Fictional last words in Criminal Case
This is a list of last words spoken by characters in the Criminal Case mobile game.
Arrests in Grimsborough
Your Honor, I can explain! I... I'm a victim of circumstances!
STOP LYING!!! He hated her, he wanted her gone, she was a witch!!
For doing this city a favor? You're gonna cry for a f***ing parasite?! Burn in hell, all of you!!
...2 years. That's all I get for killing the man who taught me everything. This is the Justice I was fighting to preserve?
Thank you, Your Honor, for making a martyr of me. I know God will reward my sacrifice on the real Judgement Day!
What? But... you can't do that! I LOVED Trixie! I would never have hurt her, she just... she shouldn't have laughed!
It's true! If I was bigger, meaner and there were more of me, I would have killed them all! It's what they deserve!
Abhorrent! But I did it to protect Samantha! Don't you understand? I love her! I did this for love!
Don't worry about it doll, with the lawyers I have, I'll be out before you can blink.
...It's a shame you're arresting me so soon, I had something beautiful planned for Alden Greene.
20 years, that's nothing! I bet you everyone still remembers my name when I'm out! And if they don't, I'll make sure they do!!
Do you KNOW my father is? I will not go to jail, I will not! You're risking your career with this, lady!
I'm not the monster here, I gave her what she wanted the most: eternal beauty!
This is b*llshit! I never use cocaine! I'm a healthy guy! I get exercise, I eat balance meals, I don't drink... I'd never use such cr*p!
But I never MEANT to kill that woman! The stupid waiter didn't get the plate to the right table!
No! Please! I never meant to do this! Daddy, please! Don't let them take me!
Your Honor, Gail trusted me and did me no harm. I would never have done this to her if I had been my normal self. I wish I could take it back. I have felt nothing but regret and sadness since the murder. I only hope that Derek will find a way to move on on his own.
F*ck! These kids didn't listen to a word I said! I TOLD them to take the bag with them. What a bunch of idiots!
Did you enjoy it as much as I did? I finally FELT something, something that even the hardest drug never gave me: the biggest thrill in my life.
Don't you realize I'm a national hero, not a criminal?! You're making a grave mistake!
You can't arrest me, I'm doing the work of God! What are a few chimps' lives if I can save thousands of human lives?!
What a dramatic ending, I love it!
Please, grandma. Let it go. I'm sorry I've let you down. I only ever wanted to stay with you. But they're right. I need to go to prison for what I did. At least I'll stay in town that way, right?
Fine, I admit it but I had no choice! People stopped coming to the museum because they were only interested in those stupid crime scenes from Wilfred's book! Without visitors, I had to sell these stupid badges to keep the museum alive. Do you know how humiliating that is?! But since my brilliant murder, people can't stop coming: It has breathed new light into the museum! They find it exciting once again!
And a masterpiece was created, yes. All in all, a pretty fair trade if you ask me.
I never would have, Your Honor! Why would I kill him, why would have I killed anyone...
Well, I could not hold my breath long enough to drown her. I had to find another way, you know. The car seemed... practical.
I had every right after that monster killed my baby... and then dared keep it a secret!!! All I did was deliver justice!
I took a man's life and for that I am sorry. But I am glad Mr Sullivan won't be able to do harm any longer. That's all.
She wanted to destroy us! She wanted to destroy my family! I would kill her a hundred times more if I had to!
It shall never be said that I am ungrateful. Here is the antidote. And if Mr Jones does this for me, I will also give him my secret book of recipes. I know how much he liked my food, before this regrettable incident...
Please Your Honor, I've made a horrible mistake and I'm ready to pay for it... but please don't throw away my life like this!
Ahhahaaaa!! That! Well, when I killed Olly, I realized that it was the first time I'd ever made a stand against social prejudice. I was proud and wanted to remember that moment! And now... I might have been caught, but at least I succeeded in my protest...!
I was a desperate man, Your Honor! I never wished for Troy to die! I just wanted to help his career!
Thank you for your understanding, Your Honor. I am ready to be taken away now.
Nothing, Your Honor, my testimony and the evidence speak for themselves. My only crime is to not have given myself up immediately.
I will try, Your Honor. But at least now the lake is safe. This is all that matters.
A definition I'm not sharing, Your Honor. With a bit of common sense, you'd know I acted right.
No! I'm telling you the truth! I was going to shoot the gun... but not at her, just near enough to scare her. But it didn't work! And then Irina jumped at me! She was so scared, she thought I was really going to kill her! I tried to fend her off with my inhaler, but the pain only made her fight harder! As she pinned me to the wall, something dark came over me... I grabbed a pair of scissors from one of the children's desks... and I stabbed her!
Believe me, Your Honor: you don't want to know.
