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Metal Ligaen
Metal Ligaen is the premier league in Danish ice hockey. The league consists of 9 professional teams. The name of the league has changed many times, but is being sponsored by Dansk Metal and therefore got the name Metalligaen.
Metal Ligaen
Current season, competition or edition:
2020–21 Metal Ligaen season
SportIce hockey
No. of teams9
Most recent
Rungsted (4)
Most titlesHerning (16)
TV partner(s)TV2 Sport
Danish Division 1
Danish Cup
Official website
It is also known as Superisligaen or Eliteserien, which is the name used in the past and in times where no naming rights agreement is in place. On January 1, 2014, Danish Metal (Dansk Metal) became the sponsor of the Danish ice hockey league, which changed the name to Metal Ligaen, replacing the previous name AL-Bank Ligaen which was named for the sponsorship deal with the Danish bank Arbejdernes Landsbank.
The Danish Ice hockey league has become one of the better leagues in Europe, often compared to leagues such as the Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan and the German DEL2. The league is more of a springboard for foreign players and a place to start their European careers, before traveling to other bigger leagues such as the Swedish Hockey League or DEL. The teams rely mostly on foreign talent, but there is still a lot of skilled professional Danish players. It is mostly the older Danish players, who are full-time professional. Most younger players are semi-professional because of the tight economy in Danish hockey and most of the money is spent on more talented foreign players.
In the past, the league has consisted of as many as 10 teams. Despite the introduction of a salary cap as well as a limit to the number of import players allowed, several teams have struggled financially in recent years. As a result, the Herlev Hornets and the Rungsted Cobras have withdrawn from the league, reducing the number of active teams from 10 to 8. Teams from the second-tier league were offered the empty spots, but no team were able to accept the offer, citing financial issues as their main concern.
On January 9, 2015, TV2 Sport debuted as a new sports channel on Danish TV. Same day, HockeyNight also aired for the first time, with a match between Odense Bulldogs and Rungsted. Since 2015 TV2 Sport has been the place to watch icehockey and other sports.
On June 18, 2016, it was made clear that the foreign player limit of 8, was against EU law and it was therefore removed. The 2016–17 season was the first time, since 2009, that a Danish ice hockey team could have an unlimited number of foreign players.[1] The salary cap was created to regulating the league. The salary cap of the 2016–17 season, was 6 million DKK.[2]
On June 3, Metal Ligaen was expanded once again, to an historic number of 11 teams. Hvidovre Fighters, who had previously left the league in 2013 because of bankruptcy, got their submitted papers approved, making them the 11th team of the 2017/18 season.[3]
League format
The league consists of 9 teams. The latest expansion was in 2014, when Gentofte Stars joined the league after being relegated in 1999. The league format has changed many times. The current structure was implemented in the 2011–12 season. Often it is changed depending on how many teams that are represented in the league. There has never been more than 10 teams in the Danish ice hockey league, making it fairly small structured league compared to other leagues in Europe.
The Danish hockey league is structured so that every team meet 5 times, making the seasons after 2014, 45 games long. The season typically starts in September and ends in February. The top 8 teams of the regular season makes the playoffs. First place gets to pick who they want to play in the quarterfinals. second place pick next and so on. The Metal Ligaen playoffs consists of 3 rounds: quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals. The winner will raise The Prince Henrik's Cup.
As of the 2017/18 Metal Ligaen expansion, the Metal Ligaen regular season was extended from 45 games to a historic 50 games. The playoff format was also changed, where previously the top 8 teams made the playoffs. Now the top 6 teams advanced directly to the Quarterfinals and teams ranking from 7 to 10 would play for the last two wildcard spots.[4]
Metal Cup
The Metal Cup is a tournament held every year. It consists of 12 teams, where all Metal Ligaen teams are represented. Two teams from the 1.division are also represented. The top 4 teams the year before will go straight to the quarterfinals. The 8 other teams will by draw be divided into 4 groups each one of them with a letter from A to D. 4 teams will advance on from first round to the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals the last seasons champs will play winner of group A. second-place winner of group B and so on. games in the quarterfinals and semifinals consists of two games. The winner of the tournament will receive the Metal Cup.
