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This module implements the {{Navbox}} template. Please see the template page for usage instructions.
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---- This module implements {{Navbox}}--
local p = {}
local navbar = require​(​'Module:Navbar'​).​_navbar​local getArgs -- lazily initialized
local argslocal borderlocal listnumslocal ODD_EVEN_MARKER = '​\127​_ODDEVEN_​\127​'​local RESTART_MARKER = '​\127​_ODDEVEN0_​\127​'​local REGEX_MARKER = '​\127​_ODDEVEN(%d?)_​\127​'​
local function striped(wikitext) -- Return wikitext with markers replaced for odd/even striping. -- Child (subgroup) navboxes are flagged with a category that is removed -- by parent navboxes. The result is that the category shows all pages -- where a child navbox is not contained in a parent navbox. local orphanCat = '[[Category:Navbox orphans]]' if border == 'subgroup' and args.orphan ~= 'yes' then -- No change; striping occurs in outermost navbox. return wikitext .. orphanCat end local first, second = 'odd', 'even' if args.evenodd then if args.evenodd == 'swap' then first, second = second, first else first = args.evenodd second = first end end local changer if first == second then changer = first else local index = 0 changer = function (code) if code == '0' then -- Current occurrence is for a group before a nested table. -- Set it to first as a valid although pointless class. -- The next occurrence will be the first row after a title -- in a subgroup and will also be first. index = 0 return first end index = index + 1 return index % 2 == 1 and first or second end end local regex = orphanCat​:​gsub​(​'([%[%]])'​, '%%%1') return (wikitext:gsub(regex, ''​):​gsub​(​REGEX_MARKER​, changer)) -- () omits gsub countend
local function processItem(item, nowrapitems) if item:sub(1, 2) == '{|' then -- Applying nowrap to lines in a table does not make sense. -- Add newlines to compensate for trim of x in |parm=x in a template. return '\n' .. item ..'\n' end if nowrapitems == 'yes' then local lines = {} for line in (item .. '\n'):gmatch('([^\n]*)\n') do local prefix, content = line​:​match​(​'^([*:;#]+)%s*(.*)'​) if prefix and not content​:​match​(​'^<span class="nowrap">') then line = prefix .. '<span class="nowrap">' .. content .. '</span>' end table.insert(lines, line) end item = table.concat(lines, '\n') end if item:match('^[*:;#]') then return '\n' .. item ..'\n' end return itemend
local function renderNavBar​(​titleCell​)
if args.navbar ~= 'off' and args.navbar ~= 'plain' and not (not and mw​.​getCurrentFrame​():​getParent​():​getTitle​():​gsub​(​'/sandbox$'​, '') == 'Template:Navbox') then titleCell​:​wikitext​(​navbar​{, mini = 1, fontstyle = (args.basestyle or '') .. ';' .. (args.titlestyle or '') .. ';background:none transparent;border:none;box-shadow:none;padding:0;' }) end
---- Title row--local function renderTitleRow(tbl) if not args.title then return end
local titleRow = tbl:tag('tr')
if args.titlegroup then titleRow :tag('th') :attr('scope', 'row') :​addClass​(​'navbox-group'​) :​addClass​(​args​.​titlegroupclass​) :​cssText​(​args​.​basestyle​) :​cssText​(​args​.​groupstyle​) :​cssText​(​args​.​titlegroupstyle​) :​wikitext​(​args​.​titlegroup​) end
local titleCell = titleRow​:​tag​(​'th'​):​attr​(​'scope'​, 'col')
if args.titlegroup then titleCell :css('border-left', '2px solid #fdfdfd') :css('width', '100%') end
local titleColspan = 2 if args.imageleft then titleColspan = titleColspan + 1 end if args.image then titleColspan = titleColspan + 1 end if args.titlegroup then titleColspan = titleColspan - 1 end
titleCell :​cssText​(​args​.​basestyle​) :​cssText​(​args​.​titlestyle​) :​addClass​(​'navbox-title'​) :attr('colspan', titleColspan)
titleCell :tag('div') -- id for aria-labelledby attribute :attr('id', mw​.​uri​.​anchorEncode​(​args​.​title​)) :​addClass​(​args​.​titleclass​) :css('font-size', '114%') :css('margin', '0 4em') :​wikitext​(​processItem​(​args​.​title​))​end​
--​-- Above/Below rows--
local function getAboveBelowColspan​() local ret = 2 if args.imageleft then ret = ret + 1 end if args.image then ret = ret + 1 end return retend
local function renderAboveRow(tbl) if not args.above then return end
