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This Lua module is used in system messages, and on approximately 5,980,000 pages, or roughly 11% of all pages.
Changes to it can cause immediate changes to the Wikipedia user interface.
To avoid major disruption and server load, any changes should be tested in the module's /sandbox or /testcases subpages, or in your own module sandbox. The tested changes can be added to this page in a single edit. Please discuss changes on the talk page before implementing them.
This module is rated as beta, and is ready for widespread use. It is still new and should be used with some caution to ensure the results are as expected.
This module is subject to page protection. It is a highly visible module in use by a very large number of pages, or is substituted very frequently. Because vandalism or mistakes would affect many pages, and even trivial editing might cause substantial load on the servers, it is protected from editing.
This module depends on the following other modules:
Module:Arguments (sandbox)
This module contains functions to find the target of a redirect page.
The main function accepts the name of a single page. It determines if the page is a redirect; if so it looks up the page, extracts the target, and returns the target name as text. Its usage is {{#invoke:redirect|main|page-name}}​. If page-name does not exist or is not a redirect then page-name is returned. If page-name is blank then blank is returned.
The function normally neither takes nor gives square brackets, so to show the result as a link use [[{{#invoke:redirect|main|page-name}}]]​.
If the parameter bracket is given a nonblank value, brackets will be passed on if present.
  • {{#invoke:redirect|main|WP:AFC}} → Wikipedia:Articles for creation
  • {{#invoke:redirect|main|[[WP:AFD]]|bracket=yes}}Wikipedia:Articles for deletion
  • {{#invoke:redirect|main|Wikipedia:Articles for deletion}} → Wikipedia:Articles for deletion
  • {{#invoke:redirect|main|Wikipedia:Articles for rumination}} → Wikipedia:Articles for rumination
Note: WP:AFC and WP:AFD are both redirects, but Wikipedia:Articles for deletion is not, and Wikipedia:Articles for rumination does not exist.
If you want to use the main function from another Lua module, you may want to use the luaMain function. This provides the same functionality as the main function, but doesn't require that a frame object be available.
To use this, first load the module.
local mRedirect = require​(​'Module:Redirect'​)
Then use the function with the following syntax:
mRedirect​.​luaMain​(​rname​, bracket)
rname is the name of the redirect page, and if bracket is anything but false or nil, the module will produce a link rather than just a page name.
The isRedirect function is used from wiki pages to find out if a given page is a redirect or not. If the page is a redirect, the function returns "yes", and if not the output is blank. Its usage is {{#invoke:redirect|isRedirect|page-name}}​.
  • {{#invoke:redirect|isRedirect|WP:AFC}} → yes
  • {{#invoke:redirect|isRedirect|Wikipedia:Articles for deletion}}
  • {{#invoke:redirect|isRedirect|Wikipedia:Articles for rumination}}
The isRedirect can be accessed from other Lua modules in the same way as the main function:
local mRedirect = require​(​'Module:Redirect'​)​mRedirect​.​luaIsRedirect​(​rname​)
The getTarget function fetches the target page name of a redirect page, and is only usable from Lua. If the page specified is a redirect, then the target is returned; otherwise the function returns nil.
To use it, first load the module.
local mRedirect = require​(​'Module:Redirect'​)
Then use the function with the following syntax:
page can be either the name of the redirect page as a string, or a mw.title object.
See also
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Subpages of this module.
-- This module provides functions for getting the target of a redirect page.
local p = {}
-- Gets a mw.title object, using pcall to avoid generating script errors if we-- are over the expensive function count limit (among other possible causes).local function getTitle(...) local success, titleObj = pcall(, ...) if success then return titleObj else return nil endend
-- Gets the name of a page that a redirect leads to, or nil if it isn't a-- redirect.function p​.​getTargetFromText​(​text​) local target = string.match( text, "^%s*#[Rr][Ee][Dd][Ii][Rr][Ee][Cc][Tt]%s*:?%s*%[%[([^%[%]|]-)%]%]" ) or string.match( text, "^%s*#[Rr][Ee][Dd][Ii][Rr][Ee][Cc][Tt]%s*:?%s*%[%[([^%[%]|]-)|[^%[%]]-%]%]" ) return target and mw.uri.decode(target, 'PATH')end
-- Gets the target of a redirect. If the page specified is not a redirect,-- returns nil.function p.getTarget(page, fulltext) -- Get the title object. Both page names and title objects are allowed -- as input. local titleObj if type(page) == 'string' or type(page) == 'number' then titleObj = getTitle(page) elseif type(page) == 'table' and type​(​page​.​getContent​) == 'function' then titleObj = page else error(string.format( "bad argument #1 to 'getTarget'" .. " (string, number, or title object expected, got %s)", type(page) ), 2) end if not titleObj then return nil end local targetTitle = titleObj.redirectTarget if targetTitle then if fulltext then return targetTitle.fullText else return targetTitle​.​prefixedText end else return nil endend
--[[-- Given a single page name determines what page it redirects to and returns the-- target page name, or the passed page name when not a redirect. The passed-- page name can be given as plain text or as a page link.---- Returns page name as plain text, or when the bracket parameter is given, as a-- page link. Returns an error message when page does not exist or the redirect-- target cannot be determined for some reason.--]]function p.luaMain(rname, bracket, fulltext) if type(rname) ~= "string" or not rname:find("%S") then return nil end bracket = bracket and "[[%s]]" or "%s" rname = rname​:​match​(​"%[%[(.+)%]%]"​) or rname local target = p.getTarget(rname, fulltext) local ret = target or rname ret = getTitle(ret) if ret then if fulltext then ret = ret.fullText else ret = ret.prefixedText end return bracket:format(ret) else return nil endend
-- Provides access to the luaMain function from wikitext.function p.main(frame) local args = require​(​'Module:Arguments'​).​getArgs​(​frame​, {frameOnly = true}) return p.luaMain(args[1], args.bracket, args.fulltext) or ''end
-- Returns true if the specified page is a redirect, and false otherwise.function p.luaIsRedirect(page) local titleObj = getTitle(page) if not titleObj then return false end if titleObj.isRedirect then return true else return false endend
-- Provides access to the luaIsRedirect function from wikitext, returning 'yes'-- if the specified page is a redirect, and the blank string otherwise.function p.isRedirect(frame) local args = require​(​'Module:Arguments'​).​getArgs​(​frame​, {frameOnly = true}) if p​.​luaIsRedirect​(​args​[​1​]) then return 'yes' else return '' endend
return p
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