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  Wikipedia Visiting Scholars  

Connecting experienced Wikipedians with academic institutions to improve Wikipedia.
Currently open positions:
Through the Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program, Wikipedia editors gain online access to an educational institution's library resources like databases, journals, ebooks, and special collections.
Libraries get involved because of a desire to see their collections put to good use and to make a difference in public knowledge in one or more topic areas. Wikipedians receive access to specialized and paywalled content to expand and improve articles in topic areas they already care about.

Become a Visiting Scholar!
(for editors)

Sponsor a Visiting Scholar!
(for universities)
Wikipedia Visiting Scholars is a program developed by The Wikipedia Library and administered in the United States and Canada by the Wiki Education Foundation. If you have questions, leave a message on the talk page or reach out to User:Will (Wiki Ed).
For more information about specific Scholarships, see the participant profiles for past and current Scholars and sponsoring institutions.
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