Learn to edit Wikipedia in under an hour! Come on a journey full of real skills, tips, helpers, rewards, and support.
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  • As part of the adventure, you will send some messages to your own Wikipedia user pages automatically.
  • This tour only uses the source editor. If you use the visual editor or have it enabled it won't work yet.
  • You need JavaScript enabled for the tour to work properly. If you're using Internet Explorer, you need to be updated to IE 10.
  • Unfortunately, this game is not supported on tablets and smaller mobile devices.
  • Please leave any feedback you have!
  • To read about how this game was developed, check out its story.
  • For a more formal and academic introduction to Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Training.
  • To get friendly help from real people and ask any questions you have about editing, drop by WP:Teahouse.
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