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For the template that tags inline statements, see Template:Original research inline.
If you plan to make breaking changes to this template, move it, or nominate it for deletion, please notify Twinkle's users and maintainers at Wikipedia talk:Twinkle as a courtesy, as this template is used in the standard installation of Twinkle. Thank you!
This template is used on approximately 14,000 pages and changes may be widely noticed. Test changes in the template's /sandbox or /testcases subpages, or in your own user subpage. Consider discussing changes on the talk page before implementing them.
This template will categorize articles into Category:Articles that may contain original research or one of the dated sub-categories.
Note: This template should not be applied without explanation on the talk page, and should be removed if the original research is not readily apparent when no explanation is given.
The default word "article" is replaceable: {{Original research|table}} produces:
The |date= parameter can be used to inform other editors of the time the tag has been in place: {{Original research|date=June 2021}} produces:
The |discuss= parameter can be used to specify a custom talk link: {{Original research|discuss=Template talk:Original research#discuss parameter}} produces:
which links to the specified section on the talk page (not just the talk page).
The |reason= parameter can be used to specify a custom reason: {{Original research|reason=Paragraph two is unsourced content on a niche subject.}}
  1. {{OriginalResearch}}
  2. {{Originalresearch}}
  3. {{Original Research}}
  4. {{Original-Research}}
  5. {{Original-research}}
  6. {{or1}}
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