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Welcome to my condensed user page. Click the little "[show]" links to expand a section for more info. Cheers =)
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why I'm here
  1. The Internet is the last bastion of true free speech.
  2. Wikipedia embodies free speech at its finest. I think it does a better job at filtering fact from fiction than real life ever could. Seriously, how often can you slap a {{fact}} tag on someone's nonsense? How often can they slap one on your back? How often are they actually verified? Even better, we don't have to worry as much about corporate interests, liberal/conservative bias, and/or campaign contributions. Everyone keeps everyone else in check-- without guns, bombs, white ghost costumes, or other attacks.
  3. I like to learn, and I wish more people did too.

general stuff about me
I find profound joy in reverting vandalism and spam. I mean, it's kind of like walking down a street, seeing a badly-graffitied wall, and being able to magically wave a magic wand to make it go away. I encourage everyone to check out the recent changes portion of the site and do the same.
I especially have an interest in AI and finding ways to automate that and other tasks using heuristic analysis.
I sometimes suck at making things pretty. I kinda sorta somewhat try, though. If something I edit isn't wiki-pretty... or, witty, if you will... then please, please correct me (and my bad puns, while you're at it) :P.
If you don't know me intimately, you'll think I'm extroverted. I'm not really this nerdy in real life. Well, then again, I suppose it depends who you're talking to. :P
If you saw me in real life, you would probably assume I'm the type of person who would use his cd tray for a cup holder. Wait a second... *looks at his tower* Yep, yep, you'd be 100% correct on that one. Since my old sony dvd-rom quit working, I actually do sometimes use it for a cupholder. Obviously I yanked the power cord out and used the ide for other things, but it does still look funny to see that in an otherwise stereotypically nerdy setup of two monitors, stacks of papers with "gibberish" written on them, and "guts" hanging out of my box's open case.
I've never been much of a gamer-- I've always much more preferred to metaphorically help write the game itself.
I like bulleted lists, but I try not to use them elsewhere because the {{prose}} tag and I are friends, and I try not to make it angry or it might find its way back to me. :P
My sleep schedule is perpetually funky. It's like my body is set to a 25 hour cycle that invariably ends up always making me gradually stay up and sleep in later-- all over the course of a few weeks. It's annoying, to say the least. Maybe it's because I'm of Romanian descent and I was originally a vampire or something. I do have a weird thing for necks. :o[...
If you have any questions, I'll try as best as I can to answer them. Either check out my talk page or stick a {{helpme}} on your user talk page and someone will drop by to assist you. Cheers =)

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