All I'm saying is that people here understand that murder is a lesser crime as long as it justifies the means. After all, it is Machiavelli who said: "It is better to be feared, than loved". And thanks to this murder, my family name remains intact and we will be as respected as ever.
Yes, well, my father always said you shouldn't rely on others to fix your problems. So I went ahead and fixed mine. And I'm sure Daddy would have at least approved of me not running away from the consequences.
Well... yes and no... I called him and told him Hank was drunk... but if you do have to lock him up, do you think we could be cell buddies? Georgi does brighten my days...
I plead guilty, your Honor. Guilty for the murder I committed. But Kerry Ann was dead a long time ago. People of Maple Heights killed her, with their games of appearance! Kerry Ann tried to keep her game up, and she lost! She was so lost that she ended up naked in those horrible pictures. All this just in the hope of landing on some front covers! They all corrupted her: Buxton, Johnson, all of them! They turned this innocent woman into a monster! Now, please take me to jail, where I hope I can redeem myself!
GOLF IS NOT STUPID! Golf is everything! Golf is life, and I'm leading it! Me! Alone! FOREVER!
Why did Walter care if my sister gave me a bit of money anyway? It's not as if HE needed it!
I... yes, Your Honor.
I wouldn't expect you to understand just yet, Your Highness. But, I did it in the name of the greater good. In time, you'll see.
IT WAS MY TIME! I earned my place, I earned my place in my spotlight! I worked too hard to be distinguished by someone's untalented wife!
You just don't get it, do you? NOBODY is safe from the Crimson Order! The only way I can protect my family is by not talking!
What about HER crime? She used her outsider ways to enchant my husband and then she sent my kids away! I was a happy Aloki wife until Sandy started working in our settlement... She made me the laughing stock of the community! And it's not the first time something like this has happened to the Aloki! Solomon Grimmes blackened the age-old harmony of our people the day he stole the warrior Keme's betrothed! But now both the great Keme and I have been avenged!
And yet I stand here with a strong heart and a clear mind, for I know I did the right thing for our community!
History will remember me as the greatest matriarch this city has ever known!
I... er... oh, what's the point...
You're referring to those stupid Aloki Indians? Pah, who cares about them?!
Arrests in Pacific Bay
Well, I threw Ice P's fingers into the sea and then dragged him too... Ice P started to struggle a little, but I plunged his head under the waves and swam back to shore just in time to save the day!
Say what? 20 years? For cleaning the streets of a wife beater? I saved Memphis from this dangerous Carlos scumbag! I made this out of love! I saved her, I'm innocent! You can't just put me in jail! I saved her, we're meant to be together now!
Mighty Pete answers only if it suits him!
Well, tidying up is not my strong suit, Your Honor.
Um... Yes. I'm sorry for poor Bill, but when <Rank> <Name> turned up in the Bayou I was scared I'd be found out... I remembered seeing Bill making a voodoo doll of Lee that had wounds in exactly the same places and, well... I knew Bill would believe he was the killer too!
This isn't just about one park! This is about the entire Bayou! If we let the banks decide how our land should be molded, then what about our freedom? Should we let people as evil as Coleen Truman dictate us how we should live? Can you really approve of this?
No wait! Let's talk about plants instead!
Well, it's just something hunters do. And I wanted to annoy Betty-Lou. She always spits in my beer at The Mad Cow.
You don't understand! After Mabayo left, I picked up the ID card that had fallen from the body, and I recognized poor Dolores... but Mabayo saw me, and you know how intimidating she can be! She said since I'd been Dolores' last customer, she'd make it so the Police believed I was the murderer! She was ready to ruin my life! Look, I want to make amends! I know where Dolores' body is! There's a bronze rose over her grave in the cemetery...
I dedicated my whole life to keeping my neighborhood Russian! Nobody wants the Chinese to live here! I only made sure they realized it!
I'm under arrest, Mr Dante. And I'd like you to keep our private business private.
Yes, Your Honor! Now, thanks to me, even more Chinese people will unite against the Russians! I know that Sue Xiong is secretly proud of me, even if she can't admit she's the gang leader!
Fine! See if I care! I've never had much luck in this world, and I'm used to it by now!
All I ever wanted was for Andrew to be safe and loved. Please, make sure that he's well taken care of when I'm in jail.
