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* ''[[La Amistad]]'', in 1839. A group of captured African [[slave]]s being transported in [[Cuba]] mutinied against the crew, killing the captain.<ref name="WDL">{{cite web |url = http://www.wdl.org/en/item/3080/ |title = Unidentified Young Man |website = [[World Digital Library]] |date = 1839–1840 |accessdate = 2013-07-28 }}</ref>
* The brig [[USS Somers (1842)|USS ''Somers'']] had a mutiny plotted onboard on her first voyage in 1842. Three men were accused of conspiring to commit mutiny, and were hanged.<ref>{{citation|url=https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/local/columnists/memmott/2017/11/20/jim-memmott-high-seas-mutiny-canandaigua-connection/881514001/|title=Jim Memmott: A high-seas mutiny with a Canandaigua connection|newspaper=Democrat & Chronicle (USA Today)|location=Rochester|last=Memmott|first=Jim|date=November 20, 2017|accessdate=May 30, 2019}}</ref>
* The [[Indian rebellion of 1857]] was a period of armed uprising in [[India]] against [[United Kingdom|British]] colonial power, and was popularly remembered in Britain as the Indian Mutiny or Sepoy Mutiny. It is remembered (inaccurately)in India as the First War of Independence.
* The ''Sharon'', a New England whaler, was subject to multiple mass desertions, mutinies and the murder and dismemberment of a cruel (and from the record, [[Psychopathy#Sociopathy|sociopathic]]) captain by four [[Polynesians]] who had been pressed into service on the ''Sharon''.<ref>{{cite book |last=Druett |first=Joan |date=2003 |title=In the Wake of Maddress |publisher=Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill}}</ref>
* In 1857 on the whaleship ''Junior'', Cyrus Plummer and several accomplices engineered a mutiny that resulted in the murder of Captain Archibald Mellen and Third Mate John Smith. The mutineers were captured and found guilty in the fall of 1858. Plummer was sentenced to be hanged and his accomplices received life sentences. The story made national and international news and Plummer was able to garner a stay of execution from President [[James Buchanan]] and was ultimately pardoned by [[Ulysses S. Grant]].
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