Middle East Research and Information Project
The Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) is a non-profit independent research group established in 1971, that has released reports and position papers on various Middle East conflicts. Its most prominent publication is Middle East Report, which is published both online and as a print magazine.
Originally started by a group of anti-Vietnam war activists,[1] MERIP began in 1971[2] by releasing an irregularly scheduled six-page newsletter called the MERIP Reports. In 1973, the group began releasing the Reports on a scheduled basis. According to JSTOR, The Middle East Report "is the foremost U.S. magazine of critical analysis on the Middle East", with 25,000 US and global readers and more than 700 educational and institutional subscriptions.[3] In addition to the Middle East Report, MERIP also writes frequent op-eds for various prominent newspapers and websites (like ReliefWeb)[4] throughout the globe. MERIP is also involved in media outreach and public education.
Joe Stork was the long-time editor of the Middle East Report.[5]
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