List of terrorist incidents in 2011
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This is a list of terrorist incidents which took place in 2011, including attacks by violent non-state actors for political motives. Note that terrorism related to drug wars and cartel violence is not included in these lists. Ongoing military conflicts are listed separately.
  0 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  1–19 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  20–49 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  50–99 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  100+ people were killed/injured by the incident.
Total Incidents: 40
1 JanuarySuicide bombing2197Alexandria, Egypt2011 Alexandria bombingA car bomb exploded outside a Coptic Orthodox church after worshippers had gathered for a prayer celebration on New Year's Eve.(later blame was assigned to the Egyptian Interior Ministry to form a rift between Coptic Christians and Muslims)[1][2]Al Qaeda in Iraq
18 JanuarySuicide bombing66100+Tikrit, IraqJanuary 2011 Iraq suicide attacksA suicide bomber detonated his explosive-laden vest in the middle of hundreds of potential volunteer army recruits who were waiting to be interviewed outside a police recruitment centre in the Iraqi town of Tikrit, which is located in northern Iraq.[3]
19 JanuaryCar bombing1560+Baquba, Diyala, IraqJanuary 2011 Iraq suicide attacksA suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden ambulance into a police recruitment centre, which is located in the Iraqi city of Baquba, of central-eastern Iraq.[4]
20 JanuarySuicide car bombing50150+Karbala, IraqJanuary 2011 Iraq suicide attacksTwin bomb attacks, one of which reportedly involved a car bomb, struck two police checkpoints at two routes being used by Shia pilgrims taking part in the Arbaeen festival in the central Iraqi city of Karbala, which is located in central Iraq.[5]Al Qaeda in Iraq
24 JanuarySuicide bombing37 (+1)180Domodedovo International Airport, RussiaDomodedovo International Airport bombingThe Domodedovo International Airport bombing was a suicide bombing in the international arrival hall of Moscow's busiest airport, Domodedovo International, in Domodedovsky District, Moscow Oblast, on 24 January 2011.[6]Caucasus Emirate and Al-Qaeda
24 JanuaryCar bombing2570Karbala, Iraq24 January 2011 Iraq bombingsTwo car bombings targeting Shia pilgrims, struck a bus terminal and another detonated in an undisclosed location on the outskirts of the central Iraqi city of Karbala, which is located in central Iraq.[7]Al Qaeda in Iraq
27 JanuaryCar Bomb4878Baghdad, Iraq27 January 2011 Baghdad bombingA car bomb exploded near a funeral tent in a predominantly Shia neighborhood in Baghdad.[8]
12 FebruarySuicide bombing4880Samarra, Iraq2011 Samarra bombingA suicide bomber targeted a bus carrying Shia pilgrims on the outskirts of the major northern Iraqi city of Samarra, which is located in northern Iraq.[9]Al Qaeda in Iraq
2 MarchShooting22Frankfurt, Germany2011 Frankfurt Airport shootingA Kosovan was arrested for shooting two US Air Force personnel at Frankfurt's airport. Manfred Fuellhardt, the Frankfurt police spokesman, said one of the dead was a bus driver and the other was a passenger and that one of the wounded personnel was in serious conditions. Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the "terrible incident" and pledged to carry out a full investigation.[10]Lone wolf
8 MarchCar bombing25131+Faisalabad, Pakistan2011 Faisalabad bombingA car bombing struck a gas station, triggering off several nearby gas cylinders at the station, thus creating an even bigger explosion in the eastern Pakistani city of Faisalabad, which is located in eastern Pakistan.[11]Pakistani Taliban
9 MarchSuicide bombing43100+Peshawar, PakistanMarch 2011 Peshawar bombingA suicide bomber struck a funeral for a local militia member. At least 43 were killed and more than 100 were injured in Pakistan's deadliest attack for the year so far.[12]Pakistani Taliban
28 MarchExplosion150+45Jaʿār, YemenJaʿār munitions factory explosionAn ammunition plant, which had previously been raided by Al Qaeda militants was blown up in suspicious circumstances, in a series of explosions in the Khanfar area, of Yemen's southern Jaar City, which is located in southern Yemen.[13]Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
