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This is the module sandbox page for Module:Message box (diff).
See also the companion subpage for test cases.
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This Lua module is used in system messages.
Changes to it can cause immediate changes to the Wikipedia user interface.
To avoid major disruption, any changes should be tested in the module's /sandbox or /testcases subpages, or in your own module sandbox. The tested changes can be added to this page in a single edit. Please discuss changes on the talk page before implementing them.
This module is subject to page protection. It is a highly visible module in use by a very large number of pages, or is substituted very frequently. Because vandalism or mistakes would affect many pages, and even trivial editing might cause substantial load on the servers, it is protected from editing.
This module depends on the following other modules:
This is a meta-module that implements the message box templates {{mbox}}, {{ambox}}, {{cmbox}}, {{fmbox}}, {{imbox}}, {{ombox}}, and {{tmbox}}. It is intended to be used from Lua modules, and should not be used directly from wiki pages. If you want to use this module's functionality from a wiki page, please use the individual message box templates instead.
To use this module from another Lua module, first you need to load it.
local messageBox = require​(​'Module:Message box')
To create a message box, use the main function. It takes two parameters: the first is the box type (as a string), and the second is a table containing the message box parameters.
local box = messageBox.main( boxType, { param1 = param1, param2 = param2, -- More parameters...})
There are seven available box types:
Box typeTemplatePurpose
mbox{{mbox}}For message boxes to be used in multiple namespaces
ambox{{ambox}}For article message boxes
cmbox{{cmbox}}For category message boxes
fmbox{{fmbox}}For interface message boxes
imbox{{imbox}}For file namespace message boxes
tmbox{{tmbox}}For talk page message boxes
ombox{{ombox}}For message boxes in other namespaces
See the template page of each box type for the available parameters.
Usage from #invoke
As well as the main function, this module has separate functions for each box type. They are accessed using the code {{#invoke:Message box|mbox|...}}, {{#invoke:Message box|ambox|...}}, etc. These will work when called from other modules, but they access code used to process arguments passed from #invoke, and so calling them will be less efficient than calling main.
Technical details
The module uses the same basic code for each of the templates listed above; the differences between each of them are configured using the data at Module:Message box/configuration. Here are the various configuration options and what they mean:
  • types – a table containing data used by the type parameter of the message box. The table keys are the values that can be passed to the type parameter, and the table values are tables containing the class and the image used by that type.
  • default – the type to use if no value was passed to the type parameter, or if an invalid value was specified.
  • showInvalidTypeError – whether to show an error if the value passed to the type parameter was invalid.
  • allowBlankParams – usually blank values are stripped from parameters passed to the module. However, whitespace is preserved for the parameters included in the allowBlankParams table.
  • allowSmall – whether a small version of the message box can be produced with "small=yes".
  • smallParam – a custom name for the small parameter. For example, if set to "left" you can produce a small message box using "small=left".
  • smallClass – the class to use for small message boxes.
  • substCheck – whether to perform a subst check or not.
  • classes – an array of classes to use with the message box.
  • imageEmptyCell – whether to use an empty <td>...</td> cell if there is no image set. This is used to preserve spacing for message boxes with a width of less than 100% of the screen.
  • imageEmptyCellStyle – whether empty image cells should be styled.
  • imageCheckBlank – whether "image=blank" results in no image being displayed.
  • imageSmallSize – usually, images used in small message boxes are set to 30x30px. This sets a custom size.
  • imageCellDiv – whether to enclose the image in a div enforcing a maximum image size.
  • useCollapsibleTextFields – whether to use text fields that can be collapsed, i.e. "issue", "fix", "talk", etc. Currently only used in ambox.
  • imageRightNone – whether imageright=none results in no image being displayed on the right-hand side of the message box.
  • sectionDefault – the default name for the "section" parameter. Depends on useCollapsibleTextFields​.
  • allowMainspaceCategories – allow categorisation in the main namespace.
  • templateCategory – the name of a category to be placed on the template page.
  • templateCategoryRequireName – whether the name parameter is required to display the template category.
  • templateErrorCategory – the name of the error category to be used on the template page.
  • templateErrorParamsToCheck – an array of parameter names to check. If any are absent, the templateErrorCategory is applied to the template page.
The above documentation is transcluded from Module:Message box/doc. (edit | history)
Editors can experiment in this module's sandbox (edit | diff) and testcases (edit) pages.
Add categories to the /doc subpage. Subpages of this module.
