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The University of Jordan (Arabic: الجامعة الأردنية‎‎), often abbreviated UJ, is a state-supported university located in Amman, Jordan. Founded in 1962, it is the largest and oldest institution of higher education in Jordan.
University of Jordan
الجامعة الأردنية
MottoYears of Excellence
Established1962; 59 years ago
Endowment4,800,000JD ($6.77 million USD) (2015)[1]
ChairmanAdnan Badran[2]
PresidentAbdul Karim Al-Qudah[3]
Academic staff
1632 (as of the academic year 2017/2018)[4]
Administrative staff
3218 (as of the academic year 2016/2017)[5]
Students50685 (as of the academic year 2019/2020)
LocationAmman, Jordan
1.2 square kilometres (300 acres)[6]
ColorsRoyal yellow and Green [a]
AffiliationsIAU, FUIW, UNIMED, AArU
The Jordan University Hospital and Medical Center
The Engineering building in University of Jordan
University Admissions Department
It is located in the Jubaiha area of the University District in Amman. The university currently employs about 1400 faculty staff and has more than 37,000 enrolled students.[7]
The university was established in 1962 by a royal decree in northern Amman at that time. The area surrounding the university is one of the metropolitan districts of Amman and is called the University District.
The University of Jordan offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in 20 colleges (faculties) and institutes:
Scientific colleges
Map of University of Jordan
Colleges of arts and humanity sciences
Centers and institutes
Directed at offering courses of Arabic language as a foreign language.
The Jordan Academy of Arabic
One of 10 academies in the world that regulate Arabic language and literature. The academy is considered one of the world's top references for Arabic language and Arabic literature. The main publication of the academy is the biannual journal "The Journal of Jordan Academy of Arabic" (ISSN 0258-1094), as well as many dictionaries and other publications.
The Islamic Cultural Center
Established in 1982, it provides support for researchers on Islamic studies, it also organizes courses and seminars for Islamic history and literature scholars.[8]
The Center for Documents and Manuscripts
Established in 1972 to promote the study of Arabic and Islamic heritage, and to provide researchers with original and primary sources. The CDM library boasts 31,000 manuscripts.[9]
Water and Environment Research and Study Center[10]
The objective of the establishment of the center is to provide research in water management and environment on the regional and international level.[10]
Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies[11]
The University of Jordan launched its first graduate program in 1968/69, it was an MA program in Educational Administration and Guidance, the faculty cooperates with:
  1. Jordan Media Institute which offers a one–year practical master's degree.
  2. The National Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Genetics, which offers MA and High Diploma.
Center for Strategic Studies Jordan
The center was established in 1998 aiming to perform political and economical studies on the national and regional level. The center also performs polls with high levels of accuracy. The center occasionally performs studies for Aljazeera.
University hospital
The university hospital was established in 1973. The university has also affiliations with King Hussein Cancer Center, which was the first Cancer Center outside of the United States to be accredited by the JCI Disease Specific Certification (DSC) - (November 2007).[12]
Scientific research
Scientific collections
The world's only discovered fossil bones of the Arambourgiania pterosaur (discovered in Russeifa in 1943) are stored in the University of Jordan.[13]
The University research facilities contain collections of historic documents and manuscripts as well as fossil remains that are considered to be of valuable importance for the scientific community, "to provide primary and secondary sources for researchers", among which are the world's only discovered fossil bones of Arambourgiania.[13]
Jordan University Press
Former commander of the US Central Command John Abizaid, an alumnus of University of Jordan
Jeffrey D. Feltman, current US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs
Wadah Khanfar, former director general of Al Jazeera
According to Nature journal, Jordan has the highest number of researchers per million people in the Arab World,[14] and the 30th worldwide.[15] In its objective to promote scientific research, the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research established collaboration with the University of Jordan Deanship of Academic Research in the early 1990s to publish several internationally peer-reviewed scientific journals on the highest standards in applied and social sciences as well as medical and pharmaceutical sciences. These journals are:
The University of Jordan Press issues the internationally peer-reviewed Dirasat Journal series, and several other journals in Arabic literature, Arabic and Middle Eastern history, and regional culture:
University rankings
Global – Overall
QS World[26]601-650
QS Employability[26]301-500
THE World[27]801-1000
Regional – Overall
QS Arab region[26]9
THE Asia[27]251-300
THE BRICS[27]201-250
The university has the highest admission averages in the country[citation needed]. According to the 2021 Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, it is the top ranked university in Jordan and the number 11 university in the Arab world.[28]
In 2019, QS has ranked the university in the 601-650 band in the world, 251-300 by subject rankings, ninth in the Arab world and 301-500 in graduate employability globally. In the same year, Times Higher Education ranked the university within the 801-1000 band globally, 201-250th for BRICS and Emerging Economies, and 250-300 in Asian university rankings.[27]
International affiliations and agreements
Bilateral agreements
The University of Jordan has hundreds of agreements mostly for student exchange programs, of which 16 agreements are with universities in the United States[29] such as Vanderbilt University[30] and Murray State University.[31]
The University of Jordan Student Union is the University's student body. A student council, formally called "Student Union" of 80 members is elected annually. It acts as a liaison between the students and the university administration on matters of major concern to students. It also publishes the student monthly Sawt al-Talaba (The Students' Voice).
The regulations governing the Student Union have been subject to several revisions and major changes since its conception. The latest version of these regulations was written by a committee of both students (Hamdoon Khateeb, Malek Khalaileh, Khaled Gabba, Yasmeen AbuTaleb, Issam Khoury) and faculty members (Dr. Ali Mahafzah, Dr. Ali Badran, Dr. Ali Sawwa) and put into effect in 2008.[32]
Graduates from UJ have attained positions in many fields in many countries including government, science, business, literature, and military. Some notable alumni are:
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