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DeprecatedFixerBot aids in Operation Enduring Encyclopedia.
OperatorTheSandDoctor (t)
Edit period(s)Periodically
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)Python
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes
This bot runs on Wikimedia Toolforge.
Administrators: If this bot needs to be blocked due to a malfunction, please remember to disable autoblocks so that other Toolforge bots are not affected.
There are shutdown links below, avoid blocking at all costs.
This user account is a bot operated by TheSandDoctor (talk). It is used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually, in accordance with the bot policy. The bot is approved and currently active – the relevant request for approval can be seen here.
Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.
DeprecatedFixerBot (DFB) is a bot account which is primarily focused around the maintenance and updating of specific templates. So far, it has made over 186,000 edits across 5 various tasks. DFB is scripted and operated by TheSandDoctor (TSD). DFB used to run exclusively off of a repurposed server maintained by TSD, but now typically runs locally only during testing and BRFAs, running on the Tools server once approved. Shutdown instructions for DFB can be found down below. In order for a user to be able to shut it down themselves, they must either be extended-confirmed or an administrator on the English Wikipedia.
Bot TaskStatusDescriptionActivity
Task 1
removes deprecated parameters (of Template:Track listing) from pages in Category:Track listings with deprecated parameters. The bot removes |writing_credits=, |lyrics_credits=, and |music_credits= where present. According to the template and category description, the three parameters are automatically determined in Module:Track listing and, as such, do not need to be replaced with anything. This task is inactive for the time being, but may be rerun if needed.[a]-Inactive
Task 2
removes deprecated parameters (of Template:Columns-list and Template:Div col) from pages located in Category:Pages using Columns-list with deprecated parameters and Category:Pages using div col with deprecated parameters.Complete
Task 3
(BRFA; ramped up schedule completed, now open editing)]][b] DeprecatedFixerBot removes deprecated parameters from pages located in Category:Music infoboxes with deprecated parameters.-Active
Task 4
remove the deprecated parameter |link= from pages located in Category:Dts templates with deprecated parameters.[a]Complete
Task 5
Request Expired.
This task was put forward to replace the deprecated template {{click}} (or its redirect {{click-fixed}}) with the newer "File:" syntax. The BRFA was submitted, but the request has since expired. At some point in the future, it is my hope to revisit this task.-Inactive
Task 6
goes through transclusions of {{Infobox single}} and its redirects. When found, it substitutes the template.-Active
Task 7
goes through transclusions of {{TheFinalBall}}, removing them as found. Denied since the bot was beaten to it by human editors as the task was not approved in time.-Inactive
If you notice that the bot has made an error in removing the deprecated template parameters, please let TheSandDoctor know and either revert it or fix it. TheSandDoctor does occasionally spot check edits (check random edits) that the bot makes in each run to double check its accuracy, but cannot realistically check all the edits due to the speed and number in which they occur. If the bad has broken badly and is incorrectly removing deprecated parameters repeatedly, please see the shutdown instructions down below.
How does TSD check edits
TheSandDoctor selects edits at random in order to double check their accuracy. TSD is more likely to check edits that the bot makes in which the change had a significant (negative) edit size, as he is suspicious of large negative edit sizes (partly due to a (long resolved) TweetCiteBot trial issue, and partly due to fears it somehow is misbehaving. If you notice an issue PLEASE leave TSD a message with either a diff or article WikiLink.
Instructions for disabling bot
Shutdown instructions in a nutshell:
Administrators (or extended-confirmed editors), please see User:DeprecatedFixerBot/status if you wish to shut down the bot. In the event that the bot runs wild on a task (which it shouldn't) or otherwise needs to be shut down, change the text on the page's corresponding key value pair from "true" to "false" (is case sensitive; only one value can exist in the pair at a given time). Other than the true/false values, please do not change any other values, insert/remove commas etc (all the page content must stay JSON safe/legal in order for the bot to understand it). Once changed to false, that will stop the bot when it attempts to save the edit as it checks/"calls home" to that page before saving. In the event that the corresponding key/value pair contains the text "false", the script will show an error in my console and terminate. This will necessitate a restart by TSD (poke TheSandDoctor for that or send them an email), even if set back to "true".
In the event that you do shut down the bot, please send a message to TheSandDoctor (either through talk page or email) notifying them of this and the reason for shutting the bot down. Thank you!
  1. ^ a b This task is inactive, but it may still occasionally run as pages using the parameter(s) are added to the category.
  2. ^
    Defined by xaosflux:
    • 1500 edits, 1 day hold
    • 1500 edits, 1 day hold
    • 5000 edits, 3 day hold
    • Open editing
    During the ramp-up schedule, this would have reset if unresolved errors were brought forward (not including bot self-reverts). The schedule has since passed without issue. If there are issues with the bot, please feel free to follow the shutdown instructions in the relevant section or contact me.
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