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===Ancient era===
[[File:Alley in Hama.jpg|left|thumb|An alley in Old Hama]]
The ancient settlement of Hamath was also occupied from the early [[Neolithic]] to the [[Iron Age]]. Remains from the [[Chalcolithic]] have been uncovered by Danish archaeologists on the mount on which the former citadel once stood.<ref name="Ring1">Ring, 1996, p.315.</ref> The excavation took place between 1931 and 1938 under the direction of Harald Ingholt. The stratigraphy is very generalized, which makes detailed comparison to other sites difficult. Level M ({{convert|6|m|ft|abbr=on|disp=or}} thick) contained both white ware (lime-plaster) and true pottery. It may be contemporary with [[Ugarit|Ras Shamra V]] (6000–5000 BC). The overlying level L dates to the Chalcolithic [[Halaf culture]].
====Amorite period and the Mittanni====
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