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John Pack Lambert (1980 - )
My name is John Pack Lambert. I was born in Warren, Michigan and lived in Sterling Heights, Michigan from age one. These are both northern Suburbs of Detroit.
I used to go to Brigham Young University and later transferred to Wayne State University from which I graduated with a BA in history in 2008. I later studied for an MA in history at Eastern Michigan University. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I want to publicly declare I am on the autism spectrum. For too long people have tried to shame those of us on the autism spectrum from trying to make this information public.
I was from November 2013 to June 2017 an Associate Teacher in the Great Start Readiness Program (Pre-K) of the Detroit Public Schools. I also worked in meat departments at two grocery stores. Starting in October 2017 I have been a teacher in Detroit Public Schools after getting my teaching certificate with Schoolcraft College through their alternate route to certification program. Later I had a job where my focus was mainly on intensive intervention in fluency development with first graders.
I now work for Detroit-at-work in workforce services.
In the past I have mistakenly categorized people into only gender categories. I have tried to remedy this situation recently, such as by making sure that all the people in Category:American women film directors were also in Category:American film directors.
I view the current (as of summer 2014) waves of children fleeing from Honduras to the US as refugees who should be granted refugee status and allowed to remain away from the war zone. User:UBX/pro-immigrant amnesty
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User:UBX/supports Hobby Lobby
This user supports man/woman marriage as the definition needed to protect the integrity of the family, preserve the true meaning of marriage, and keep it as a child-focused institution.
This user opposes smoking.
This user has never seen a smoking ban he did not support. He is very glad that universities and colleges are more and more banning smoking anywhere on campus, and has personally spoken with individuals to urge them to respect existing smoking bans. This individual also feels that smoking should be banned in public parks, especially anywhere near playground equipment, that it should be banned in common areas of apartments, and that there needs to be clear posting and more effective enforcement of smoking bans around entrances to buildings. This user supports continued education on the negative effects of second hand smoke, and even more so 3rd-hand smoke, that is negative effects to non-users from being in cars that have been saturated by smoke.
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