Rejeb Khaznadar
Rejeb Khaznadar (Arabic: رجب خزندار‎‎) (died May 21, 1797 in Tunis) was a mamluk of Greek origin who rose to become principal minister of the Regency of Tunis.[1]
Rejeb Khaznadar was one of the Mamluks of the Husseinite court and husband of Princess Fatima, daughter of Hussein Bey, founder of dynasty.[2]
He was appointed the bey's treasurer (khaznadar) under his brother in law Muhammad I ar-Rashid, and then in 1759 chief minister by Ali Bey, becoming the first to occupy this function. He was replaced in 1782 by Moustapha Khodja. The chronicler Ahmad ibn Abi Diyaf declared that he was trustworthy and peace-loving politician until his death.[3]
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