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This module may be used to validate ISBNs, ISMNs, and ISSNs.
For ISBNs,
{{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|978-0-12-345678-9|error={{error-small|Invalid ISBN}}}}
For ISMNs,
{{#invoke:check isxn|check_ismn|979-0-1234567-8-9|error={{error-small|Invalid ISMN}}}}
For ISSNs,
{{#invoke:check isxn|check_issn|1234-5678|error={{error-small|Invalid ISSN}}}}
  • {{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|978-3-16-148410-0|error={{error-small|Invalid ISBN}}}}
  • {{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|978-0-12-345678-9|error={{error-small|Invalid ISBN}}}}Invalid ISBN
  • {{#invoke:check isxn|check_isbn|ISBN 978-3-16-148410-0|error={{error-small|Invalid ISBN}}}}Invalid ISBN
  • {{#invoke:check isxn|check_ismn|979-0-9016791-7-7|error={{error-small|Invalid ISMN}}}}
  • {{#invoke:check isxn|check_ismn|979-0-1234567-8-9|error={{error-small|Invalid ISMN}}}}Invalid ISMN
  • {{#invoke:check isxn|check_issn|1234-5679|error={{error-small|Invalid ISSN}}}}
  • {{#invoke:check isxn|check_issn|1234-5678|error={{error-small|Invalid ISSN}}}}Invalid ISSN
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-- This template is a copy of the ISXN validation code from [[Module:Citation/CS1]]​-- which allows for validating ISBN, ISMN, and ISSN without invoking a citation template
local p = {}​
--[[--------------------------< IS _ V A L I D _ I S X N >-----------------------------------------------------​
ISBN-10 and ISSN validator code calculates checksum across all isbn/issn digits including the check digit. ISBN-13 is checked in check_isbn().If the number is valid the result will be 0. Before calling this function, issbn/issn must be checked for length and stripped of dashes,spaces and other non-isxn characters.
local function is_valid_isxn (isxn_str, len) local temp = 0; isxn_str = { isxn_str:byte(1, len) }; -- make a table of byte values '0' → 0x30 .. '9' → 0x39, 'X' → 0x58 len = len+1; -- adjust to be a loop counter for i, v in ipairs( isxn_str ) do -- loop through all of the bytes and calculate the checksum if v == string.byte( "X" ) then -- if checkdigit is X (compares the byte value of 'X' which is 0x58) temp = temp + 10*( len - i ); -- it represents 10 decimal else temp = temp + tonumber( string.char(v) )*(len-i); end end return temp % 11 == 0; -- returns true if calculation result is zero​end​
--[[--------------------------< IS _ V A L I D _ I S X N _ 1 3 >----------------------------------------------​
ISBN-13 and ISMN validator code calculates checksum across all 13 isbn/ismn digits including the check digit.If the number is valid, the result will be 0. Before calling this function, isbn-13/ismn must be checked for lengthand stripped of dashes, spaces and other non-isxn-13 characters.
local function is_valid_isxn_13 (isxn_str) local temp=0; isxn_str = { isxn_str:byte(1, 13) }; -- make a table of byte values '0' → 0x30 .. '9' → 0x39 for i, v in ipairs( isxn_str ) do temp = temp + (3 - 2*(i % 2)) * tonumber( string.char(v) ); -- multiply odd index digits by 1, even index digits by 3 and sum; includes check digit end return temp % 10 == 0; -- sum modulo 10 is zero when isbn-13/ismn is correct​end​
--[[--------------------------< C H E C K _ I S B N >------------------------------------------------------------​
Determines whether an ISBN string is valid
local function check_isbn( isbn_str, error_string ) if nil ~= isbn_str​:​match​(​"[^%s-0-9X]"​) then -- fail if isbn_str contains anything but digits, hyphens, or the uppercase X return error_string; end isbn_str = isbn_str:gsub( "-", "" ):gsub( " ", "" ); -- remove hyphens and spaces local len = isbn_str:len(); if len ~= 10 and len ~= 13 then return error_string; end
if len == 10 then if isbn_str:match( "^%d*X?$" ) == nil then return error_string; end return is_valid_isxn​(​isbn_str​, 10) and '' or error_string; else local temp = 0; if isbn_str:match( "^97[89]%d*$" ) == nil then -- isbn13 begins with 978 or 979; ismn begins with 979 return error_string; end return is_valid_isxn_13 (isbn_str) and '' or error_string; end​end​
--[[--------------------------< C H E C K _ I S M N >------------------------------------------------------------​
Determines whether an ISMN string is valid. Similar to isbn-13, ismn is 13 digits begining 979-0-... and uses thesame check digit calculations. See http://www.ismn-international.org/download/Web_ISMN_Users_Manual_2008-6.pdf​section 2, pages 9–12.
local function check_ismn (id, error_string) local text; local valid_ismn = true;
id=id:gsub( "[%s-–]", "" ); -- strip spaces, hyphens, and endashes from the ismn
if 13 ~= id:len() or id:match( "^9790%d*$" ) == nil then -- ismn must be 13 digits and begin 9790 valid_ismn = false; else valid_ismn​=​is_valid_isxn_13 (id); -- validate ismn end
return valid_ismn and '' or error_string​end​
--[[--------------------------< I S S N >----------------------------------------------------------------------​
Validate and format an issn. This code fixes the case where an editor has included an ISSN in the citation but has separated the two groups of fourdigits with a space. When that condition occurred, the resulting link looked like this:
|issn=0819 4327 gives: [http://www.worldcat.org/issn/0819 4327 0819 4327] -- can't have spaces in an external link This code now prevents that by inserting a hyphen at the issn midpoint. It also validates the issn for length and makes sure that the checkdigit agreeswith the calculated value. Incorrect length (8 digits), characters other than 0-9 and X, or checkdigit / calculated value mismatch will all cause a check issnerror message.
local function check_issn(id, error_string) local issn_copy = id; -- save a copy of unadulterated issn; use this version for display if issn does not validate local text; local valid_issn = true;
if not id:match (​'^%d%d%d%d%-%d%d%d[%dX]$'​) then return error_string; end id=id:gsub( "[%s-–]", "" ); -- strip spaces, hyphens, and endashes from the issn
if 8 ~= id:len() or nil == id:match( "^%d*X?$" ) then -- validate the issn: 8 digits long, containing only 0-9 or X in the last position valid_issn=false; -- wrong length or improper character else valid_issn​=​is_valid_isxn​(​id​, 8); -- validate issn end
return valid_issn and '' or error_string​end​
------------------------------< E N T R Y P O I N T S >--------------------------------------------------====​
function p.check_isbn(frame) return check_isbn​(​frame​.​args​[​1​] or frame​:​getParent​().​args​[​1​], frame.args['error'] or frame​:​getParent​().​args​[​'error'​] or 'error')end
function p.check_ismn(frame) return check_ismn​(​frame​.​args​[​1​] or frame​:​getParent​().​args​[​1​], frame.args['error'] or frame​:​getParent​().​args​[​'error'​] or 'error')end
function p.check_issn(frame) return check_issn​(​frame​.​args​[​1​] or frame​:​getParent​().​args​[​1​], frame.args['error'] or frame​:​getParent​().​args​[​'error'​] or 'error')end
return p
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