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This template should only be used in limited cases when an editor knows that the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) printed in a source publication is invalid.
The template creates a link to Special:BookSources for the invalid ISBN, and the template prevents Checkwiki from including the invalid ISBN in its error listings.
If a later edition of the source publication has a suitable, valid ISBN, please use it instead.
Usages of this template are tracked using Category:Pages with listed invalid ISBNs.
{{Listed Invalid ISBN|80-7338-32-3}} produces: ISBN 80-7338-32-3
{{Listed Invalid ISBN|80-7338-32-3|80-7338-32-3|80-7338-32-3}} produces: ISBN 80-7338-32-3, 80-7338-32-3, 80-7338-32-3
{{Listed Invalid ISBN|80-7338-32-3|80-7338-32-3|80-7338-32-3|leadout=and}} produces: ISBN 80-7338-32-3, 80-7338-32-3 and 80-7338-32-3
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