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* [[Invergordon Mutiny]], an [[industrial action]] by around a thousand [[sailor]]s in the [[British Atlantic Fleet]], that took place on 15–16 September 1931. For two days, ships of the [[Royal Navy]] at [[Invergordon]] were in open mutiny, in one of the few military strikes in [[United Kingdom|British]] history.
* Mutiny aboard the Dutch warship the ''[[HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën (1909)|De Zeven Provinciën]]'' as a result of salary cuts in early February 1933.
*[[1936 Naval Revolt (Portugal)|1936 Naval Revolt]] in Portugal, also known as the Mutiny on the Tagus ships. Sailors aboard two Portuguese ships imprisoned their officers and attempted to sail out into the open sea. Coastal artillery disabled both ships and the [[Estado Novo (Portugal)|​Estada​Estado Novo]] shortly thereafter founded the [[Legião Portuguesa (Estado Novo)|Legião Portugues​Portuguesa​]].
* [[Cocos Islands Mutiny]], a failed mutiny by [[Sri Lanka]]n servicemen on the [[British Empire|then-British]] [[Cocos (Keeling) Islands]] during the [[Second World War]].
* [[Battle of Bamber Bridge]] on 24–25 June, 1943, a racially motivated mutiny by black soldiers in a segregated truck unit stationed in [[Bamber Bridge]], [[Lancashire]], [[United Kingdom]].
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