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Don't forget about Larry!
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I created {{History of the Palestinian territories}}, {{Nagorno-Karabakh Topics}}, Years in the Palestinian territories, and helped with the early development of {{History of Israel}} I created allot of redirects, including Whether and Prime Minister Churchill. My pet peeve is WP:NOTBROKEN. I suppose the one thing I'm most proud of I suppose is this bot idea. Once the bot is operational it will correct the spelling of of a link to a redirect tagged with {{R from misspelling}}.
"[T]emplates do not need to be as precisely named as articles - no one ever sees the name of the template [...] and shorter names are easier to use." Apteva (talk) 8:33 pm, 14 November 2012, Wednesday (1 month, 30 days ago) (UTC−5)[1]
We shouldn't put pointless extra words in disambig parentheses. The purpose of disambig parentheses is simply to distinguish multiple articles with the same title. Disambig parentheses don't always need to be as precisely named as article titles, and shorter names are easier to use. - Myself 08:18, 6 December 2013 (UTC), based on Apteva's above qoute
"A few of the project's participants can be, not to put a nice word on it, pretty nasty. And this is tolerated. So, for any person who can and wants to work politely with well-meaning, rational, reasonably well-informed people--which is to say, to be sure, most people working on Wikipedia--the constant fighting can be so off-putting as to drive them away from the project. This explains why I am gone; it also explains why many others, including some extremely knowledgeable and helpful people, have left the project."Larry [2]
"Keep. Little reason to keep, no reason to delete, little trumps no" Unknown, at an RFD
"[W]hat matters [...] is not whether [the articles are about] theoretically distinct entities in some abstract sense; what matters is that what we factually have to say about them is 99% overlapping. Our definition of article topics is not necessarily meant to reflect abstract classifications and ontologies of things out there, but efficient packaging of information for readers." Fut.Perf. on merging articles. 20:20, 25 January 2013 (UTC)
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