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This module is subject to page protection. It is a highly visible module in use by a very large number of pages, or is substituted very frequently. Because vandalism or mistakes would affect many pages, and even trivial editing might cause substantial load on the servers, it is protected from editing.
This module provides a way to retrieve the expiry of a restriction over a given action on a page.
This module will use up to 1 expensive parser function call each time it is ran. It will not use any if Module:Effective protection level was already called.
From other modules
To load this module:
local effectiveProtectionExpiry = require​(​'Module:Effective protection expiry')._main
The function accepts two parameters. The first is a string containing the action to check, which must be one of "edit", "create", "move", "upload", or "autoreview". The second is optional, and can either be the name of the page to check, or a title returned from the mw.title functions. If the second parameter is omitted, the page being displayed is the one checked against.
The return value is either a date string in YY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss format, or one of the following strings:
  • infinity - for pages protected indefinitely, or pages which exist and are not protected
  • unknown - for pages where the expiry is unknown, or pages which do not exist and are not protected
Note that if an existing page is not protected for the requested action, this will return 'infinity'. You need to check separately with Module:Effective protection level.
From wikitext
The parameters are the same as when it is called directly.
{{#invoke:Effective protection expiry|action|title}}
See also
Module:Effective protection level
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Subpages of this module.
local p = {}
-- Returns the expiry of a restriction of an action on a given title, or unknown if it cannot be known.-- If no title is specified, the title of the page being displayed is used.function p._main(action, pagename) local title if type(pagename) == 'table' and pagename​.​prefixedText then title = pagename elseif pagename then title = mw​.​title​.​new​(​pagename​) else title = mw​.​title​.​getCurrentTitle​() end pagename = title.prefixedText if action == 'autoreview' then local stabilitySettings = mw​.​ext​.​FlaggedRevs​.​getStabilitySettings​(​title​) return stabilitySettings and stabilitySettings​.​expiry or 'unknown' elseif action ~= 'edit' and action ~= 'move' and action ~= 'create' and action ~= 'upload' then error( 'First parameter must be one of edit, move, create, upload, autoreview', 2 ) end local rawExpiry = mw​.​getCurrentFrame​():​callParserFunction​(​'PROTECTIONEXPIRY'​, action, pagename) if rawExpiry == 'infinity' then return 'infinity' elseif rawExpiry == '' then return 'unknown' else local year, month, day, hour, minute, second = rawExpiry:match( '^(%d%d%d%d)(%d%d)(%d%d)(%d%d)(%d%d)(%d%d)$' ) if year then return string.format( '%s-%s-%sT%s:%s:%s'​, year, month, day, hour, minute, second ) else error('internal error in Module:Effective protection expiry; malformed expiry timestamp') end end​end​
setmetatable​(​p​, { __index = function(t, k) return function(frame) return t._main(k, frame.args[1]) endend })
return p
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