Thank you, your Honor. I spent my youth going from foster family to foster family, wondering who my parents had been. When I made my fortune, I decided to find them. You can imagine my shock when I discovered my parents were the rival leaders of the communities! Instead of uniting through their child, they had decided to wage war against each other! I observed them from afar long enough to know it would be useless to try and reason with them. They only cared about war and money. So I devised a plan... it seemed obvious to me I was the answer to this ridiculous feud. The communities would unite through me... inside me! I hired a crooked surgeon to collect specific organs for me. I wanted them to come from different ethnicities, to represent all of Inner City. The heart from a young Chinese woman, full of life and hope. The lungs from a Serbian man, to breathe the cleansed air of Inner City. And the spine from an Irish priest, the backbone of society! I had the organs, but I was missing the final piece of the puzzle. My parents' skin! With it, the entire world would see my heritage! Half-Chinese, half-Russian, the embodiment of peace between the communities! And I would have succeeded, if <Rank> <Name> hadn't put their nose in my business!!
Oh... alright. I'll give the money back, <Name>! Put it to good use. I hope it'll make my jury more lenient!
Exactly. But Elmer's scheming to send me to rehab was the final straw! So I sliced him up with the turkey carver and hung him over the tram line for all to see!
You don't understand, your Honor. Because of him, I've lost my beautiful daughter, my only child... Do you know that this day would have been her 10th birthday? She should have been alive for it! And when he didn't even show up to his own niece's memorial... that was the last straw. I had to do something, or I'd never get over my grief!
WHAT? You approve of kids playing war? Now that's why this country is in decline! We need to get rid of this culture of violence! We are so fascinated with weapons and wars that we are forgetting our true History! Just like Stanford forgot the real reason the Civil War broke out! This war should be remembered for its real purpose! It wasn't about violence, it was about preserving the Union and bringing freedom to slaves! My own ancestor was a slave and he joined the United States Colored Troops! He did all the dirty jobs the whites wouldn't. And for what? Cheap entertainment like this reenactment?
You must understand! Theo's activities posed a serious threat! Taking his life saved a thousand people!
After what I had to do to get it?! No way in hell! That treasure will be waiting for me when I get back out!
You fools, you cannot lock me away: I am a legend, an ideal that all children should strive towards! I am FREEDOM!
Sports have been a man's game for centuries, since the beginning of time practically, a test of one's true heroism. And ski jumping is no exception! But now, we have to make all these accommodations to that some women can participate... we need to make all the ramps safer and cushier for them, which they don't realize costs millions of dollars! Now sports like ski jumping are just a big joke... there's no more danger, no more sense of achievement. And to make matters worse, that annoying girl threatened to sue me because I wasn't playing nice? Someone needed to take a stand for athletics, and that's exactly what I did!
Stop talking about his leotard! He broke my heart! No one's ever broken my heart before, he had to be taught a lesson! When my father left, my crying mother made me swear I would never show my true feelings to a man. Now I understand what she meant, but I failed her as I failed myself!
Paula should have just worked with me, let me guide her! I never would have had to go so far if she had just played along!
Taste? What did it taste like?! It tasted like sadness, like regret, like lost hope and dead love.
That'd be a start. I ensured that Virginia's work will be noticed, recognized and remembered! I've made her an immortal! She's part of the Night Walker legend now!
I killed them because they had everything I'd lost: beauty, youth, happiness! I wanted to preserve all that beauty in ice, so they'd never be broken, like me! Well, Roberto was an exception: he was ugly as sin, but he almost blew my cover. That was just damage control.
You don't understand! It wasn't mine... it was Felicia's cocaine! When she made me leave the pool party to get her things, she was actually asking for the drugs! But since the cops found it in my car, they assumed it was mine! Because of her I got a criminal record, and will never get my chance to be a star! She screwed me over! Everyone loved her, but that pretty smile of hers was all fake! I tied her up so everyone could see her for the monster she truly was! Who's smiling now! Isn't that right, Pookie?!
What? No! Jenny had my voice, it's a lovely voice! And she had my features too, that's what I realized when I saw her singing in front of this mirror. It was a big scene for Jenny. The scene of the mirror is the most famous in the Glass Princess, so I went to the studio to help her rehearse. I felt I was bothering her, but I kept trying to be helpful. And that's when she said it: "Mom, I don't need you any more." I saw both our faces in the mirror when she said it. I could see Jenny, young and beautiful. And me, with my old wrinkled face! That's when I realized I could never be a princess again! I just lost it! I slammed her against the mirror in anger and stabbed her to finish the job! You don't know how much I sacrificed for Jenny. I put my career on hold when I got pregnant and I raised her alone after her father left! I loved my baby Jenny, but that role got into her head! She was not my daughter anymore, she cared more about her fame than me!
Horace promised he would pay his debt to me. But he went back on his word! He said that bluffing was too easy for me with my mask on! I threatened him with that photo, but he tore it up. So I sent him the "Dead Man's Hand". I thought a Western buff would understand this meant death. But he still refused to pay me what he owed me! He said he had nothing to fear, that a female wrestler was no match for a man! First he cheated me and then he looked down on me? I was in a lose-lose situation, so he LOST!
