1981 Tunisian parliamentary election
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Early parliamentary elections were held in Tunisia on 1 November 1981, following changes to the constitution to allow for multi-party politics after 18 years of one-party rule by the Socialist Destourian Party (PSD). The PSD contested the elections as the lead party of the National Front, an alliance with the Tunisian General Labour Union. Three other parties also nominated candidates; the Movement of Socialist Democrats, the Popular Unity Movement and the Tunisian Communist Party. In total 366 candidates (including 18 independents) contested the 136 seats.[1]
According to official results, the National Front won 94.2% of the vote and all 136 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. Voter turnout was 84.9%.[2] Opposition parties would not manage to enter the Chamber until 1994.
Summary of the 1 November 1981 TunisianChamber of Deputies election results
National Front(PSD-UGTT)1,828,36394.2136+15
Movement of Socialist Democrats63,2343.3--
Popular Unity Movement18,7551.0--
Tunisian Communist Party14,6770.8--
Valid votes1,941,85899.0136+15
Blank or invalid votes20,2691.0
Voter turnout84.9
Source: Nohlen et al.
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