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===Use of the resources===
* Users should note that these shared usage offers are only valid for Wikipedia purposes.
* It's best to first scan the Shared Resources list, before placing a request on the Resource Request page. That way, you avoid a lot of unnecessary work for the participants involved.fb id lovelly ruffag
* There are other language versions of this WikiProject offering library help. A lot of other language libraries have access to a wide variety of English material, and most likely you'll get help in English too. You can find those projects by using the links in the 'languages' navigation box.
* Most of the time, the offered sources are not [[Wikipedia:Public domain resources|public domain resources]]. They may be helpful references, but you are not allowed to publish them, pass them on, use them for commercial purposes or use them verbatim for Wikipedia articles. Some public domain resources can be found in the navigation box to the right.
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