No way! I can handle anything but being another shoulder to cry on!
I don't disclose my customers' names to anyone... but you may get lucky if you go to the movie set...
I'm wearing makeup, Your Honor. It's not that hard to notice.
Wait! The Ivywood Film Awards are coming up! I can still attend, right?
And soon will come the time of the Prophecy when we will be almighty!
No, Fabrizio wanted to impress me by putting all his savings into these tickets. It was cute of him but let's face it, I have higher standards!
I wanted people to obey me! To worship my immortal beauty! To love me forever and ever! This is what everyone wants in Ivywood! That's why we all want to be famous! Fame doesn't last. But the people you brainwash will be your faithful slaves until a special cure is applied.
I created the brainwashing technique... but I'm afraid there's no way to undo it. They'll be brainwashed for life!
What?! You dared put an end to the Prophecy?!
He should have just stayed and taken over the farm! Continued our family legacy! All the years I took care of him meant nothing to him!
30 years! That's inhumane!
25 years?! How will my family survive so long without me?
Your Honor, I've thought about it over and over again, and I still don't regret removing that filthy liar from Pacific Bay!
Argh! That's the problem with drugs! You make so much money, you lose track of it!
Oh, great... a genius like me, reduced to teaching idiots!
I'm the one who discovered the whole truth about the aliens, I'm the new Columbus, Marco Polo, Neil Armstrong! Make a statue of me, give me the Nobel prize!
It doesn't matter. My life doesn't count. But <Rank><Name>, promise me you'll go help Randolph! You HAVE to help him!
What... a job? You're giving me a job?! And regular meals?! Your Honor, can I stay in prison longer?
I swear it's true, <Rank> <Name>! Go to my mother's office, you'll find the proof!
Thirty years is nothing for true love! I... I know the other Ruth will wait for me... She has to!
Wait! You can't do this! ...This isn't over! I'll be out in no time!
No, no, I killed her on purpose, Your Honor! Killing is also a form of performance art! If <Rank><Name> hadn't stopped me, I could have shown you all!
Well... if you really want to know... she was doing this private dance in a giant martini glass. There was no heart, no love in her dance... Just some woman tricking me into falling in love with her! So when she tossed away the giant glass olive stick she was dancing with, I took it, stood up on a chair and stab-
I just wanted to know where he hid the diamonds, Your Honor! I didn't count his fingers! Look, all I wanted in life was to be an actor! When it didn't work our, I became a con man instead. I was good at being a fake Sheikh! I had a real flair for it! I put in the work, the research... not like that slimeball Waylon, who had no talent! When I found out he managed to cheat Papa Quansah out of his diamonds, I swore I'd make him pay!
No. I just did what he told me to do. And that got me in enough trouble as it is! <Rank> <Name>, here, that's everything I've got. I hope it can help you catch whoever's responsible for ruining my life! e!
I had plans for the money, alright... and I would have done just about anything to get my hands on it. Someone else beat me to killing Louis, though. Fine with me. One less step to get what I wanted...
He swore he would! But they were my hole reason for joining the heist crew! I needed more money to finish my exhibit! So just to make sure I followed through with the heist, Louis locked my babies away! If you hadn't picked me up for questioning, I would be picking that lock right now to free them!
50 years? Wanna bet I'll be out in 50 days?
Nobody can stop the progress of science! This isn't the end! Very soon, you'll all see what we've achieved!
Arrests in World Edition
No... you can't be serious... not my head! Please don't cut off my head!
We're all just small cogs in the big machine of history, Your Honor. That's all I have to say.
Do you think I care about prison? My mission is complete! What do I have to fear?
This is God's wish for Europe, <Name>. We, the elite, will take our rightful place as rulers over the continent's lesser souls.
What do you mean, what's their name?! Who ARE you?! You're not Promethians!
Ignorant fools! You think this is the end, but this is just the beginning. You'll never stop us!
Well, I suppose since I can't play at having all the power now that I'm stuck in prison, then nobody should be able to! I'll make a few phone calls, <Rank> <Name>. I'll have a meeting with the President of the European Commission organized for you by the end of the day. Now, before you go <Name>, I'd like to treat you to lunch in the prison canteen as thanks for returning my crown!
In twenty years, I'll be dead and forgotten, Your Honor. But the stars above the sand dunes, they'll still be there, unchanged.
You can't send me to prison! I'm a Government Minister!
I don't care! No jail will ever be as painful as losing my son!
Oh, my beautiful Anastasia! When will I ever see her again?!
If only I'd retired after my last job, I could've lived happily ever after with my horses! But no, the temptation of one final adventure got the better of me!
You won't get away with this! I have friends in high places!