29 MarchHostage Crisis5698Tikrit, Iraq2011 Tikrit assaultSuspected Al Qaeda militants stormed a council building, holding dozens of people hostage at a council meeting, only to execute council members, civilians and a journalist when Iraqi security forces attempted to take back the building through means of a military storming in the northern Iraqi town of Tikrit, which is located in northern Iraq. At least 15 of the victims were executed during the standoff.[14]Al Qaeda in Iraq
2 AprilCar bombing10Omagh, Northern IrelandMurder of Ronan KerrA car bombing killed Ronan Kerr, a Catholic member of the PSNI.[15]Suspected Dissident republicans[16]
3 AprilSuicide bombings50+100+Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab Province, Pakistan2011 Dera Ghazi Khan bombingsTwin suicide bombings struck the Sakhi Sarwar Shrine, as Sufi Muslim devotees gathered for an annual three-day festival in the Dera Ghazi Khan district, of Pakistan's eastern Punjab Province, which is located in central-eastern Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban later claimed responsibility for these suicide attacks, claiming they were retaliation for a Pakistani military offensive in the north-west of the country.[17]Pakistani Taliban
9 AprilShooting617Alphen aan den Rijn, NetherlandsAlphen aan den Rijn shopping mall shootingA gunman in the Netherlands has killed six people and wounded at least 11 before taking his own life.[18]
11 AprilBombing15204Minsk, Belarus2011 Minsk Metro bombingA bomb explosion occurred at the escalators of the Minsk Metro at the peak of the evening rush hour, targeting commuters in the underground Metro system, near to President Lukashenko's central office, which is located in the centre of Belarus's capital city of Minsk.[19]Dzimitry Kanavalau and Vlad Kavalyou
28 AprilSuicide bombing1620+Marrakesh, Morocco2011 Marrakesh bombingA suspected suicide bombing struck a cafe in Djemaa el Fna square, killing mostly foreigners and several Moroccan's, in the centre of Morocco's southern city of Marrakesh, which is located in southern Morocco.[20]Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group
5 MayCar bombing2175Hilla, Iraq2011 Al Hillah bombingA suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a police station south of Baghdad before blowing it up, killing at least 21 policemen.[21]
13 MaySuicide bombings80140Charsadda, Pakistan2011 Charsadda bombingAt least 80 people have been killed and 140 others injured in twin blasts at a military training center in Pakistan's northwestern city of Charsadda. The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, terming it the "first revenge" for the killing of Osama bin Laden.[22]Pakistani Taliban
22 MayBombings, shootings, hostage taking2421Karachi, PakistanPNS Mehran attackMembers of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan attacked PNS Mehran base in Karachi. Six militants and 18 military personnel (including the lieutenant in charge of the anti-terrorist operation) were killed during the 16-hour battle.[23]Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, al-Qaeda
11 JuneBombings34100+Peshawar, PakistanJune 2011 Peshawar bombingsAt least 34 people have been killed and over 100 others sustained injuries after two massive explosions ripped through a market in northwest Pakistan.[24]
16 JuneSuicide bombing, Car bombing67Abuja, Nigeria2011 Abuja police headquarters bombingA suicide bomber drove his car into the parking lot of a police HQ in central Abuja after picking up a traffic officer who guided him to the spot. At least 30 cars were destroyed in the large explosion and it took several hours to extinguish the fire.[25]Boko Haram
5 JulyCar bombing2128Taji, Iraq2011 Taji bombingsTwo explosions occurred in Taji, 20 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad. At least one of the blasts was caused by a car bomb that detonated as civilians were gathering in front of a government building to pick up their new identification cards.[26]
13 JulyBombings20130Mumbai, India2011 Mumbai bombingsThree simultaneous blasts rocked India's financial capital. Two of the bombings were in the southern business centre parts of the city (Zaveri Bazaar and the Opera House). At this time it is still unknown if local or foreign groups are behind the attacks.[27]