-- This is a meta-module for producing message box templates, including-- {{mbox}}, {{ambox}}, {{imbox}}, {{tmbox}}, {{ombox}}, {{cmbox}} and {{fmbox}}.
-- Load necessary modules.​require​(​'Module:No globals')local getArgslocal yesno = require​(​'Module:Yesno'​)​
-- Get a language object for formatDate and ucfirst.local lang = mw​.​language​.​getContentLanguage​()​
-- Define constantslocal CONFIG_MODULE = 'Module:Message box/configuration/sandbox'​local DEMOSPACES = {talk = 'tmbox', image = 'imbox', file = 'imbox', category = 'cmbox', article = 'ambox', main = 'ambox'​}​
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Helper functions​--------------------------------------------------------------------------------​
local function getTitleObject(...) -- Get the title object, passing the function through pcall -- in case we are over the expensive function count limit. local success, title = pcall(, ...) if success then return title endend
local function union(t1, t2) -- Returns the union of two arrays. local vals = {} for i, v in ipairs(t1) do vals[v] = true end for i, v in ipairs(t2) do vals[v] = true end local ret = {} for k in pairs(vals) do table.insert(ret, k) end table.sort(ret) return retend
local function getArgNums(args, prefix) local nums = {} for k, v in pairs(args) do local num = mw​.​ustring​.​match​(​tostring​(​k​), '^' .. prefix .. '([1-9]%d*)$') if num then table.insert(nums, tonumber(num)) end end table.sort(nums) return nums​end​
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Box class definition​--------------------------------------------------------------------------------​
local MessageBox = {}​MessageBox​.​__index = MessageBox
function MessageBox​.​new​(​boxType​, args, cfg) args = args or {} local obj = {}
-- Set the title object and the namespace. obj.title = getTitleObject​(​args​.​page​) or mw​.​title​.​getCurrentTitle​()
-- Set the config for our box type. obj.cfg = cfg[boxType] if not obj.cfg then local ns = obj.title.namespace -- boxType is "mbox" or invalid input if args.demospace and args.demospace ~= '' then -- implement demospace parameter of mbox local demospace = string.lower​(​args​.​demospace​) if DEMOSPACES​[​demospace​] then -- use template from DEMOSPACES obj.cfg = cfg​[​DEMOSPACES​[​demospace​]] elseif string.find( demospace, 'talk' ) then -- demo as a talk page obj.cfg = cfg.tmbox else -- default to ombox obj.cfg = cfg.ombox end elseif ns == 0 then obj.cfg = cfg.ambox -- main namespace elseif ns == 6 then obj.cfg = cfg.imbox -- file namespace elseif ns == 14 then obj.cfg = cfg.cmbox -- category namespace else local nsTable = mw​.​site​.​namespaces​[​ns​] if nsTable and nsTable.isTalk then obj.cfg = cfg.tmbox -- any talk namespace else obj.cfg = cfg.ombox -- other namespaces or invalid input end end end
-- Set the arguments, and remove all blank arguments except for the ones -- listed in cfg.allowBlankParams. do local newArgs = {} for k, v in pairs(args) do if v ~= '' then newArgs[k] = v end end for i, param in ipairs​(​obj​.​cfg​.​allowBlankParams or {}) do newArgs[param] = args[param] end obj.args = newArgs end
-- Define internal data structure. obj.categories = {} obj.classes = {} -- For lazy loading of [[Module:Category handler]]. obj.hasCategories = false
return setmetatable(obj, MessageBox​)​end​
function MessageBox​:​addCat​(​ns​, cat, sort) if not cat then return nil end if sort then cat = string.format​(​'[[Category:%s|%s]]'​, cat, sort) else cat = string.format​(​'[[Category:%s]]'​, cat) end self.hasCategories = true self.categories[ns] = self.categories[ns] or {} table.insert​(​self​.​categories​[​ns​], cat)end
function MessageBox​:​addClass​(​class​) if not class then return nil end table.insert​(​self​.​classes​, class)end
function MessageBox​:​setParameters​() local args = self.args local cfg = self.cfg
-- Get type data. self.type = args.type local typeData = cfg.types[self.type] self.invalidTypeError = cfg​.​showInvalidTypeError and self.type and not typeData typeData = typeData or cfg.types[cfg.default] self.typeClass = typeData.class self.typeImage = typeData.image
-- Find if the box has been wrongly substituted. self.isSubstituted = cfg.substCheck and args.subst == 'SUBST'