Oh no! Now I never go to space!
I'm used to hardship, Your Honor, I'll get through a prison sentence, too. The guilt for what I've done will stay with me forever.
My life doesn't matter to me! You've arrested me, but I've won. The virus is out there, doing my work!
I would've never brought shame on my family if it hadn't been for <Rank><Name> sticking their nose where it didn't belong!
Even if Deki doesn't wait for me to get out of prison, it was worth it to know that she's free!
Putting me away changes nothing! You will never stop SOMBRA! We have people everywhere!
No! Oh no, this is the end. This is the end of me, the end of my career. And it's all that woman's fault!
So bet it! Ten years is a small price to pay for knowing that Cheng can't hurt anyone else!
You can't put me in jail! I'm a CELEBRITY!!!
Revenge is a dish served cold... and I served mine in heels!
It would be wiser to torture me for information. Instead you will feed and clothe me, allow me to grow older still. Even in victory you are weak.
Twenty years? You know what, krup? I bet you I'll be out in ten... for good behavior!
Let's see if your prison can hold me that long!
With or without me, SOMBRA will never be stopped, <Rank> <Name>!
25 years? That means I'll never play rugby again...
I told you, <Rank> <Name>, I'm just a treasure hunter! It was self-defense, I swear!
You might as well make it a life sentence, I won't live to serve all that! But it was worth it, I'm glad that backstabbing dog is underground!
Anyway, I didn't kill him, so I don't know what you want me for.
No! You can't keep me away from the savanna so long! Who'll protect the animals while I'm not there?!
This is all <Rank><Name>'s fault! If I'd managed to kill the prince, SOMBRA would've been forced to notice me!
15 years! La vache!
If you want to bust them, you need to go to the De Brills mine! That's where the action is!
I swear to you, I'll never do a day in jail! Never!
Mark my words, <Rank> <Name>! The South Pole is the real killer! It's harsh, unforgiving! Eventually, it gets us all!
I don't regret a thing! I've got nobody left to live for anyway...
But you CANNOT do that! I am the supreme conquistador!
Here, have a cigar as a price for your naivety, <Rank> <Name>, and leave Campanilla now! Unless you want to end up like your friend. That's El Rey's message to you.
How dare you?! Michelle'd still be alive had she not joined the Bureau! YOU are the ones who destroyed her!
You sound like a character from that nonsensical Rayuela de Ficciones, thinking I'd confess to anything without proof!
This isn't over! That wall is the beginning of the end! Peace as we know it is lost forever!
You're just like Sandy Turner, ruining this country by making the wrong decisions!
I guess it's the only place where someone will take care of me... Thank you, Your Honor.
Please, we must be able to come to some kind of arrangement, <Rank><Name>. You don't have to do this!
SOMBRA's more powerful than any secret service of the world, Your Honor. I'm proud to have served them!
Arrests in Mysteries of the Past
So be it! What do I care? This illness is a life sentence anyway!
I will atone for my wrongdoing with a heavy heart!
I shall make the most of it, Your Honor! Plenty of new tricks to learn in prison!
20 years?! I shall be 45 by then! My life shall be practically over!
Your Honor, the dead DO speak! Send me where you will, Philomena Highmore will always follow me...
What does it matter? My spirit will never be free again, Your Honor!
True genius won't be silenced! My legacy is eternal! My art will go on!
So be it! Nothing matters now that my papa is no longer here...
No matter! I will simply play matches in my MIND! I was the chess genius, I tell you! ME!
I AM NOT CRAZY! You don't see! The world will end when humans fly!
My life is already over, Your Honor! I shall never recover from the guilt!
20 years?! My math skills ain't so good, but I'm sure I'll be far too old for Marla to fancy me when I get out!
What?! My daughter did go to Paris? I... I killed a man for nothing?!
But my bakery! Who will make the best cannoli in Concordia?
How will I ever reach El Gordado now!
Dio mio, may la Madonna forgive me! Being in the gang has cost me everything!
You're making a big mistake! Without me running my mine, criminals'll be crawling all over the Wild East!
I'll take my punishment, but someone please look after my dear Bullseye for me!
You can put me in jail, but you won't stop the vendetta!
And they never asked me to hide dead bodies before... only packages, which they pick up a few days later. I'm telling the truth, look around and see for yourselves!
That's a small price to pay for putting Mario in his proper place!
Do you think I'll be spending the night in custody, <Rank><Name>? I won't be able to sleep without my sleeping draught!
Life on the inside can't be any worse than life on the outside! At least I'm still alive...
Youse are gonna live to regret this!
I didn't kill that girl! The only creepy critters I've killed recently are my fleas.
Oh, Bridget... what have I done?
