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This template is used on approximately 2,370,000 pages, or roughly 4% of all pages.
To avoid major disruption and server load, any changes should be tested in the template's /sandbox or /testcases subpages, or in your own user subpage. The tested changes can be added to this page in a single edit. Consider discussing changes on the talk page before implementing them.
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Message box
{{Fmbox}}footer / header
{{Ombox}}other pages
{{Asbox}}article stub
This is the Asbox ([A]rticle [s]tub [box]) metatemplate. It is the standard template used for creating new or updating existing article stub box templates. It supports virtually all stub template styles.
{{Asbox | image = | subject = | qualifier = | category = | name = }}
Filename only and no prefix, e.g. "Image.png" (without quotemarks). Image will be sized at 40x30px.
Placed before the word "article" in the template (e.g. "biographical", producing "This biographical article is (...)").
Placed after the word "article" (e.g. "about a musician", producing "(...) article about a musician is (...)").
Name only of category to which pages where this template used are added (e.g. "History stubs").
Full name of the stub template itself (used for internal reference).
This simple usage should suffice for most stub templates. Additional parameters are described below for advanced use.
Full syntax
{{Asbox | image = Ambox style.png | pix = | subject = | article = | qualifier = | category = | tempsort = | category1 = | tempsort1 = | note = | name = {{subst:FULLPAGENAME}} }}
icon or image
If the image is called with an icon template, icon is set to the full syntax of the template; that's the name of the template, plus any arguments (separated with | ), including the {{ and }} around it. Icon can also be used to provide the full image markup (include the opening and closing square brackets), if special image settings such as "border" are to be used. If the image is called explicitly image is the name of the image :- pix will likely be required as well, the default value for pix is 40x30.
imagealt may be used to override the default alt text which is set to "Stub icon".
The size of the image in pixels (no need to append px). Only required if image is used and this image requires a size different from the default maximum of 40x30 pixels. (Note that in the interests of standardising the formats of stub messages, images of size 40x30 are much preferred.)
subject and qualifier
This subject article qualifier is a stub ...
  • This geography article about a place in Rohan is a stub ...
  • This elementary physics article is a stub ...
  • This article about Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer is a stub ...
Other parameters
categoryThe stub category the articles should go in.
tempsortIf exists the stub template [?] (and any other templates) will be put in its own category sorted as " " (space) followed by tempsort, otherwise it will be sorted with the value of " " (space) followed by the template name.
category1An optional second stub category the articles should go in.
tempsort1If exists the stub template [?] (and any other templates) will be put in its own category sorted as " " (space) followed by tempsort1, otherwise it will be sorted with the value of " " (space) followed by the template name.
category#New (Jan 2015): Since the release of Asbox's module, this template now supports an unlimited number of categories. Just replace '#' with a number, e.g. |category2=Normal stubs, |category99=Over-categorized stubs, etc. Traditionally, category2 was the max, so please only use more than 3 if the additional categories are unique, i.e. not sub or parent categories of the others.
tempsort#New (Jan 2015): Similar to the category params, you can have any number of tempsort params.
noteIf exists the value [?] will be added, as a "small" note, to the stub template.
nameThe full page name of the template itself.
demoHas no effect in article space. Prevents category output. Set to anything to enable. (Even 'no' or 'false' will enable it!)
New (Jan 2015): If demo is set, it will show pseudo-categories. If |demo=art then the pseudo-cats shown will only be those visible in article space (i.e. no error/hidden cats). Set |demo=doc to preview the documentation page as well (and all cats). See: Template:Asbox/testcases
Using image
Based on {{Viken-geo-stub}}:
{{asbox | image = Viken våpen.svg | pix = 30 | subject = [[Viken (county)|Viken]] location | qualifier = | category = Viken (county) geography stubs | tempsort = | name = Template:Viken-geo-stub }}
This Viken location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Using icon and category1
Using icon allows more flexibility in some circumstances than image and pix, since it can be used with templates. Based on {{​Wales-footy-bio-stub​}}:
{{Asbox | icon = {{soccer icon|Wales|50}} | subject = biographical | qualifier = related to Welsh association football | category = Welsh football biography stubs | tempsort = * | name = Template:Wales-footy-bio-stub }}
This biographical article related to Welsh association football is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

The page here should have a complete list of all templates using this template. This list can be compared with existing list of stub templates to identify new stub templates created out of process. The last entries will also be the most recently created items.
This template contains...
{{Navbar |{{{name}}} |mini=yes |style=position:absolute;right:15px;font-size:smaller;display:none;}}
...which allows the specification (with CSS) of the three stub-template links provided (see discussion). A side effect is that a non-existing talk page of the stub template may appear on Special:WantedPages​.
This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.
TemplateData for Asbox
Standard template used for creating new or updating existing article stub box templates.
Template parameters
Stub categorycategoryThe category into which this stub template puts pages.Page namerequired
SubjectsubjectThe subject of the stub template's category.Unknownsuggested
QualifierqualifierThe sub-subject of the stub template's category.Unknownoptional
Icon imageimageImage to use as an icon in the template.Filesuggested
Icon at textimagealt
Alt text for the icon, especially for screen readers.
Stub icon
Icon sizepixSize at which to display the icon.Unknownoptional
IconiconIcon to show in the template.Unknownsuggested
Page namearticleDifferent term instead of 'article' to use in the template.Unknownoptional
NotenoteA small note about the stub shown underneath the main text.Unknownoptional
Template namename
The name of the template.
Auto value
Secondary stub categorycategory1A secondary category into which this stub template puts pages.Page nameoptional
Tertiary stub categorycategory#A tertiary category into which this stub template puts pages.Page nameoptional
Stub category sort prefixtempsortIf set to a value other than 'no', a prefix for sorting pages in the category.Unknownoptional
Tertiary stub category sort prefixtempsort#If set to a value other than 'no', a prefix for sorting pages in the tertiary category.Unknownoptional
See also
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Stub sorting/Archive11#Stub template standardisation
viewedit There are seven metatemplates in the Module:Message box family:
  • {{Ambox}}, for messageboxes on article pages.
  • {{Cmbox}}, for messageboxes on category pages.
  • {{Imbox}}, for messageboxes on file (image) pages.
  • {{Tmbox}}, for messageboxes on talk pages.
  • {{Fmbox}}, for header and footer messageboxes.
  • {{Ombox}}, for messageboxes on other types of page.
  • {{Mbox}}, for messageboxes that are used in different namespaces and change their presentation accordingly.
Closely related metatemplates:
  • {{Asbox}}, for messageboxes in article stubs.
  • {{Dmbox}}, for messageboxes on disambiguation or set-index pages.
  • {{Ivmbox}}, a simple full-width box with default ivory background intended to frame important messages or notices.
Templates intended to be used in conjunction with Mboxes:
{{Ombox/shortcut}}, an alternative to {{Shortcut}} for use in Mbox templates
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