South China Agricultural University
South China Agricultural University (SCAU; Chinese: 华南农业大学/華南農業大學​) is a public comprehensive university in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Founded in 1909. The main campus is located in Wushan, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. South China Agricultural University was selected as one of the 7 Cultivated High-Quality Universities of Guangdong Province in 2015.[4] SCAU is considered to have an advantage in the field of agricultural science.
South China Agricultural University
Former names
South China Agricultural College (华南农学院)
Motto in English
Upgrading Integrity, Broadening Knowledge, Pursuing Truth, Seeking Breakthroughs
Budget¥1.32 billion (2015)[1]
PresidentLiu Yahong [2]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students42,982(fall 2017)[3]
Undergraduates36,560(fall 2017)[3]
Postgraduates6,301(fall 2017)[3]
LocationGuangzhou, Guangdong,
CampusUrban: 2.95km², Suburb: 2.57km²
School Song“金色的理想”(Golden Ideal)
ColorsGreen and White   
Main Gate
South entrance of South China Agricultural University
The main Library
The South China Agricultural Museum
The university has 26 colleges and more than 40,000 students, including international students from over 40 countries.
The campus of South China Agricultural University is located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, it used to be part of the old National Sun Yat-sen University campus. The main campus covers an area of over 4407 mu ( 2.95 km²), and the teaching and research base in Zengcheng covers an area of over 3863 mu ( 2.57 km²). The campus is informally divided into three parts by the South China expressway, with viaduct and culvert connected.
The campus still retains part of the architecture of old National Sun Yat-sen University, and the rest of them are in South China University of Technology, the whole complex is just like a bell. The most famous one is the NO.5 Building, which used to the College of Science, old National Sun Yat-sen University, and now it is the University History Museum.
The Library was established in 1953 by combining parts of the Sun Yat-sen University Library, the Ling Nan University agriculture college library and Guangxi University Agriculture College library.
The SCAU Library has recently been developed into four branches, the Main Library, the East Branch, the Yuejin Branch, and the college libraries.
The total paper-based collections have been over 2.42 million items/volumes in 2016. Those collections cover agriculture, engineering, liberal arts, basic sciences, economics, management, law, education, history, philosophy and other subjects.
South China Agricultural Museum open at Nov 2019, which is the first agricultural museum with the theme of agriculture and natural resources in south China. By Oct 2019, the museum has received over 1901 specimens and exhibits. There are eight exhibition halls, including Guangdong agricultural history, traditional agricultural tools, soil and rock, plant world, animal world, insect world, South China Sea marine life, forestry resources and utilization.
Wushan Station on the Guangzhou Metro is located in front of the south entrance to the campus. And the university also provide the school bus which connect the different areas of the campus or the metro station.
South China Agricultural University has 26 colleges (departments), offering 95 undergraduate programs, 107 master's degree programs and 60 Ph.D degree programs. SCAU also offers 9 Professional master's degrees and a Professional Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.[6][7]
Colleges and schools
University ranking
2018 U.S. News & World Report Best Universities Ranking[8]#
2019 QS Top Universities Ranking[9]#
Subject rankings
2020 QS Subject Rankings[10]#
Agriculture & Forestry30
2018 U.S. News & World Report Subject Rankings[11]#
Agricultural Sciences160
Plant and Animal Science253
Research institution
The university consists of various research institutes such as:
The total enrollment of students is over 42,000, comprising 36,560 undergraduates, 6,301 graduates and 121 foreign students from 43 countries.
Student life
The Student Entertainment Building
The Gymnasium
Graffiti culvert in the campus
Student organization
There are a lot of student organization in the university including the Student Union, Student Association Union, Youth Volunteer Service Centre and more than 60 student associations.
The Modern Educational Technology Center is installed with visual-audio and multi-media input-output equipment. Other direct services for students include:
International cooperation
The school name was named by Mao Zedong who was the first chairman of China
It has established inter-institutional ties with twenty-three universities from thirteen countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. There are more and more academic exchanges between SCAU and universities in HongKong and Macao. In promoting the international multi-agricultural technological exchanges, the UNDP, FAO and WFC have attached great importance to the university and established the Regional Sericulture Training Center for Asia and Pacific and China International Center for Agricultural Training in SCAU. Up to now, the university has trained around 1000 overseas students and numerous research and government officials from over 50 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania.[14]
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South China Agricultural University
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