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For the administrative unit known as a "nahiye" in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, see Nahiye (Ottoman).
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A nāḥiyah (Arabic: نَاحَيِة[ˈnaːħijah], plural nawāḥī نَوَاحِي [naˈwaːħiː]), or nahia, is a regional or local type of administrative division that usually consists of a number of villages or sometimes smaller towns. In Tajikistan, it is a second-level division while in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Xinjiang, and the former Ottoman Empire, where it was also called a bucak, it is a third-level or lower division. It can constitute a division of a qadaa, mintaqah or other such district-type of division and is sometimes translated as "subdistrict".
Arabic-speaking countries
CountryLevel above (Arabic)Level above (English)Main article
Syriamintaqah (formerly qadaa)district
IraqQadaadistrictSubdistricts of Iraq
JordanLiwa'governorateNahias of Jordan
Turkic-speaking territories
Districts of Tajikistan: a subdivision of a province.

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