigYes[84]
German National Library of Economics (Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften​)Kiel and Hamburg[85]
German National Library of Medicine (Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Medizin)Cologne and Bonn[86]
German National Library of Science and Technology (Technische Informationsbibliothek​)HanoverYes[87][88]
Berlin State Library (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)BerlinYes[citation needed][89]
Ghana[90]George Padmore Research Library (division of Ghana Library Board)Accra[91]
GreeceNational Library of Greece (Εθνική Βιβλιοθήκη της Ελλάδος)Athens[92]
Greenlandsee under Denmark
GrenadaGrenada Public LibrarySt. George's
GuatemalaNational Library of Guatemala (Biblioteca Nacional de Guatemala "Luis Cardoza y Aragón")Guatemala City[93]
GuineaNational Library of Guinea (Bibliothèque nationale de Guinée)Conakry[94]
Guinea-BissauPublic Library of the INEP (Biblioteca Pública do Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisa, INEP)Bissau[95]
GuyanaNational Library of GuyanaGeorgetown[96]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
HaitiNational Library of Haiti (Bibliothèque nationale d'Haïti)Port-au-Prince[97]
HondurasNational Library of Honduras (Biblioteca Nacional de Honduras)Tegucigalpa[98]
Hong Kongsee under People's Republic of China
HungaryNational Széchényi Library (Országos Széchényi Könyvtár)Budapest[99]
University of Debrecen University and National Library (Debreceni Egyetemi és Nemzeti Könyvtár)Debrecen[100]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
IcelandNational and University Library of Iceland (Landsbókasafn Íslands Háskólabókasafn)ReykjavíkYes[101]
IndiaNational Library of IndiaKolkataYes[102]
IndonesiaNational Library of Indonesia (Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia)Central JakartaYes[103]
IranNational Library of Iran (Ketabkhane-ye Melli-ye Iran)TehranYes[104]
Malek National Library (Ketabkhane-ye Melli-ye Malek)[105]
IraqIraq National Library and ArchiveBaghdad[106]
IrelandNational Library of Ireland = Leabharlann Náisiúnta na hÉireannDublin[107]
Isle of Mansee under United Kingdom
IsraelNational Library of Israel (הספרייה הלאומית)JerusalemYes[108]
ItalyNational Central Library (Florence) (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Firenze)Florence[109]
National Central Library (Rome) (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma)Rome[110]
Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III (Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli)Naples[111]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
JamaicaNational Library of JamaicaKingstonYes[112][113]
JapanNational Diet LibraryTokyo and Kyoto (Kansai-kan)Yes[114][115]
Jerseysee under United Kingdom
JordanNational Library of JordanAmman[116]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
KazakhstanNational Library of Kazakhstan (Қазақстан Республикасының Ұлттық Кітапханасы = Национальная библиотека Республики Казахстан)Almaty[117]
KenyaNational Library Service of KenyaNairobiYes[118][119]
KiribatiNational Library and Archives of KiribatiBairiki[120]
North KoreaNational Central LibraryPyongyang[121]
South KoreaNational Library of Korea (국립중앙도서관)Seoul[122]
National Digital Library of Korea[123]
National Library for Children and Young Adults (국립어린이청소년도서관)[124]
Kosovosee under Other States
KuwaitNational Library of KuwaitKuwait[125]
KyrgyzstanNational Library of the Kyrgyz Republic (Кыргыз Республикасынын Улуттук Китепканасы)Bishkek[126]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
LaosNational Library of LaosVientiane[127]
LatviaNational Library of Latvia (Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka)Riga[128]
LebanonLebanon National Library (المكتبة الو طنية = Bibliothèque Nationale du Liban)Beirut[129]
LesothoLesotho National Library ServicesMaseru[130]
LiberiaNational Library of LiberiaMonrovia
LibyaNational Library of LibyaBenghazi[131]
LiechtensteinLiechtenstein State Library (Liechtensteinische Landesbibliothek)Vaduz[132]
LithuaniaMartynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania (Lietuvos Nacionalinė Martyno Mažvydo biblioteka)Vilnius[133]
LuxembourgNational Library of Luxembourg (Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg = Lëtzebuerger Nationalbibliothéik = Nationalbibliothek Luxemburg)Luxembourg[134]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
Macausee under People's Republic of China
North MacedoniaNational and University Library "St. Kliment of Ohrid" (Национална и универзитетска библиотека „Св. Климент Охридски")Skopje[135]
MadagascarNational Library of Madagascar (Bibliothèque nationale de Madagascar)Antananarivo
MalawiNational Library Service of MalawiLilongwe[136]
MalaysiaNational Library of Malaysia (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia)Kuala LumpurYes[137][permanent dead link][138]
MaldivesNational Library of the MaldivesGalolhu Malé[139]
MaliNational Library of Mali (Direction nationale des Bibliothèques et de la Documentation)Bamako[140]
