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'''New York University Press''' (or '''NYU Press'''), founded in 1916, is a [[university press]] that is part of [[New York University]].
== History ==
NYU Press was founded in 1916 by the then chancellor of NYU, [[Elmer Ellsworth Brown]], in order, he said, to "publish contributions to higher learning by eminent scholars."<ref name = "NYU Press history">{{Cite web|title=NYU Press » History|url=http://nyupress.org/about/history.aspx|publisher=nyupress.org|accessdate=15 July 2013}}</ref>
== Reputation ==
Once best known for the comprehensive and definitive publication of ''[[Walt Whitman|The Collected Writings of Walt Whitman]]'', NYU Press has now published numerous award-winning scholarly works including ''Converge Culture'' (2007) by [[Henry Jenkins]], ''The Rabbi's Wife'' (2006) by [[Shuly Rubin Schwartz|Shuly Schwartz]], and the ''Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust'' (2002).<ref name = "NYU Press history"/> It was spotlighted by the ''[[Huffington Post]]'' in 2010, which described NYU Press as "consistently publish[ing] scholarly yet accessible books", and "ahead of the cultural curve—pushing literary trends—rather than behind it".<ref>{{Cite news|author=Anis Shivani|date=2 July 2010|title=Independence Day: 15 Feisty Small Presses And The Books You're Going To Want From Them|url=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anis-shivani/independence-day-15-feist_b_631929.html#s109176title=New_York_University|newspaper=[[The Huffington Post]]|accessdate=15 July 2013}}</ref>
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