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This Lua module is used in system messages, and on approximately 8,650,000 pages, or roughly 16% of all pages.
Changes to it can cause immediate changes to the Wikipedia user interface.
To avoid major disruption and server load, any changes should be tested in the module's /sandbox or /testcases subpages, or in your own module sandbox. The tested changes can be added to this page in a single edit. Please discuss changes on the talk page before implementing them.
This module is subject to page protection. It is a highly visible module in use by a very large number of pages, or is substituted very frequently. Because vandalism or mistakes would affect many pages, and even trivial editing might cause substantial load on the servers, it is protected from editing.
This module depends on the following other modules:
This module uses TemplateStyles:
This is a Lua implementation of {{Navbar}}. It is used in Module:Navbox.
The above documentation is transcluded from Module:Navbar/doc. (edit | history)
Editors can experiment in this module's sandbox (edit | diff) and testcases (edit | run) pages.
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local p = {}local cfg = mw​.​loadData​(​'Module:Navbar/configuration'​)​
local function get_title_arg​(​is_collapsible​, template) local title_arg = 1 if is_collapsible then title_arg = 2 end if template then title_arg = 'template' end return title_argend
local function choose_links​(​template​, args) -- The show table indicates the default displayed items. -- view, talk, edit, hist, move, watch -- TODO: Move to configuration. local show = {true, true, true, false, false, false} if template then show[2] = false show[3] = false local index = {t = 2, d = 2, e = 3, h = 4, m = 5, w = 6, talk = 2, edit = 3, hist = 4, move = 5, watch = 6} -- TODO: Consider removing TableTools dependency. for _, v in ipairs(require (​'Module:TableTools'​).​compressSparseArray​(​args​)) do local num = index[v] if num then show[num] = true end end end
local remove_edit_link = args.noedit if remove_edit_link then show[3] = false end return show end
local function add_link​(​link_description​, ul, is_mini, font_style) local l if link_description.url then l = {'[', '', ']'} else l = {'[[', '|', ']]'} end ul:tag('li') :addClass('nv-' .. link_description.full) :wikitext(l[1] .. .. l[2]) :tag(is_mini and 'abbr' or 'span') :attr('title', link_description​.​html_title​) :cssText(font_style) :wikitext(is_mini and or link_description.full) :done() :wikitext(l[3]) :done()end
local function make_list(title_text, has_brackets, displayed_links, is_mini, font_style) local title = mw​.​title​.​new​(​mw​.​text​.​trim​(​title_text​), cfg.title_namespace) if not title then error(cfg.invalid_title .. title_text) end local talkpage = title.talkPageTitle and title​.​talkPageTitle​.​fullText or '' -- TODO: Get link_descriptions and show into the configuration module. -- link_descriptions should be easier... local link_descriptions = { { ['mini'] = 'v', ['full'] = 'view', ['html_title'] = 'View this template', ['link'] = title.fullText, ['url'] = false }, { ['mini'] = 't', ['full'] = 'talk', ['html_title'] = 'Discuss this template', ['link'] = talkpage, ['url'] = false }, { ['mini'] = 'e', ['full'] = 'edit', ['html_title'] = 'Edit this template', ['link'] = title​:​fullUrl​(​'action=edit'​), ['url'] = true }, { ['mini'] = 'h', ['full'] = 'hist', ['html_title'] = 'History of this template', ['link'] = title​:​fullUrl​(​'action=history'​), ['url'] = true }, { ['mini'] = 'm', ['full'] = 'move', ['html_title'] = 'Move this template', ['link'] = mw​.​title​.​new​(​'Special:Movepage'​):​fullUrl​(​'target='​..​title​.​fullText​), ['url'] = true }, { ['mini'] = 'w', ['full'] = 'watch', ['html_title'] = 'Watch this template', ['link'] = title​:​fullUrl​(​'action=watch'​), ['url'] = true } }
local ul = mw.html.create('ul') if has_brackets then ul​:​addClass​(​cfg​.​classes​.​brackets​) :cssText(font_style) end for i, _ in ipairs​(​displayed_links​) do if displayed_links[i] then add_link​(​link_descriptions​[​i​], ul, is_mini, font_style) end end return ul:done() end
function p._navbar(args) -- TODO: We probably don't need both fontstyle and fontcolor... local font_style = args.fontstyle local font_color = args.fontcolor local is_collapsible = args.collapsible local is_mini = local is_plain = args.plain local collapsible_class = nil if is_collapsible then collapsible_class = cfg​.​classes​.​collapsible if not is_plain then is_mini = 1 end if font_color then font_style = (font_style or '') .. '; color: ' .. font_color .. ';' end end local navbar_style = local div = mw​.​html​.​create​():​tag​(​'div'​) div :​addClass​(​cfg​.​classes​.​navbar​) :​addClass​(​cfg​.​classes​.​plainlinks​) :​addClass​(​cfg​.​classes​.​horizontal_list​) :​addClass​(​collapsible_class​) -- we made the determination earlier :​cssText​(​navbar_style​)
if is_mini then div​:​addClass​(​cfg​.​classes​.​mini​) end
local box_text = (args.text or cfg.box_text) .. ' ' -- the concatenated space guarantees the box text is separated if not (is_mini or is_plain) then div :tag('span') :​addClass​(​cfg​.​classes​.​box_text​) :cssText(font_style) :wikitext(box_text) end local template = args.template local displayed_links = choose_links​(​template​, args) local has_brackets = args.brackets local title_arg = get_title_arg​(​is_collapsible​, template) local title_text = args[title_arg] or (':' .. mw​.​getCurrentFrame​():​getParent​():​getTitle​()) local list = make_list(title_text, has_brackets, displayed_links, is_mini, font_style) div:node(list)
if is_collapsible then local title_text_class if is_mini then title_text_class = cfg​.​classes​.​collapsible_title_mini else title_text_class = cfg​.​classes​.​collapsible_title_full end div:done() :tag('div') :​addClass​(​title_text_class​) :cssText(font_style) :wikitext(args[1]) end return mw​.​getCurrentFrame​():​extensionTag​{ name = 'templatestyles', args = { src = cfg.templatestyles } } .. tostring​(​div​:​done​())​end​
function p.navbar(frame) return p​.​_navbar​(​require​(​'Module:Arguments'​).​getArgs​(​frame​))​end​
return p
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