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My essays

  1. An experiment -- are 90 percent of new articles junk?
  2. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Applying POLITICIAN to individuals who don't meet the criteria of GNG
  3. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Are you a genius
  4. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Are you a genius...
  5. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Certain tags require explanation on the talk page
  6. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Coverage of ghostsingles is tongue in cheek
  7. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Fair use and abuse at Florin Fodor
  8. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Guantanamo captives aren't felons and aren't POWs
  9. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Haroon Rashid Aswat and BLP
  10. User:Geo Swan/opinions/How often should material in article space be checked?
  11. User:Geo Swan/opinions/I've had one RfC started against me
  12. User:Geo Swan/opinions/If you are considering initiating an xfd on material I started
  13. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Minsk not Pinsk
  14. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Minsk not Pinsk: Herman Khan's explanation of the dangers of outsmarting one's self
  15. User:Geo Swan/opinions/My concerns with DRV
  16. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Nothing is really "obvious" -- a parable
  17. User:Geo Swan/opinions/On apologies
  18. User:Geo Swan/opinions/RUAGENIUS
  19. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Regarding the article ... Controversies related to prevalence of Jews in leadership roles in Hollywood
  20. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Remembering why we protect intellectual property
  21. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Should the wikimedia software support additional kinds of links?
  22. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Should we have some topic specific notability criteria for extrajudicial captives...
  23. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Six degress of article separation
  24. User:Geo Swan/opinions/Teachable moments
  25. User:Geo Swan/opinions/The earliest sockpuppet to be unmasked...
  26. User:Geo Swan/opinions/The first RfC started against me
  27. User:Geo Swan/opinions/The frontiers of template policy
  28. User:Geo Swan/opinions/When RS coverage is tongue in cheek
  29. User:Geo Swan/opinions/You can't say that here!
  30. User:Geo Swan/opinions/editing Fahd al Jutayli while before Afd
  31. User:Geo Swan/opinions/every question, every disagreement, is a teachable moment
  32. User:Geo Swan/opinions/inspired by 'wikithreads are bad'
  33. User:Geo Swan/opinions/linkworthy
  34. User:Geo Swan/opinions/norobots.txt
  35. User:Geo Swan/opinions/nothing is obvious
  36. User:Geo Swan/opinions/on apologies
  37. User:Geo Swan/opinions/responsible use of maintenance wikitags
  38. User:Geo Swan/opinions/teachable moment
  39. User:Geo Swan/opinions/teachable moments
  40. User:Geo Swan/original Summary of Evidence memos published in 2005
  41. User:Geo Swan/plagiarized again
  42. User:Geo Swan/questions for Guantanamo GIs
  43. User:Geo Swan/rants/What is special about Holland?
  44. User:Geo Swan/the earliest sockpuppet
  45. User:Geo Swan/the first sockpuppet
  46. User:Geo Swan/the lessons of "tit for tat"?
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