University of the Southern Caribbean
The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) is a private university owned and operated by the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The main campus is located on 384 acres (1.55 km2) of land in the Maracas Valley on the island of Trinidad of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. There are also six satellite extension campuses located in Scarborough, (Tobago),
 Trinidad and Tobago;[5][6] San Fernando,
 Trinidad and Tobago; Georgetown,
 Guyana; Bridgetown,
 Barbados; Castries, Saint Lucia; and St. John’s,
 Antigua and Barbuda. One other satellite campus is in the planning for St. George's,
University of the Southern Caribbean
Former names
Caribbean Union College (1956-2006), Caribbean Training College (1929-1956), East Caribbean Training School (1927-1929)
MottoBeyond Excellence
PresidentDr. Hilary Bowman[1]
LocationMaracas Valley, Trinidad and Tobago[3]
Campus384 acres (1.55 km2)
ColorsGreen & Gold[4]  
The University offers courses to foster values-based education. The curriculum not only focuses on the academic, but has a holistic emphasis—an education that attends to the mind, soul, and body.[8]
It is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, the world's second largest Christian school system.[9][10][11][12]
The University of the Southern Caribbean was founded in 1927 as East Caribbean Training School, for the purpose of educating the youth of the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Two years later, it became Caribbean Training College. In 1945 the college developed a college preparatory instructional programme and in 1947, Caribbean Training College was official declared a junior college, offering two-year post-secondary certificates in theology, teacher training, and business and secretarial science. In 1956, Caribbean Training College changed its name to Caribbean Union College.
In September 1970, an academic extension was added at the University of the Southern Caribbean. The two-year junior college programme in theology was extended to a four-year programme, leading to the Bachelor of Theology degree. Subsequent changes included the conferring since 1985, of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, and associate degrees in a wide range of disciplines in affiliation with Andrews University.
USC continues to make significant improvements in faculty, staff, instructional programmes, equipment, and facilities. The library, the academic centre of the University, had its space doubled when the former chapel was converted into additional library space. New features in the library include an audio-visual room, a juvenile reading room, discussion and conference rooms, and a computerized system. The current holdings total approximately 40,000 volumes, besides microfiche, and bound and unbound periodicals. The library has a growth rate of one thousand volumes a year. Study and research are indeed paramount in the institution. There are over 4,000 books, mostly references, in the Simmons’s Collection.
The Science Building accommodates the sciences, computer science and home economics. Other buildings include the Administrative/Press Building, which houses administrative, instructional, and other functions; the ladies worship room, the elementary school, and secondary school, the technology building, the three story 'New Building'(as is named) and new prefab buildings. The former Press Building accommodates the executive offices, and some classrooms and computer instruction facilities.[13]
The University main campus is located on 384 acres (1.55 km2) of land. It is located about 3 kilometers away from Trinidad’s first town, St. Joseph and just 16 kilometers north-east of Port of Spain, the capital city.
The ambience of the university campus is often described as friendly and good for a relaxed education. The university provides various facilities for students such as: mini-market, health center, computer labs, cafes and an array of sporting facilities such as lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, cricket and gym facilities.[14]
Organization and administration
University Administration
  1. Dr. Hilary Bowman, President
  2. Dr. Wanda Chesney, Associate Provost
  3. Dr. Prakash Ramoutar, VP for Financial Administration
  4. Ps. Onesi La Fleur, VP for Student Development and Services
  5. Ps. Terry John, VP for Spiritual Development/Church Pastor
USC espouses the philosophy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It teaches that true education is the harmonious development of the head, the heart, and the hand. Excellence in teaching, scholarship, research activities, educational innovations, and dedication to the principles of Christian education rank high within the value system of the institution. USC views truth as coming from God, as an expression of the nature of God, and the Bible, as a divine frame of reference which encompasses all truth.
Academic programs
Fondly referred to as a “mini United Nations,” the USC family comprising a potpourri of faculty, staff and students from over 38 countries worldwide, provides a stimulating multicultural environment where students discover new avenues of learning and experiences, aimed at preparing them to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.[15]
The university consists of five academic schools offering undergraduate and graduate programs.[16]
Graduate and Undergraduate programs of study:[17]
Graduate programmes
Undergraduate programmes
Associate degrees
Forde Library
The Forde Library, the academic center of the University of the Southern Caribbean, provides access to information as well as a number of services that cater to your academic needs. Its material is principally divided across seven collections. The members of staff are available to attend to your research, loan, directional, security and comfort needs.[18]
It serves as an informational and learning resource centre in supporting the overall curriculum goals of the University. It is located near the southern end of the campus, and can be seen from Gate 1. It is obliquely opposite the Men’s Residence Hall and directly opposite the University Cafeteria.[19]
With over 50,000 volumes, 4,000 bound periodicals and 200 periodical subscriptions along with subject indexes. You can also visit us remotely to get electronic access to academic databases, electronic and digital books.
Student life
University of the Southern Caribbean is home to a rich diversity of undergraduate, graduate students. The campus provides a various social programming that are geared to foster the development of healthy relationships between and among sexes, to develop good social skills in formal and informal situations and to encourage Christian attitudes and behavior.[20]
Student activities
The Department of Student Development coordinates the social programs on the campus. The students are invited to participate in all the campus activities that help to develop balance and increase communication with each another.[21]
On the campus, there are areas designated for recreational activities.[22] These include:
Notable alumni and former students
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