List of political parties in Tunisia
This article lists political parties in Tunisia. Tunisia was a dominant-party state of the Constitutional Democratic Rally ("RCD" from its French language initials) before the Tunisian revolution. In the aftermath of the revolution the RCD was dissolved by the new state authorities and over 70 new political parties formed.[1] The country is now a multiparty state. Although there are two numerically major parties, no single party has a realistic chance of governing alone.[further explanation needed][citation needed]
Parties represented in the Assembly of the Representatives of the People
2014 election
As of
Ennahda Movement6969
Nidaa Tounes8637
Long Live Tunisia44
Machrouu Tounes25
Popular Front1515
Afek Tounes88
Democratic Current33
People's Movement33
Current of Love22
Democratic Alliance Party11
Farmers' Voice Party11
Movement of Socialist Democrats11
National Front for Salvation11
Republican Party11
Total members217
The parties
The following opposition parties exist de jure and/or de facto. On January 20, 2011 the cabinet of the interim government recognized all previously banned parties, with the exception of Hizb ut-Tahrir and a few other parties.[2]
Legalized before the Tunisian revolution
Legalized after the Tunisian revolution
Defunct parties
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