In 2017, the Metal Cup format was changed. Because of Hvidovre Fighters joining the league, the format would now only consist of teams from the Metal Ligaen and, instead of a playout format, the top 4 teams after 20 regular season games would be invited to a final four tournament.
Odense Bulldogs
SønderjyskE Ishockey
Esbjerg Energy
Herning Blue Fox
Frederikshavn White Hawks
Aalborg Pirates
Teams currently in the Metal Ligaen.
Aalborg Pirates [5]Aalborg1967Bentax Isarena50002007
Esbjerg Energy [6]Esbjerg1964Granly Hockey Arena42001976
Frederikshavn White Hawks[7]Frederikshavn1964Nordjyske Bank Arena40002015
Herning Blue Fox [8]Herning1947KVIK Hockey Arena41001988
Herlev Eagles[9]Herlev1968PM Montage Arena17401977
Odense Bulldogs [10]Odense1978VinMedKant Arena32801999
Rungsted Seier Capital[11]Rungsted1941Bitcoin Arena24601971
Rødovre Mighty Bulls[12]Rødovre1964Rødovre Centrum Arena36001995
SønderjyskE Ishockey [13]Vojens1963Frøs Arena50002011
Notable players
List of notable players who have played in the Danish icehockey league.
Danish Champions
SeasonWinnerFinalistBronzeCup Champion
1954–55Rungsted IKKSF KøbenhavnSilkeborgnot yet played
1955–56KSF KøbenhavnRungsted IKnot playednot yet played
1956–57not playednot playednot playednot yet played
1957–58not playednot playednot playednot yet played
1958–59not playednot playednot playednot yet played
1959–60KSF KøbenhavnRungsted IKSilkeborgnot yet played
1960–61KSF KøbenhavnRungsted IKEsbjerg IKnot yet played
1961–62KSF KøbenhavnRungsted IKnot playednot yet played
1962–63Rungsted IKEsbjerg IKKSF Københavnnot yet played
1963–64KSF KøbenhavnRungsted IKEsbjerg IKnot yet played
1964–65KSF KøbenhavnEsbjerg IKGladsaxe SFnot yet played
1965–66KSF KøbenhavnGladsaxe SFEsbjerg IKnot yet played
1966–67Gladsaxe SFKSF KøbenhavnEsbjerg IKnot yet played
1967–68Gladsaxe SFEsbjerg IKRungsted IKnot yet played
1968–69Esbjerg IKGladsaxe SFVojens IKnot yet played
1969–70KSF KøbenhavnGladsaxe SFEsbjerg IKnot yet played
1970–71Gladsaxe SFRungsted IKEsbjerg IK and Vojens IKnot yet played
1971–72KSF KøbenhavnEsbjerg IKGladsaxe SFnot yet played
1972–73Herning IKKSF KøbenhavnEsbjerg IKnot yet played
1973–74Gladsaxe SFno playoffno playoffnot yet played
1974–75Gladsaxe SFno playoffno playoffnot yet played
1975–76KSF Københavnno playoffno playoffnot yet played
1976–77Herning IKno playoffno playoffnot yet played
1977–78Rødovre SIKKSF KøbenhavnVojens IKnot yet played
1978–79Vojens IKRødovre SIKAalborg IKnot yet played
1979–80Vojens IKRungsted IKAalborg IKnot yet played
1980–81Aalborg IKRødovre SIKHerning IKnot yet played
1981–82Vojens IKRødovre SIKAalborg IKnot yet played
1982–83Rødovre SIKAalborg IKHerlev IKnot yet played
1983–84Herlev IKAalborg IKRungsted IKnot yet played
1984–85Rødovre SIKno playoffno playoffnot yet played
1985–86Rødovre SIKno playoffno playoffnot yet played
1986–87Herning IKno playoffno playoffnot yet played
1987–88Esbjerg IKno playoffno playoffnot yet played
1988–89Frederikshavn IKAalborg IKHerning IKEsbjerg IK
1989–90Rødovre SIKHerning IKFrederikshavn IKnot played