-- Find whether we are using a small message box. self.isSmall = cfg.allowSmall and ( cfg.smallParam and args.small == cfg.smallParam or not cfg.smallParam and yesno(args.small) )
-- Add attributes, classes and styles. = = if then self:addClass('box-' .. string.gsub​(​self​.​name​,​' ','_')) end if yesno(args.plainlinks) ~= false then self​:​addClass​(​'plainlinks'​) end for _, class in ipairs(cfg.classes or {}) do self:addClass(class) end if self.isSmall then self​:​addClass​(​cfg​.​smallClass or 'mbox-small') end self​:​addClass​(​self​.​typeClass​) self​:​addClass​(​args​.​class​) = self.attrs = args.attrs
-- Set text style. self.textstyle = args.textstyle
-- Find if we are on the template page or not. This functionality is only -- used if useCollapsibleTextFields is set, or if both cfg.templateCategory -- and cfg.templateCategoryRequireName are set. self​.​useCollapsibleTextFields = cfg​.​useCollapsibleTextFields if self​.​useCollapsibleTextFields or cfg.templateCategory and cfg​.​templateCategoryRequireName then if then local templateName = mw.ustring.match(, '^[tT][eE][mM][pP][lL][aA][tT][eE][%s_]*:[%s_]*(.*)$' ) or templateName = 'Template:' .. templateName self.templateTitle = getTitleObject​(​templateName​) end self.isTemplatePage = self.templateTitle and mw​.​title​.​equals​(​self​.​title​, self.templateTitle) end -- Process data for collapsible text fields. At the moment these are only -- used in {{ambox}}. if self​.​useCollapsibleTextFields then -- Get the self.issue value. if self.isSmall and args.smalltext then self.issue = args.smalltext else local sect if args.sect == '' then sect = 'This ' .. (cfg.sectionDefault or 'page') elseif type(args.sect) == 'string' then sect = 'This ' .. args.sect end local issue = args.issue issue = type(issue) == 'string' and issue ~= '' and issue or nil local text = args.text text = type(text) == 'string' and text or nil local issues = {} table.insert(issues, sect) table.insert(issues, issue) table.insert(issues, text) self.issue = table.concat(issues, ' ') end
-- Get the value. local talk = -- Show talk links on the template page or template subpages if the talk -- parameter is blank. if talk == '' and self.templateTitle and ( mw​.​title​.​equals​(​self​.​templateTitle​, self.title) or self​.​title​:​isSubpageOf​(​self​.​templateTitle​) ) then talk = '#' elseif talk == '' then talk = nil end if talk then -- If the talk value is a talk page, make a link to that page. Else -- assume that it's a section heading, and make a link to the talk -- page of the current page with that section heading. local talkTitle = getTitleObject(talk) local talkArgIsTalkPage = true if not talkTitle or not talkTitle.isTalkPage then talkArgIsTalkPage = false talkTitle = getTitleObject( self.title.text, mw​.​site​.​namespaces​[​self​.​title​.​namespace​].​talk​.​id ) end if talkTitle and talkTitle.exists then local talkText if self.isSmall then local talkLink = talkArgIsTalkPage and talk or (talkTitle.prefixedText .. '#' .. talk) talkText = string.format​(​'([[%s|talk]])'​, talkLink) else talkText = 'Relevant discussion may be found on' if talkArgIsTalkPage then talkText = string.format( '%s [[%s|%s]].', talkText, talk, talkTitle.prefixedText ) else talkText = string.format( '%s the [[%s#%s|talk page]].', talkText, talkTitle.prefixedText, talk ) end end = talkText end end
-- Get other values. self.fix = args.fix ~= '' and args.fix or nil local date if and ~= '' then date = elseif == '' and self.isTemplatePage then date = lang:formatDate('F Y') end if date then = string.format(" <span class='date-container'>''(<span class='date'>%s</span>)''</span>"​, date) end = if yesno​(​args​.​removalnotice​) then self.removalNotice = cfg.removalNotice end end
-- Set the non-collapsible text field. At the moment this is used by all box -- types other than ambox, and also by ambox when small=yes. if self.isSmall then self.text = args.smalltext or args.text else self.text = args.text end
-- Set the below row. self.below = cfg.below and args.below
-- General image settings. self.imageCellDiv = not self.isSmall and cfg.imageCellDiv self.imageEmptyCell = cfg.imageEmptyCell if cfg​.​imageEmptyCellStyle then self​.​imageEmptyCellStyle = 'border:none;padding:0;width:1px' end