MaltaNational Library of MaltaValletta[141]
Marshall IslandsAlele Museum, Library and National ArchivesMajuro[142]
MauritaniaNational Library of Mauritania (Bibliothèque nationale de Mauritanie)Nouakchott[143]
MauritiusNational Library of MauritiusPort Louis[144]
MexicoNational Library of Mexico (Biblioteca Nacional de México)Mexico City[145]
National Newspaper and Periodicals Library of Mexico (Hemeroteca Nacional de México)[146]
Federated States of Micronesia
MoldovaNational Library of Moldova (Biblioteca Naţională a Republicii Moldova)Chişinău[147]
MonacoLouis Notari Library (Bibliothèque Louis Notari)Monaco[148]
MongoliaNational Library of MongoliaUlaanbaatar[149]
MontenegroNational Library of Montenegro "Djurdje Crnojevic" (Национална библиотека Црне Горе "Ђурђе Црнојевић")Cetinje[150]
MoroccoBibliothèque Nationale du Royaume du Maroc
( المكتبة الوطنية للمملكة المغربية)
Rabat and Tétouan[151][permanent dead link]
MozambiqueNational Library of Mozambique (Biblioteca Nacional de Moçambique)Maputo[152]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
NamibiaNational Library of NamibiaWindhoek[153]
NepalNepal National LibraryPulchowk, Lalitpur[154]
NetherlandsNational Library of the Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, lit. "Royal Library")The Hague[155]
ArubaAruba National Library (Biblioteca Nacional Aruba)Oranjestad[156]
New ZealandNational Library of New Zealand (Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa)Wellington[157]
Cook IslandsNational Library of the Cook Islands
Cook Islands Library and Museum Society
NicaraguaNational Library of Nicaragua Rubén Darío (Biblioteca Nacional de Nicaragua Rubén Darío)Managua[159]
National Health Library (Biblioteca Nacional de Salud)[160]
Niger[nb 3]Direction of the National Archives of Niger (Direction des Archives nationales du Niger)Niamey
NigeriaNational Library of NigeriaLagos[161]
North...see under the second word
NorwayNational Library of Norway (Nasjonalbiblioteket)Oslo and Mo i Rana[162]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
OmanSultan Qaboos University LibraryMuscat[163]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
PakistanNational Library of PakistanIslamabad[164]
PalauPalau Community College LibraryKoror[165]
PanamaNational Library of Panama (Biblioteca Nacional de Panamá)Panama City[166]
Papua New GuineaNational Library of Papua New GuineaPort Moresby[167]
ParaguayNational Library of Paraguay (Biblioteca Nacional del Paraguay)Asunción[168]
National Library of Agriculture (Paraguay) (Biblioteca Nacional de Agricultura)[169]
PeruBiblioteca Nacional del Perú [National Library of Peru or Peruvian National Library]LimaYes[170][171]
PhilippinesNational Library of the Philippines (Pambansang Aklatan ng Pilipinas)ManilaYes[172]
PolandNational Library of Poland [Biblioteka Narodowa]Warsaw[173]
Jagiellonian Library [Biblioteka Jagiellońska]Kraków[174]
PortugalBiblioteca Nacional de Portugal [National Library of Portugal or Portuguese National Library]Lisbon[175]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
QatarQatar National LibraryDoha[176]
Quebecsee under Canada
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
RomaniaNational Library of Romania (Biblioteca Națională a României)Bucharest[177]
Russian FederationRussian State Library (Российская Государственная Библиотека)Moscow[178]
National Library of Russia (Российская Национальная Библиотека)Saint Petersburg[179]
Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library (Президентская библиотека имени Б.Н.Ельцина)[180]
TatarstanNational Library of the Republic of Tatarstan (Татарстан Республикасы Милли китапханәсендә = Национальная Библиотека Республики Татарстан)Kazan[181]
RwandaNational Library of Rwanda (Bibliothèque nationale du Rwanda)Kigali[182]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
Saint Kitts and NevisCharles A. Halbert Public LibraryBasseterre
Saint LuciaCentral Library of Saint LuciaCastries[183]
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstown Public LibraryKingstown[184]
SamoaNelson Memorial Public LibraryApia
San MarinoNational Library and Book Patrimony (Biblioteca di Stato e Beni Librari)San Marino[185]
São Tomé and PríncipeNational Library of São Tomé and Príncipe (Biblioteca Nacional de São Tomé e Príncipe)São ToméYes[186]
Saudi ArabiaKing Fahd National Library (مكٺبة الملك فهد الوطنية)Riyadh[187]
ScotlandNational Library of Scotland (Leabharlann Nàiseanta na h-Alba)EdinburghYes[188]
SenegalNational Library of Senegal (Bibliothèque Nationale du Sénégal, Bibliothèque des Archives nationales du Sénégal)Dakar[189]
SerbiaNational Library of Serbia (Народна библиотека Србије)Belgrade[190]
Library of Matica srpska (Biblioteka Matice srpske)Novi Sad[191]
SeychellesNational Library of the SeychellesMahé[192]
Sierra LeoneSierra Leone Library Board[193]Freetown[194]