18 JulyBombing, stabbing184Hotan, Xinjiang, China2011 Hotan attack18 young Uyghur men stormed a police station in the city of Hotan and killed two security guards by stabbing and lobbing molotov cocktails. They occupied the police station, took eight hostages, and smashed and set fire to the police station. Shouting slogans and unfurling banners with Jihadi writing, they refused to peacefully negotiate and engaged in a firefight with police.[28] The attack ended within 90 minutes when police shot 14 attackers dead. Government authorities detained four attackers and rescued six hostages, however two were killed.[29][30] Authorities have discovered the membership of two of the 18 men in an ETIM-led group[30] and the ETIM later claimed responsibility for the attack.[31]East Turkestan Islamic Movement
22 JulyBombing/shooting77319+Oslo and Utøya, Norway2011 Norway attacksA massive bomb exploded outside Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's office and other government office buildings, and later a shooting of Young members of the Labour party occurred on the Utøya island, both allegedly committed by right-wing militant Anders Behring Breivik in a supposed lone wolf attack. There have been 77 confirmed deaths.[32]Anders Behring Breivik
(Lone wolf)
30–31 JulyCarbombing, stabbing2342Kashgar, Xinjiang, China2011 Kashgar attacks23 people died in additional terrorist attacks in the city of Kashgar on July 30 and 31. On the first day, two Uyghur men hijacked a truck, ran it into a crowded street, and started stabbing people, killing nine, until they were overpowered by the crowd, who killed one attacker. On the second day, the premature explosion of two car bombs intended for a dapanji restaurant killed four people. The 12 would-be car-bombers abandoned their original plan and instead stormed the restaurant with knives, killing 13 people. A firefight ensued with police capturing the group and killing seven attackers.[33] ETIM later claimed responsibility for the attack,[31] confirming that one of the suspects who escaped (but was later shot by police) had received training in ETIM camps in Pakistan.[34]East Turkestan Islamic Movement
8 AugustBombing02Atizapán de Zaragoza, MéxicoMonterrey Tech bombingA Bomb was exploded in front of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico. Only two people, a professor and a guard, were injured with no fatalities.[35]Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje
15 AugustSuicide bombings, car bombs, IEDs62273Kut, Najaf, Kirkuk, Kerbala and Tikrit, Iraq15 August 2011 Iraq attacksA series of coordinated attacks occurred across various cities. The deadliest assault took place in the city of Kut, where a roadside bomb followed by a car bomb targeting members of the police killed at least 37 and wounded 68. At least six were killed and 78 injured in a double car bomb attack in Najaf in the south of the country. In Diyala Governorate a suicide car bomber attacked a municipality building in Khan Bani Saad, killing eight and leaving 14 injured. One person was killed and 12 wounded in simultaneous car and motorbike bomb attacks in Kirkuk and 4 more were killed (and more than 40 injured) after an attack against a police station in Kerbala Governorate. Militants attacked a counter-terrorism unit in Tikrit, hoping to free imprisoned members of the insurgency. The attackers bypassed several security checks and had IDs and uniforms. They managed to kill two policemen and injured six more, but failed to achieve their target. In al-Wajehiya a parked car bomb exploded in front of a police HQ, killing one policeman and injuring 13 more.A number of other attacks also took place around the country – including Taji, Baqubah, Baghdad and Mosul.[36]Islamic State of Iraq
