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{{Main|Higher Education in the Arab World}}
According to [[UNESCO]], the average rate of [[adult literacy]] (ages 15 and older) in this region [[List of countries by literacy rate|is 76.9%]]. In Mauritania and Yemen, the rate is lower than the average, at barely over 50%. On the other hand, [[Syria]], [[Lebanon]], [[State of Palestine|Palestine]] and [[Jordan]] record a high adult literacy rate of over 90%.{{citation needed|date=January 2014}} The average rate of adult literacy shows steady improvement, and the absolute number of adult illiterates fell from 64 million to around 58&nbsp;million between 1990 and 2000–2004. Overall, the gender disparity in adult literacy is high in this region, and of the illiteracy rate, women account for two-thirds, with only 69 literate women for every 100 literate men. The average GPI (Gender Parity Index) for adult literacy is 0.72, and gender disparity can be observed in Egypt, Morocco, and Yemen. Above all, the GPI of Yemen is only 0.46 in a 53% adult literacy rate.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001489/148972E.pdf | title=Regional overview: Arab States | publisher=UNESCO | year=2007 | accessdate=6 April 2018 }}</ref> According to a UN survey, in the Arab world, the average person reads four pages a year and one new title is published each year for every 12,000 people.<ref name=RIA>{{cite web |url=http://en.rian.ru/world/20081111/118255514.html |title=Average Arab reads 4 pages a year |author=RIA Novosti |date=11 November 2008 |accessdate=16 August 2010}}</ref> The [[Arab Thought Foundation]] reports that just above 8% of people in Arab countries aspire to get an education.<ref name=RIA/>
Literacy rate is higher among the [[Youth in the Arab world|youth]] than adults. Youth literacy rate (ages 15–24) in the Arab region increased from 63.9 to 76.3% from 1990 to 2002. The average rate of GCC States *[https://web.archive.org/web/20161004140510/http://arabwindow.net/cat/gulf/ Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC)]
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