Mortada Mansour
Mortada Ahmed Mohamed Mansour (Arabic: مرتضى أحمد محمد منصور‎‎; born 17 June 1952 in Cairo) is an Egyptian lawyer who served as president of Zamalek SC (2014–2020). Mansour announced his intention on 6 April 2014 to pursue the presidency in the 2014 Egyptian presidential election,[1][2] though he withdrew on 19 April and announced his support for former defense minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for the presidency.[3]
Mortada Mansour
مرتضي منصور

Mortada Mansour in 2014
Personal details
BornMortada Ahmed Mohamed Mansour
18 June 1952 (age 68)
Shubra, Cairo Governorate, Republic of Egypt
Spouse(s)Nagwa El Deeb
Education and Politics
Mansour studied Law at Ain Shams University, and graduated in 1974.[4]
He was a member of the Egyptian Parliament, from 2000 to 2005, then from 2015 to 2020,[5] representing Dakahlia Governorate.[6]
Personal life
Mansour is married to Najwa al-Deeb, with whom he has two sons and one daughter.
He was imprisoned in 2007 for three years, on charges of insulting the head of a judicial body and trying to storm his office.[7]
"Mortada Mansour", by Carlos Latuff, 2011. The caricature states that Mansour used extortion through alleged CDs during his presidential campaign
Mansour has called the day of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, 25 January, "the worst-ever day in Egypt's history".[8] He also holds very strict and negative thoughts and comments towards Zamalek SC's arch rival, Al-Ahly, and consistently accuses them of manipulating the Egyptian football federation for fixing the schedules in their favor. He also believed that black magic and genies were responsible for Zamalek SC's bad luck and poor performances.[9]
Mansour is a vocal critic of actresses and their dresses in Egyptian media.[10] During the COVID-19 pandemic, he criticized robots like Sophia and her manufacturers for imitating God's creation, when he said:
God punishes us "humanity" because we tried to challenge him by making a "robot" to compete with the Creator, a robot that speaks and roams the whole world.
— [11][12]
Legal issues
In January 2020, the Egyptian parliament led by Ali Abdel Aal refused three demands to strip Mansour of immunity, due to the presence of malicious suspicion of the complaints, and previous disagreements between him and the accusers.[13]
In August 2020, there was a hearing in the Egyptian parliament to whether lift immunity of Mansour, following a voice leak, in which he insulted Al-Ahly president Mahmoud El Khatib and his former player Mahmoud Kahraba. In the meantime, Mansour claimed that his phone was hacked by a Qatari intelligent officer.[14]
On 4 October 2020, the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee decided to suspend Mortada Mansour from practicing any sporting activity in Egypt for four years, based on complaints submitted by the president of Al-Ahly Mahmoud El Khatib and many others.[15]
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