Maledizione! I know better than to tell you anything... being in prison is still better than being dead! Take my word for it, <Rank> <Name>... the Rochesters are a force to be reckoned with!
But after she died, I was worried our argument may be misconstrued... So I went back to the vault one last time, trying to retrieve that wretched device... Only, I couldn't find it!
I didn't want Clarissa to live without me... And now my life is destroyed as well!
After the treacherous world of finance, prison should be a piece of cake!
It wasn't supposed to end this way! How did it all go so wrong?!
Aaaaoooooow....! Just you wait, Yer 'onor, I'll be a lady yet!
25 years?! I... I know my rights! I'll appeal!
But how will I have babies now?!
As long as I can keep my brain, I'm okay with that.
You can arrest me and take all my money, but good luck dealing with the Rochesters! You're fools if you think their crimes in Grim Chapel end with me!
At least I'll finally get the peace and solitude I've been yearning for!
25 years in prison?! But then I'll never get to enjoy my wealth!
I can see it now... a prison ballet! It's be my chef d'oeuvre!
Mark my words, Your Honor: if the Rochesters get their way, they'll enslave all of us for much longer than my lifetime!
He would have been fine with it! You didn't know my mother, Judge. She tried to control my life to the last little bit!
And frankly, I don't see why you're taking Lawson's side. You'll rue the day you supported him, <Rank> <Name>!
I shall not grace your unsavory insinuation that I killed the Mayor with an answer, <Rank> <Name>!
Life imprisonment? I'm too young and pretty for that! My goodness, what have I done?
Not so fast, <Rank> <Name>! Let me see that! A child's plaything. Very well, you may-
Oh, Madeline. I'm ever so grateful you came, this is all more than I could have hoped for! I'm prepared to be punished for what I did and accept responsibility for my crime. I may not have wanted to kill Charlie, but it was I who pulled the trigger. I do hope this isn't goodbye, <Name>. What you and the Flying Squad did for me... you gave me a family. Please take this, <Name>, as a token of my gratitude and friendship. It was one of Charlie's last projects!
Arrests in The Conspiracy
I hope you'll at least put me in the same cell as my Zachary!
Alright, alright! But you can't put me in jail! I won't survive without my creature comforts!
Will there be a garden? Will there be peonies?
25 years in a tiny cell?! I won't last a week!
See?! Just like I said, Brad ruined my entire life!
30 years? Darn, the Badgers will never win another Championship again!
I was gonna buy a new bus with that money...
Not everything. Last year, Jennifer underwent a series of operations, so Dr Gibbs prescribed her morphine to relieve the pain. After she recovered, some of the morphine was left. My life had been turned upside down by her illness, so I... started to take the drugs. Before I knew it, I was hooked! Once it ran out, I went crazy. My electronic cigarettes did nothing, and my left hand was so jittery I couldn't even write my own name! I pleaded with Dr Gibbs to prescribe me more, but he refused!
10 years? What does it matter. This virus is a life sentence anyway!
17 years?! But who's gonna look after my Plopsie?!
I will pay the price of my crime. And one day, Ronald and I will be together again...
25 years?! But I did the art world a FAVOR!
Is it a co-ed jail? Please make sure to put me near handsome young convicts!
You think I'M crazy? I'm the sanest person in this room! I'm the only one honest enough to face my darkest fantasies!
You're just like my father! You only want me to suffer!
Ash and I were soul mates, we were supposed to be together forever!
That's savage!
I'm so sorry for what happened, Your Honor. I truly never wanted to kill him!
I have officially lost everything...
Just promise me I won't have to see Xerda from my prison cell!
Twenty years?! I'll be ripe for Shady Hollow rest home myself by then!
10 years?! I'll probably die in prison! A defender of truth, a historian, guilty of murder. What have I done?!
After! Kayla was so brave, and interesting! She'd tell me stories of her travels and I was totally captivated! I'm used to having to hear about customers' boring lives while I try to make a sale... like that archaeologist who always goes on about his stupid cat! But Kayla was different. She brought excitement into my life and now... she's gone! I'd give my right hand to see her again!
How did you find out about that, <Rank> <Name>? Well, I suppose there's no point trying to hide it anymore. I'm the one who told Kayla how to get into the site after hours! Kayla promised that once she'd sold the artifacts, she'd split the profits with me! But I didn't see a penny of it! I realized she'd just used me to get access to the site... she'd never intended to give me my share of the money! I'd have given her the back of my right hand if I'd seen her. Instead, I settled for drowning my sorrows in a bottle of whiskey!
I'll never finish my work on Xerda now! And it's all Kayla's fault!
But I saved lives! I SAVED LIVES!
Oh man, nah! Who's gonna bail me out now that Jordie's gone, man?
