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For using freely licensed texts as part of Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Adding open license text to Wikipedia.
This is a task force, an area for focused collaboration among Wikipedians. New participants are welcome; please feel free to participate!
Welcome to the
pen access task force
with the goals of
(1) improving Wikimedia content with the help of Open Access materials;
(2) improving coverage of Open Access and related topics
in partnership with WikiProject Open.
The open access task force aims to help Wikipedians cooperate, organize, and share ideas on improving open access-related articles on Wikipedia, and provide OA materials with a new life, through Wikimedia projects. Ask questions on our talk page.
Everyone is welcome to help: people of all backgrounds and skill levels can contribute meaningfully. Join our list of participants, or just review the Task section below. You can also contact others on this list.
We hope you enjoy reading and improving Wikipedia's OA articles, or repurposing OA materials on Wikimedia projects,
-The members
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To support the project, you can use one of these userboxes:
{{User OA}}
This user is in the open access task force.

{{User:UBX/open access}}
This user is interested in open access to research literature.

Adding one of the userboxes above will put you in Category:Wikipedians interested in open access.
The WikiProject Open Access is concerned with the following:
  1. starting and improving articles related to open access, as per this provisional list
  2. flagging OA-ness of references cited in articles on any topic, by way of the citation template parameters or {{Open access}}
  3. bringing Open-Access articles onto Wikisource
  4. bringing materials from open-access publications onto Commons
  5. supporting the reuse of such open-access-derived materials across Wikimedia projects
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Do you support open access? If you have even a small amount of time and no experience or background in open access, there are still ways that you can help! Please consider trying to do one of the below tasks. If you need help getting started contact one of the people listed in the members section of this page.
Contribute to resources
Check out Wikipedia:WikiProject Open Access/resources to see a list of media which contains information which could be incorporated into articles related to this WikiProject. If you know of a good resource, then add it to this list. If you can think of a better way to sort these resources so that we can develop a plan to incorporate them into appropriate articles, then please re-section them to organize them.
Contribute to articles
Go to the resource section and read an article. Take information from that article and then incorporate it into a Wikipedia article in this project. Your sources are right there! This is so easy now! If you have trouble accessing any of these articles then please contact user:Bluerasberry for advice. Most universities will give free access to any of these articles even to non-students.
Upload files from open-access articles onto Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons is the media repository for all language issues of Wikipedia and its sister projects. Images or media files published in scholarly articles under a Creative Commons Attribution License (also known as CC BY), a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (CC BY-SA) or a Public Domain Dedication (CC0) can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and reused from there, e.g. in Wikipedia articles.
Audio and video files available under these licenses from PubMed Central are automatically uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by way of a bot. You can help this process, e.g. by using such files in Wikipedia articles or by checking the categories that the bot has proposed for its uploaded files. Bot support for uploading images is foreseen.
If you see an article which is within the scope of this wikiproject, please tag its talkpage with our Wikiproject Open Access talk template. To tag an article as a Wikiproject Open Access article, please add
{{WikiProject Open Access | class= | importance= }}
to the top of the talk page, which yields this discussion template:
Quality and importance
"Quality" refers to article quality and "importance" refers to how important an article is for developing this project. When a user tags an article with the above template and rates the article, then it will be included in this table after the bot runs (every three days).
Open access articles by quality and importance
Click on any of the numbers in this table to go to a page where you can see the articles that have been rated as the table describes.
Article alerts
Watch WikiProject Open/Open access task force Article alerts
Articles for creation
Feel free to add yourself to this list to indicate interest in wiki-work related to open access, or interest in answering related questions. Please also consider subscribing to the mailing list dedicated to matters at the interface of Open Access and Wikimedia more generally. For latest activity within the scope of the project, see here.
Cappuccino lover Rebecca💙 (talk) 15:59, 20 July 2020 (UTC)
The three most common organizational systems on Wikipedia are navigational boxes, lists, and categories. Here are the organizational tools used by this project:
The {{Open access navbox}} navbox:
The {{Academic publishing}} navbox:
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