18 AugustAmbush, shooting, bombing1740Beer Sheva and Eilat, Israel2011 southern Israel cross-border attacksThree attacks occurred in the south of the country. In the first attack, a bus was leaving Beer Sheva central bus station with mostly soldiers headed for their hometown of Eilat for the weekend when the bus came under attack by three gunmen from a white car as the bus passed through Netafim border crossing checkpoint on the border with Egypt. Army radio said that the three gunmen had earlier crossed into the country from the checkpoint; hospital spokespersons also added that approximately six people had "light" injuries and another four people had "medium" injuries. Police said the second attack occurred on a military vehicle which went over a roadside bomb; though they added that they did not know the number of injuries nor their conditions. In the third attack, an anti-tank missile was said to have been launched on a private car 20 km north of the first shooting, resulting in five deaths. Some local media reports suggested mortar fire emanated from Egypt.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that while the Israeli army was assessing the security situation along the border with Egypt he vowed to "hunt down" the perpetrators of the attack and that he held Gazans responsible for the attacks, prompting expectations of a "harsh Israeli military reaction against the Gaza Strip." In turn, Ahmad Yousef of Hamas in Gaza denied responsibility for the attacks even though Hamas "praises the attack since it attacked [Israeli] soldiers and came in the right time while Israel is attacking Gaza almost every day. Since the whole political process is frozen, military escalation is the logical development."[37]
19 AugustSuicide bombing48+100+Jamrud, Ghundai, Khyber Agency, Pakistan2011 Khyber Agency bombingA suicide bomber exploded his vest in a packed mosque during Friday prayers in the month of Ramadan near border area with Afghanistan. According to eyewitness reports the building was packed with more than 300 worshipers when the explosion took place and casualties were heavy. A lot of the injured were in critical condition and the death toll was expected to rise.[38][39]Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistansuspected
26 AugustCar bomb2173Abuja, Nigeria2011 Abuja United Nations bombingAt 11 a.m. in Nigeria's capital, a car bomb broke through two security barriers at the United Nations building, crashed into the reception area, and detonated, killing 21 and injuring 73. Boko Haram later claimed responsibility.Boko Haram
13–14 SeptemberShooting/Bombing/Suicide attack9?Kabul, AfghanistanSeptember 2011 Kabul attackAfghan forces killed all the militants who fought for almost twenty hours in a multi-storey building, and attacked US embassy.[40]Afghan Taliban
4 OctoberCar Bombing70+?Mogadishu, Somalia2011 Mogadishu bombingThe AU force said a truck laden with drums of fuel rammed a checkpoint outside a compound housing government ministries in the K4 (Kilometer 4) area of Mogadishu, where students had gathered to register for scholarships offered by Turkey.[41]Al Shabaab
4 NovemberCar bombings, shootings, suicide bombings100–150100–500Damaturu and Maiduguri, Nigeria2011 Damaturu attacksa series of coordinated assaults by Boko Haram in a northern Nigerian city that killed more than 100 people and injured hundreds more in Damaturu, Nigeria.Boko Haram
6 DecemberSuicide bombing74+?Kabul, and Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan2011 Afghanistan Ashura bombingsAt least 70 Shiite worshippers were killed in a suicide bombing at the Abul Fazal Abbas shrine in the Murad Khani district of the capital Kabul. It is believed that this attack was conducted by a Pakistani militant group with close ties to the ISI. A second attack took place in Mazar-e Sharif in northern Afghanistan, claiming at least 4 lives.[42]Lashkar-i-Jhangvi
12 DecemberShootings33Florence, Italy2011 Florence shootingsGianluca Casseri, member of Casa Pound opened fire in a suburb market where many Senegalese immigrants were selling goods. He killed two of them, and two are injured for life. He finally committed suicide.[43]Gianluca Casseri
13 DecemberMurder-suicide6125Liège, Belgium2011 Liège attackNordine Amrani, a French-speaking Belgian of Moroccan origin, threw grenades and fired a rifle into Saint-Lambert Square, which was full of Christmas shoppers. The perpetrator later shot himself.[44]Nordine Amrani
22 DecemberSuicide and car bombings63185Baghdad, Iraq22 December 2011 Baghdad bombingsThe Interior Ministry observed 14 blasts throughout the capital city, including al-Amil in the south and Halawi and Karrada, near the city center. Of the 14 bombs, 10 were improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and 4 car-bombs.[45]
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