I never meant for any of this to happen!
15 years?! I can't believe this! I wish I'd never messed with stupid dogs and their crazy dog owners!
Do what you will with me. I've fulfilled my duty to the family. My work is done.
The sacrifice was all Gibson's, Your Honor, who traded his life for money. The Sparrow will wait for me, she always has! Mark my words, you haven't seen the last of Captain Carl Rossa!
Well, it can't be worse than a lifetime prison of unfounded rumors!
Do what you want with me, just don't let them kill my Demon Fish!
But... who will take care of the dome? Who will take care of my creation?
I'm not afraid. The true prison is in the mind... and I know how to handle that!
I'll be out of there in no time! You'll see! The meteorite will save me!
Look, <Rank> <Name>, I wasn't there when it happened! The scientists never allowed me to stay. All I know is they always took brain scans of the patients, which they stored on a memory card... maybe it's still in the experiment room!
You'll regret this! You'll all regret this!
FINE! I'll shoot a prison horror movie! You'll see! My genius will not be ignored!
I can forget about my lovely retirement by the sea...
As long as Polly comes to visit me, I'll be a happy boy!
It's true! I can prove it! The whole plan is on a tablet which we kept in the cave! If you hurry, it might still be there!
All we knew was that Professor Charles knew too much about Ad Astra, and that he was close to going to the police!
So, she told us to kill him and burn his papers without reading them... She said she'd tell us everything we needed to know!
This isn't the last you'll hear of Ad Astra! Take this as a reminder to keep looking over your shoulder!
This isn't the last you'll hear of Ad Astra! Take this as a reminder to keep looking over your shoulder!
So now I lose the man I love... and my cheese!
Argh! All that work for nothing! Protozane was one of the great achievements of mankind! And now it's ALL GONE!
Like it says in Animal Farm, "man serves the interests of no creature except himself." And I wasn't hurting anyone, <Rank> <Name>, it was just a few lousy cents here and there!
My life was already ruined. But at least I can take comfort knowing the sheriff's life is over too!
You're sending me to jail?! This is going to be social suicide!
Now that Mia's dead, there's nothing for me on the outside anyway!
I'm grounded for 25 years? I'll never fly again! That means, I'll never sleep again!
Okay, okay, <Rank> <Name>, we'll come peacefully!
Doris was right about that meteorite. We fought about it, and now she's dead, and I'm going to jail...
My life is worthless without my baby, anyway!
Exactly! That guy looked me up, learned about my past. He offered the sort of financial backing that could make my microbrewery huge! You don't come by backing like that the honest way, okay? And my brewery is struggling. I convinced myself I could do one last gig. He promised no one would get hurt. I just had to drive some people around. Of course, everything fell apart. That lady lost her cool and shot the dude. So I ran off with that kid and abandoned the van. The little guy saw it all go down. I felt real bad for him, but what else could I do?
It was worth it, Your Honor, believe me! The galaxy hasn't seen the last of John C. Birk!
Come on, you didn't really think I believed that Batey-boy's freezing abilities came from some sort of gadget, do you? No one knows more about the latest technology than me! So after he tried to freeze me, I demanded he tell me how he did it. He finally admitted it was a serum, but that's all he'd say! I told Bateman I wanted to try it, but the selfish rotter refused! So I planted a bug on him which led me to this secret place of his. When I found out he was dead, I recklessly tried to find the serum. But you caught me before I succeeded.
So all my grand plans come to this!
So be it, Your Honor. I have greater plans than to worry about a prison sentence!
I wish I knew! <Rank> <Name>, I'm ready to face justice for what I've done! Just please stop that woman! Here's all the money I can give you!
Arrests in Travel in Time
Thank you, <Rank> <Name>!
No... not at all - I swear it on the eye of Horus!
Because.. because I think I'm losing my marbles, <Rank> <Name>! Things haven't been right since I got back from my last tour... I don't know what's happening to me!
No! Don't you see? I was Sandy Lemko's protegee! ME! Then in walked Billy! He became the golden child. I dreamed of us being a "megastar" couple! But when Billy blew me off, so did Sandy. Then the others stopped talking to me at parties. It was like I was invisible! I HAD to get back in the spotlight!
I... I couldn't go through with the mission. It was too scary!
Hey, if she thought she could treat Frankie Paisley Like that, she had another thing comin'! It was me or her!
You're so naive, Officer <Name>! It doesn't matter what happens to me... the Soviets won't back down! There's no stopping this war!
Your Majesty, I... I know now I were wrong! But I done it because I thought the queen were betrayin' England!
But Your Highness!
Please, Ammon, I can explain! Gérard had it in for me. I was only protecting myself!
Ha! I won't spend a single night in prison! The regime will free me in time for dinner!