tbl:tag('tr') :tag('td') :​addClass​(​'navbox-abovebelow'​) :​addClass​(​args​.​aboveclass​) :​cssText​(​args​.​basestyle​) :​cssText​(​args​.​abovestyle​) :attr('colspan', getAboveBelowColspan​()) :tag('div') -- id for aria-labelledby attribute, if no title :attr('id', args.title and nil or mw​.​uri​.​anchorEncode​(​args​.​above​)) :​wikitext​(​processItem​(​args​.​above​, args​.​nowrapitems​))​end​
local function renderBelowRow(tbl) if not args.below then return end
tbl:tag('tr') :tag('td') :​addClass​(​'navbox-abovebelow'​) :​addClass​(​args​.​belowclass​) :​cssText​(​args​.​basestyle​) :​cssText​(​args​.​belowstyle​) :attr('colspan', getAboveBelowColspan​()) :tag('div') :​wikitext​(​processItem​(​args​.​below​, args​.​nowrapitems​))​end​
--​-- List rows--local function renderListRow(tbl, index, listnum) local row = tbl:tag('tr')
if index == 1 and args.imageleft then row :tag('td') :addClass('noviewer') :​addClass​(​'navbox-image'​) :​addClass​(​args​.​imageclass​) :css('width', '1px') -- Minimize width :css('padding', '0px 2px 0px 0px') :​cssText​(​args​.​imageleftstyle​) :attr('rowspan', #listnums) :tag('div') :​wikitext​(​processItem​(​args​.​imageleft​)) end
if args['group' .. listnum] then local groupCell = row:tag('th')
-- id for aria-labelledby attribute, if lone group with no title or above if listnum == 1 and not (args.title or args.above or args.group2) then groupCell :attr('id', mw​.​uri​.​anchorEncode​(​args​.​group1​)) end
groupCell :attr('scope', 'row') :​addClass​(​'navbox-group'​) :​addClass​(​args​.​groupclass​) :​cssText​(​args​.​basestyle​) :css('width', args.groupwidth or '1%') -- If groupwidth not specified, minimize width
groupCell :​cssText​(​args​.​groupstyle​) :cssText(args['group' .. listnum .. 'style']) :wikitext(args['group' .. listnum]) end
local listCell = row:tag('td')
if args['group' .. listnum] then listCell :css('text-align', 'left') :​css​(​'border-left-width'​, '2px') :css('border-left-style', 'solid') else listCell:attr('colspan', 2) end
if not args.groupwidth then listCell:css('width', '100%') end
local rowstyle -- usually nil so cssText(rowstyle) usually adds nothing if index % 2 == 1 then rowstyle = args.oddstyle else rowstyle = args.evenstyle end
local listText = args['list' .. listnum] local oddEven = ODD_EVEN_MARKER if listText:sub(1, 12) == '</div><table' then -- Assume list text is for a subgroup navbox so no automatic striping for this row. oddEven = listText​:​find​(​'<th[^>]*"navbox%-title"'​) and RESTART_MARKER or 'odd' end listCell :css('padding', '0px') :cssText(args.liststyle) :cssText(rowstyle) :cssText(args['list' .. listnum .. 'style']) :​addClass​(​'navbox-list'​) :addClass('navbox-' .. oddEven) :​addClass​(​args​.​listclass​) :addClass(args['list' .. listnum .. 'class']) :tag('div') :css('padding', (index == 1 and args.list1padding) or args.listpadding or '0em 0.25em') :​wikitext​(​processItem​(​listText​, args.nowrapitems))
if index == 1 and args.image then row :tag('td') :addClass('noviewer') :​addClass​(​'navbox-image'​) :​addClass​(​args​.​imageclass​) :css('width', '1px') -- Minimize width :css('padding', '0px 0px 0px 2px') :​cssText​(​args​.​imagestyle​) :attr('rowspan', #listnums) :tag('div') :​wikitext​(​processItem​(​args​.​image​)) endend
---- Tracking categories--
local function needsHorizontalLists​() if border == 'subgroup' or args.tracking == 'no' then return false end local listClasses = { ['plainlist'] = true, ['hlist'] = true, ['hlist hnum'] = true, ['hlist hwrap'] = true, ['hlist vcard'] = true, ['vcard hlist'] = true, ['hlist vevent'] = true, } return not (​listClasses​[​args​.​listclass​] or listClasses​[​args​.​bodyclass​])​end​
local function hasBackgroundColors​() for _, key in ipairs({'titlestyle', 'groupstyle', 'basestyle', 'abovestyle', 'belowstyle'}) do if tostring​(​args​[​key​]):​find​(​'background'​, 1, true) then return true end endend
local function hasBorders() for _, key in ipairs({'groupstyle', 'basestyle', 'abovestyle', 'belowstyle'}) do if tostring​(​args​[​key​]):​find​(​'border'​, 1, true) then return true end endend
local function isIllegible() local styleratio = require('Module:Color contrast')._styleratio