1990–91Herning IKRødovre SIKAalborg IKEsbjerg IK
1991–92Herning IKEsbjerg IKRødovre SIKEsbjerg IK
1992–93Esbjerg IKHerning IKRødovre SIKEsbjerg IK
1993–94Herning IKEsbjerg IKAalborg IKHerning IK
1994–95Herning IKEsbjerg IKRungsted IKnot played
1995–96Esbjerg IKRungsted IKHerning IKHerning IK
1996–97Herning IKEsbjerg IKRungsted IKnot played
1997–98Herning Blue FoxRungsted IKFrederikshavn White HawksHerning Blue Fox
1998–99Rødovre Mighty BullsFrederikshavn White HawksEsbjerg IKFrederikshavn IK
1999–2000Frederikshavn White HawksHerning Blue FoxEsbjerg IKRungsted Cobras
2000–01Herning Blue FoxEsbjerg IKRødovre Mighty Bullsnot played
2001–02Rungsted CobrasOdense IKHerning Blue FoxFrederikshavn IK
2002–03Herning Blue FoxOdense IKRungsted CobrasOdense IK
2003–04Esbjerg OilersAab IshockeyOdense IKRungsted Cobras
2004–05Herning Blue FoxAab IshockeyFrederikshavn White HawksNordsjælland Cobras
2005–06SønderjyskE IshockeyAab IshockeyHerning Blue FoxOdense Bulldogs
2006–07Herning Blue FoxAab IshockeySønderjyskE IshockeyAaB Ishockey
2007–08Herning Blue FoxFrederikshavn White HawksSønderjyskE IshockeyRødovre Mighty Bulls
2008–09SønderjyskE IshockeyHerning Blue FoxRødovre Mighty BullsOdense Bulldogs
2009–10SønderjyskE IshockeyAab IshockeyFrederikshavn White HawksSønderjyskE Ishockey
2010–11Herning Blue FoxFrederikshavn White HawksSønderjyskE IshockeySønderjyskE Ishockey
2011–12Herning Blue FoxOdense BulldogsSønderjyskE IshockeyHerning Blue Fox
2012–13SønderjyskE IshockeyFrederikshavn White HawksRødovre Mighty BullsSønderjyskE Ishockey
2013–14SønderjyskE IshockeyHerning Blue FoxFrederikshavn White HawksAalborg Pirates
2014–15SønderjyskE IshockeyEsbjerg EnergyFrederikshavn White HawksHerning Blue Fox
2015–16Esbjerg EnergyHerning Blue FoxFrederikshavn White HawksOdense Bulldogs
2016–17Esbjerg EnergyGentofte StarsFrederikshavn White HawksRungsted Seier Capital
2017–18Aalborg PiratesHerning Blue FoxRungsted Seier CapitalAalborg Pirates
2018-19Rungsted Seier CapitalSønderjyskE IshockeyFrederikshavn White HawksRungsted Seier Capital
By club
ClubWinnersWinning Years
Herning Blue Fox (earlier known as Herning IK)
1973, 1977, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012
KSF København
1956, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1970, 1972, 1976
SønderjyskE Ishockey (earlier known as Vojens IK)
1979, 1980, 1982, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015
Esbjerg Energy (earlier known as Esbjerg Oilers and Esbjerg IK)
1969, 1988, 1993, 1996, 2004, 2016, 2017
Rødovre Mighty Bulls (earlier known as Rødovre SIK)
1978, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1999
Gladsaxe SF
1967, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1975
Rungsted Cobras (earlier known as Rungsted IK)
1955, 1963, 2002, 2019
Aalborg Pirates (earlier known as AAB Ishockey, Aalborg IK and AaB Ishockey)
1981, 2018
Frederikshavn White Hawks (earlier known as Frederikshavn IK)
1989, 2000
Herlev Hornets (earlier known as Herlev IK)
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