-- Left image settings. local imageLeft = self.isSmall and args.smallimage or args.image if cfg.imageCheckBlank and imageLeft ~= 'blank' and imageLeft ~= 'none' or not cfg.imageCheckBlank and imageLeft ~= 'none' then self.imageLeft = imageLeft if not imageLeft then local imageSize = self.isSmall and (cfg.imageSmallSize or '30x30px') or '40x40px' self.imageLeft = string.format​(​'[[File:%s|%s|link=|alt=]]'​, self.typeImage or 'Imbox notice.png', imageSize) end end
-- Right image settings. local imageRight = self.isSmall and args.smallimageright or args.imageright if not (cfg.imageRightNone and imageRight == 'none') then self.imageRight = imageRight endend
function MessageBox​:​setMainspaceCategories​() local args = self.args local cfg = self.cfg
if not cfg​.​allowMainspaceCategories then return nil end
local nums = {} for _, prefix in ipairs{'cat', 'category', 'all'} do args[prefix .. '1'] = args[prefix] nums = union(nums, getArgNums(args, prefix)) end
-- The following is roughly equivalent to the old {{Ambox/category}}. local date = date = type(date) == 'string' and date local preposition = 'from' for _, num in ipairs(nums) do local mainCat = args['cat' .. tostring(num)] or args['category' .. tostring(num)] local allCat = args['all' .. tostring(num)] mainCat = type(mainCat) == 'string' and mainCat allCat = type(allCat) == 'string' and allCat if mainCat and date and date ~= '' then local catTitle = string.format('%s %s %s', mainCat, preposition, date) self:addCat(0, catTitle) catTitle = getTitleObject​(​'Category:' .. catTitle) if not catTitle or not catTitle.exists then self:addCat(0, 'Articles with invalid date parameter in template') end elseif mainCat and (not date or date == '') then self:addCat(0, mainCat) end if allCat then self:addCat(0, allCat) end endend
function MessageBox​:​setTemplateCategories​() local args = self.args local cfg = self.cfg
-- Add template categories. if cfg.templateCategory then if cfg​.​templateCategoryRequireName then if self.isTemplatePage then self:addCat(10, cfg.templateCategory) end elseif not self.title.isSubpage then self:addCat(10, cfg.templateCategory) end end
-- Add template error categories. if cfg​.​templateErrorCategory then local templateErrorCategory = cfg​.​templateErrorCategory local templateCat, templateSort if not and not self.title.isSubpage then templateCat = templateErrorCategory elseif self.isTemplatePage then local paramsToCheck = cfg​.​templateErrorParamsToCheck or {} local count = 0 for i, param in ipairs​(​paramsToCheck​) do if not args[param] then count = count + 1 end end if count > 0 then templateCat = templateErrorCategory templateSort = tostring(count) end if self.categoryNums and #self.categoryNums > 0 then templateCat = templateErrorCategory templateSort = 'C' end end self:addCat(10, templateCat, templateSort) endend
function MessageBox​:​setAllNamespaceCategories​() -- Set categories for all namespaces. if self.invalidTypeError then local allSort = (self.title.namespace == 0 and 'Main:' or '') .. self.title.prefixedText self:addCat('all', 'Wikipedia message box parameter needs fixing', allSort) end if self.isSubstituted then self:addCat('all', 'Pages with incorrectly substituted templates') endend
function MessageBox​:​setCategories​() if self.title.namespace == 0 then self​:​setMainspaceCategories​() elseif self.title.namespace == 10 then self​:​setTemplateCategories​() end self​:​setAllNamespaceCategories​()​end​
function MessageBox​:​renderCategories​() if not self.hasCategories then -- No categories added, no need to pass them to Category handler so, -- if it was invoked, it would return the empty string. -- So we shortcut and return the empty string. return "" end -- Convert category tables to strings and pass them through -- [[Module:Category handler]]. return require​(​'Module:Category handler')._main{ main = table.concat​(​self​.​categories​[​0​] or {}), template = table.concat​(​self​.​categories​[​10​] or {}), all = table.concat​(​self​.​categories​.​all or {}), nocat = self.args.nocat, page = }end
function MessageBox:export() local root = mw.html.create()