for key, style in pairs(args) do if tostring​(​key​):​match​(​"style$"​) then if styleratio​{​mw​.​text​.​unstripNoWiki​(​style​)} < 4.5 then return true end end end return falseend
local function getTrackingCategories​() local cats = {} if needsHorizontalLists​() then table.insert(cats, 'Navigational boxes without horizontal lists') end if hasBackgroundColors​() then table.insert(cats, 'Navboxes using background colours') end if isIllegible() then table.insert(cats, 'Potentially illegible navboxes') end if hasBorders() then table.insert(cats, 'Navboxes using borders') end return catsend
local function renderTrackingCategories​(​builder​) local title = mw​.​title​.​getCurrentTitle​() if title.namespace ~= 10 then return end -- not in template space local subpage = title.subpageText if subpage == 'doc' or subpage == 'sandbox' or subpage == 'testcases' then return end
for _, cat in ipairs​(​getTrackingCategories​()) do builder​:​wikitext​(​'[[Category:' .. cat .. ']]') endend
---- Main navbox tables--local function renderMainTable() local tbl = mw​.​html​.​create​(​'table'​) :​addClass​(​'nowraplinks'​) :​addClass​(​args​.​bodyclass​)
if args.title and (args.state ~= 'plain' and args.state ~= 'off') then if args.state == 'collapsed' then args.state = 'mw-collapsed' end tbl :​addClass​(​'mw-collapsible'​) :addClass(args.state or 'autocollapse') end
tbl​:​css​(​'border-spacing'​, 0) if border == 'subgroup' or border == 'none' then tbl :​addClass​(​'navbox-subgroup'​) :​cssText​(​args​.​bodystyle​) :cssText( else -- regular navbox - bodystyle and style will be applied to the wrapper table tbl :​addClass​(​'navbox-inner'​) :css('background', 'transparent') :css('color', 'inherit') end tbl​:​cssText​(​args​.​innerstyle​)
renderTitleRow(tbl) renderAboveRow(tbl) for i, listnum in ipairs(listnums) do renderListRow(tbl, i, listnum) end renderBelowRow(tbl)
return tblend
function p​.​_navbox​(​navboxArgs​) args = navboxArgs listnums = {}
for k, _ in pairs(args) do if type(k) == 'string' then local listnum = k:match('^list(%d+)$') if listnum then table.insert(listnums, tonumber(listnum)) end end end table.sort(listnums)
border = mw​.​text​.​trim​(​args​.​border or args[1] or '') if border == 'child' then border = 'subgroup' end
-- render the main body of the navbox local tbl = renderMainTable()
-- render the appropriate wrapper around the navbox, depending on the border param local res = mw.html.create() if border == 'none' then local nav = res:tag('div') :attr('role', 'navigation') :node(tbl) -- aria-labelledby title, otherwise above, otherwise lone group if args.title or args.above or (args.group1 and not args.group2) then nav​:​attr​(​'aria-labelledby'​, mw​.​uri​.​anchorEncode​(​args​.​title or args.above or args.group1)) else nav:attr('aria-label', 'Navbox') end elseif border == 'subgroup' then -- We assume that this navbox is being rendered in a list cell of a parent navbox, and is -- therefore inside a div with padding:0em 0.25em. We start with a </div> to avoid the -- padding being applied, and at the end add a <div> to balance out the parent's </div> res :wikitext('</div>') :node(tbl) :wikitext('<div>') else local nav = res:tag('div') :attr('role', 'navigation') :addClass('navbox') :​addClass​(​args​.​navboxclass​) :​cssText​(​args​.​bodystyle​) :cssText( :css('padding', '3px') :node(tbl) -- aria-labelledby title, otherwise above, otherwise lone group if args.title or args.above or (args.group1 and not args.group2) then nav​:​attr​(​'aria-labelledby'​, mw​.​uri​.​anchorEncode​(​args​.​title or args.above or args.group1)) else nav:attr('aria-label', 'Navbox') end end
if (args.nocat or 'false'):lower() == 'false' then renderTrackingCategories​(​res​) end return striped​(​tostring​(​res​))​end​
function p.navbox(frame) if not getArgs then getArgs = require​(​'Module:Arguments'​).​getArgs end args = getArgs(frame, {wrappers = {'Template:Navbox'}})
-- Read the arguments in the order they'll be output in, to make references number in the right order. local _ _ = args.title _ = args.above for i = 1, 20 do _ = args["group" .. tostring(i)] _ = args["list" .. tostring(i)] end _ = args.below
return p​.​_navbox​(​args​)​end​
return p
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