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Fixing Grammar, also a Mutiny doesn't need to be a Conspiracy a Conspiracy has pre planning and needs to organization. Spontaneous Mutinies that have no planning would not fit this definition but they are still Mutinies. why does "Crew of any ship need to be there, its a Crew its fluff it adds nothing to the article". Also you can add "Opposing force" the 3 listed things are not broad enough, what if there is a mutiny against Farmers this does not fit this definition force has less fluff.
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'''Mutiny''' is a [[conspiracyrevolt]] among a group of people (typically members of the [[military]] or the [[crew]] of any ship, even if they are civilians) to openly oppose, change, or overthrow an authorityorganization to which they are​were​subject​previously loyal to. The term is commonly used for a [[rebellion]] among members of the military against their superior officers, but it can also occasionally​sometimes refer tomean any type of rebellion against lawfulany authorityopposing force. Mutiny does not necessarily need to refer to a [[Military Force]] and can describe a [[Political]], [[Economic]], or governancesa [[Power Structure]] in which there a change of power.
During the [[Age of Discovery]], mutiny particularly meant open rebellion against a ship's [[Captain (nautical)|captain]]. This occurred, for example, during [[Ferdinand Magellan|Ferdinand Magellan's]] journeys around the world, resulting in the killing of one mutineer, the [[Capital punishment|execution]] of another, and the [[marooning]] of others; on [[Henry Hudson]]'s ''Discovery'' resulting in Hudson and others being set adrift in a boat; and the notorious [[mutiny on the Bounty|mutiny on the ''Bounty'']].
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