SingaporeNational Library, Singapore (Limited to Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, PublicationSG, and reference section of Regional Libraries / Public Libraries)Singapore[195]
SlovakiaSlovak National Library (Slovenská národná knižnica)Martin[196]
SloveniaNarodna in univerzitetna knjižnica [National and University Library]Ljubljana[197]
Solomon IslandsNational Library Service of the Solomon IslandsHoniara
SomaliaNational Library of SomaliaMogadishu[32]
South...see under the second word, with the two exceptions below
South AfricaNational Library of South Africa = Nasionale Biblioteek van Suid AfrikaPretoria and Cape Town[198]
South Sudan
SpainBiblioteca Nacional de EspañaMadrid[199]
CataloniaLibrary of Catalonia (Biblioteca de Catalunya)Barcelona[200]
Sri LankaNational Library of Sri LankaColombo[201]
Republika Srpskasee under Bosnia and Herzegovina
SudanSudan LibraryKhartoum[202]
Suriname[No national library, but database available][203]
SwazilandSwaziland National Library ServiceMbabane[204]
SwedenNational Library of Sweden (Kungliga biblioteket)StockholmYes[205]
SwitzerlandSwiss National Library (Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek = Bibliothèque nationale suisse = Biblioteca nazionale svizzera = Biblioteca naziunala svizra)Bern[206]
SyriaAl-Assad National Library (مكتبة الأسد الوطنية)Damascus[207]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
Republic of China (Taiwan)see under Other States
TajikistanNational Firdoussi Library (Национальная Библиотека Республики Таджикистан имени Абулькасыма Фирдавси)Dushanbe[208]
Tanzania[209]National Central Library / Tanzania Library Services Board [sw] = Bodi Ya Huduma Za Maktaba Tanzania[210]Dar es Salaam[211]
Tatarstansee under Russia
ThailandNational Library of Thailand (หอสมุดแห่งชาติ)Bangkok[212]
TogoNational Library of Togo (Bibliothèque nationale du Togo)Lomé[213]
Trinidad and TobagoNational Library and Information System
Port of Spain[214]
TunisiaNational Library of Tunisia (Bibliothèque nationale de Tunisie = المكتبة الوطنية التونسية)Tunis[215]
TurkeyNational Library of Turkey (Milli Kütüphane)Ankara[216]
National Library of İzmir (İzmir Milli Kütüphanesi)İzmir[217]
TurkmenistanNational Library of TurkmenistanAshgabat
TuvaluNational Library and Archives of TuvaluFunafuti
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
UgandaNational Library of UgandaKampala[218]
UkraineVernadsky National Library of Ukraine (Національна бібліотека України імені В.І. Вернадського)Kyiv[219]
United Arab EmiratesCultural Foundation National LibraryAbu Dhabi[220]
United Kingdom, EnglandBritish LibraryLondon and Boston Spa (Wetherby)Yes[221]
ScotlandNational Library of ScotlandEdinburghYes[188]
WalesNational Library of Wales (Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru)AberystwythYes[222]
BermudaBermuda National LibraryHamilton[223]
Virgin Islands, BritishLibrary Services DepartmentRoad Town[224]
Isle of ManNational Library and Archives (Manx National Heritage)Douglas[225]
JerseyJersey LibrarySaint Helier[226]
United StatesLibrary of Congress (de facto)Washington, D.C.Yes[227]
National Library of Education[228]
National Transportation Library[229]
National Library of MedicineBethesda[230]
National Agricultural LibraryBeltsville[231]
UruguayNational Library of Uruguay (Biblioteca Nacional del Uruguay)Montevideo[232]
UzbekistanNational Library of UzbekistanTashkent[233]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
VanuatuNational Library of VanuatuPort Vila[234]
Vatican CityVatican Library (Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana)Vatican City[235]
VenezuelaNational Library of Venezuela (Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela)Caracas[236]
VietnamNational Library of Vietnam (Thư Viện Quốc Gia Việt Nam)Hanoi[237]
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
Walessee under United Kingdom
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
Republic of YemenNational Library of YemenAden
CountryLibraryCityLegal depositSource
ZambiaZambia Library ServiceLusaka
ZimbabweNational Archives of Zimbabwe LibraryHarare?[238]
Other States
AbkhaziaI.G. Papaskir National Library of AbkhaziaSukhumi
KosovoNational and University Library of Kosovo (Biblioteka Kombëtare dhe Universitare e Kosovës)Pristina[239]
Northern CyprusNational Library of Northern Cyprus (Millî Kütüphane)North Nicosia[240]
Republic of China (Taiwan)National Central Library (國家圖書館)Taipei[241]
State libraries
A state library is established by a state to serve as the preeminent repository of information for that region.
Main article: State libraries of Germany
Main article: List of libraries in Spain
Autonomous communities libraries
The member states of the Swiss Confederation are the 26 cantons of Switzerland. The cantonal libraries [de] (German Kantonsbibliothek, FrenchBibliothèque cantonale, Italian Biblioteca cantonale, Romansh Biblioteca chantunala) are:
United States
For a more comprehensive list, see List of U.S. state libraries and archives.
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