Zaraniq rebellion (1909–1910)
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For the rebellion of 1925, see Zaraniq rebellion (1925–1929).
The Zaraniq rebellion was an rebellion of the Zaraniq Tribe that took place between 1909 and 1910 in the Yemen Vilayet, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire.
Zaraniq rebellion

Yemen Vilayet in 1900
Date18 February 1909 - February 1910 [1]
LocationYemen Vilayet
 Ottoman Empire
Zaraniq tribesmen
Commanders and leaders
Recip Beg[2]
Hacip Paşa[2]
Ferik Yusuf Paşa[2]
Kaymakam Mahmud Riza  (POW)[2]
1,500 to 1,600 troops[2]
2 mountain guns
3 battalions[2]
The rebellion was fought for two reasons: Opposition to the extension of telegraph lines through their territory, and the unmet demand that the sons of their leaders held hostage in Hodeida, Bayt al-Faqih and other localities be released from prison.[2]
The uprising began in February 1909.[1] In response, an Ottoman Force advancing from Zabid captured a Zaraniq stronghold nearby Husayniyah, but was ambushed[2] on 23 February near Beit-el-fakih[1] after when it tried to link up with another Ottoman Force to the south.[2] On 7 March, the Ottomans defeated the Zaraniq near Husayniyah, killing 80.[1] Upon receiving reinforcements, the Ottomans renewed the offensive, but the fighting was inconclusive.[2] In February 1910, the Ottomans ambushed a Zaraniq force, killing 750.[1] The Ottomans refused to offer the Zaraniq amnesty until they disarmed; it's unclear if this offer was accepted.[1]
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