-- Add the subst check error. if self.isSubstituted and then root:tag('b') :addClass('error') :wikitext(string.format( 'Template <code>%s[[Template:%s|%s]]%s</code> has been incorrectly substituted.', mw.text.nowiki('{{'),,, mw.text.nowiki('}}') )) end
-- Create the box table. local boxTable = root:tag('table') boxTable:attr('id', or nil) for i, class in ipairs(self.classes or {}) do boxTable​:​addClass​(​class or nil) end boxTable :cssText( or nil) :attr('role', 'presentation')
if self.attrs then boxTable​:​attr​(​self​.​attrs​) end
-- Add the left-hand image. local row = boxTable:tag('tr') if self.imageLeft then local imageLeftCell = row​:​tag​(​'td'​):​addClass​(​'mbox-image'​) if self.imageCellDiv then -- If we are using a div, redefine imageLeftCell so that the image -- is inside it. Divs use style="width: 52px;", which limits the -- image width to 52px. If any images in a div are wider than that, -- they may overlap with the text or cause other display problems. imageLeftCell = imageLeftCell​:​tag​(​'div'​):​css​(​'width'​, '52px') end imageLeftCell​:​wikitext​(​self​.​imageLeft or nil) elseif self.imageEmptyCell then -- Some message boxes define an empty cell if no image is specified, and -- some don't. The old template code in templates where empty cells are -- specified gives the following hint: "No image. Cell with some width -- or padding necessary for text cell to have 100% width." row:tag('td') :​addClass​(​'mbox-empty-cell'​) :​cssText​(​self​.​imageEmptyCellStyle or nil) end
-- Add the text. local textCell = row​:​tag​(​'td'​):​addClass​(​'mbox-text'​) if self​.​useCollapsibleTextFields then -- The message box uses advanced text parameters that allow things to be -- collapsible. At the moment, only ambox uses this. textCell​:​cssText​(​self​.​textstyle or nil) local textCellDiv = textCell:tag('div') textCellDiv :​addClass​(​'mbox-text-span'​) :wikitext(self.issue or nil) if ( or self.fix) then textCellDiv:tag('span') :​addClass​(​'hide-when-compact'​) :wikitext( and (' ' .. or nil) :wikitext(not self.isSmall and self.fix and (' ' .. self.fix) or nil) end textCellDiv​:​wikitext​(​self​.​date and (' ' .. or nil) if and not self.isSmall then textCellDiv :tag('span') :​addClass​(​'hide-when-compact'​) :wikitext( and (' ' .. or nil) end if self.removalNotice then textCellDiv:tag('span') :​addClass​(​'hide-when-compact'​) :tag('i') :​wikitext​(​string.format​(​" (%s)", self.removalNotice)) end else -- Default text formatting - anything goes. textCell :cssText(self.textstyle or nil) :wikitext(self.text or nil) end
-- Add the right-hand image. if self.imageRight then local imageRightCell = row​:​tag​(​'td'​):​addClass​(​'mbox-imageright'​) if self.imageCellDiv then -- If we are using a div, redefine imageRightCell so that the image -- is inside it. imageRightCell = imageRightCell​:​tag​(​'div'​):​css​(​'width'​, '52px') end imageRightCell :​wikitext​(​self​.​imageRight or nil) end
-- Add the below row. if self.below then boxTable:tag('tr') :tag('td') :attr('colspan', self.imageRight and '3' or '2') :addClass('mbox-text') :cssText(self.textstyle or nil) :wikitext(self.below or nil) end
-- Add error message for invalid type parameters. if self.invalidTypeError then root:tag('div') :css('text-align', 'center') :wikitext(string.format( 'This message box is using an invalid "type=%s" parameter and needs fixing.', self.type or '' )) end
-- Add categories. root​:​wikitext​(​self​:​renderCategories​() or nil)
return tostring​(​root​)​end​
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------​-- Exports​--------------------------------------------------------------------------------​
local p, mt = {}, {}
function p._exportClasses() -- For testing. return { MessageBox = MessageBox }end
function p.main(boxType, args, cfgTables) local box = MessageBox​.​new​(​boxType​, args, cfgTables or mw​.​loadData​(​CONFIG_MODULE​)) box:setParameters() box:setCategories() return box​:​export​()​end​
function mt.__index(t, k) return function (frame) if not getArgs then getArgs = require​(​'Module:Arguments'​).​getArgs end return t.main(k, getArgs(frame, {trim = false, removeBlanks = false})) endend
return setmetatable(p, mt)
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