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A credit system is used to enable members to trade books for credits and credits for books. Credits may either be purchased, or they may be earned by mailing books which have been requested. Consequently, a member need not seek another member who desires a parity trade; credits are the [[medium of exchange]]. Both [[paperback]] and [[hardback]] books may be traded, as well as [[audiobook]]s. Within the PBS system the value of any bound book is always one credit, and the value of an audio book is always two credits.
==Site Fees==
== Income generation ==
When it was started, PBS expected to have to charge for membership once costs became too high. Instead, they found they could survive by offering a few paid services to the membership.{{Citation needed|date=June 2009}}
The ''Box-O-Books'' program allows paying members to exchange boxes of books (rather than one at a time) to save on postage and provide variety. PBS offers optional printing of online postage for a small fee. PBS also sells book accessories and other items bearing the club [[logo]].
In February 2015, membership tiers were introduced. Standard membership is $20 per year, limited membership is $12 per year and the free option is called a la carte. Each tier upgrade offers more wishlist slots and other benefits.
== Press coverage ==
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