Sadeq Amin Abu Rass
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Sadeq Amin Abu Rass (Arabic: صادق أمين أبو راس‎‎) is the Chairperson of the Sana'a-based General People’s Congress. Sadeq Rass was named the GPC’s Leader on January 7, 2018, following previous leader Ali Abdullah Saleh’s death on December 4, 2017, during the Battle of Sana’a. Sadeq Rass had served as an Agriculture Minister before his appointment.[1] Several leaders of the GPC later rejected his appointment.[2]
Sadeq Amin Abu Rass
صادق أمين أبو راس
Chairman of the General People’s Congress
Assumed office
7 January 2018
Preceded byAli Abdullah Saleh
Member of the Supreme Political Council
Assumed office
15 August 2016
PresidentSaleh Ali al-Sammad
Personal details
Political partyGeneral People’s Congress
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