Yes, I married well. My husband, may he rest in peace, taught me everything about gun powder and explosives. When the chance to host the auction arrived, I knew that Henri Pelletier would be called upon to act as auctioneer. Finally, I had my chance to kill the man who killed my sister! And that old monster only recognized me just as I struck the match... if only I could light that cigar one thousand times more!
But... Your Majesty! Since when do YOU make decisions for yourself? Please, you're making a mistake!
Arrests in Supernatural Investigation
No! You can't take my music from me! I'll serve out the fifty years, but I'll keep singing!
You can't arrest me! This is my life's work! I have more to do! Still more to discover!
Yes! I only realized how wrong I was when I held his lifeless body in my arms!
What?! But... you can't...
She's angry... she can't see past her friends' betrayal. But if Abigail's reminded that someone truly loved her, maybe she'll find peace. Abigail was wearing a ring I gifted her when she died. I looked for it but never found it. If you can return it to her, she'll be reminded of the love I felt, and still feel, for her!
Me too, Gwen. And please, take this money. It was never really mine anyway!
Don't you get it? The lake is where Hannah lives! If it no longer existed, she'd wither away and die! And if Hannah died, I would too! I live, breathe and dream that beautiful creature! I had to find a way to stop Farmer Ewing! And then this morning, when I went down to the lake to go fishing, I found him standing there surveying it. I tried to persuade him again not to drain the lake, but he just wouldn't listen. That's when I realized, it was either him or Hannah, so I grabbed my fishing spear, and in a fit of rage, I stabbed it through his neck with all my strength! To save Hannah! And I don't regret it one bit!
Because Todd Anderson was going to kill the legend for good! I grew up living in Bellevue Towers. And when I was seven years old, my mother was found murdered. The police were ineffectual, and my mother's killer was never found. The only answer I ever got was the story of the Milkman. The people in Bellevue Towers NEED the legend to be true! For some it's the only face they'll ever be able to put to their misfortunes!
I didn't want to commit suicide, but now I wish I was dead! I've killed my darling Valentine!
Yes, so, like, I invited Norm to the bar, and got him mega-wega drunk until he passed out, the poor thing! Then I drove him out into the fields and propped him up against a tree, all tied up with rope! I spilled some of my cray-cray elixir on the ground near him, and the cute little crows just lapped it up! They killed him in no time at all. It was fabulous!
What? You mean the rumor about the kidnapped children is true? Morgana was behind that, too? <Name>, I swear, I didn't know!
My research into curses revealed that the only way to stop them is to kill the final living descendant and chop off their tongue! Which is exactly what I did to Agnes! Detective <Name>, you must understand. It was Agnes or I... I had no choice!
I decided to prove to him that ancient curses aren't real! One day at the dig site, before he could get his gloves on, I yelled, "Here, catch!" and tossed the scarab amulet to him, knowing he would instinctively try to catch it... I didn't think anything would happen, but now I am so happy I already had my gloves on for the dig! As soon as the scarab amulet hit Dan's palm, his hand started to change color! Then his arm... some sort of otherworldly power surged through him! It was so strong the scarab amulet broke in two! Dan was screaming as if his arm were on fire! But then he stopped. Because whatever crept up his arm had reached his heart and... and...
I've spent my whole life trying to live up to my dad's expectations. Trying to emulate the success that came so easily to him. But when I got to college I realized that no matter how hard I tried, it'd never be enough for him! I got depressed and my grades started slipping. And that's when my dad told me I might as well drop out and start working as a receptionist for his company! But I'm worth so much more than that, <Name>! I knew that if I had the chance, I could lead the company better than him or Larry! I just had to get rid of them first!
Arrests in City of Romance
At least my dearest maman will still love me!
35 years?! By the time I get out my sense of style will be obsolete!
I understand. I'll live with the weight of my actions for the rest of my life!
Mon Dieu! A dirty prison?! I'd prefer the guillotine!
Does that mean I'll have to wear a yucky prison uniform? Quelle horreur!
20 years is a very long time! But I will have my dreams of Désirée to calm my mind.
I deserve it, Your Honor! I just hope the orange jumpsuit won't be unflattering!
Ahhh... <Rank> <Name>... this is a legitimate business thing, I swear!
I will find a way to continue my art, even while locked away for 25 years! I will reemerge with the most incredible oeuvre the world has ever seen!
Hélas! I lost control for a moment and now I will lose my boat, my little dog, everything!
I hope I don't get my heart broken by the prison hotties!
Eight years in prison? I'll be ancient by then! My modeling career is blown to pieces!
Bu... but they said you'd go easy on me if I threw the other guys under a bus!
Sixteen years in prison is better than a lifetime of freedom with Macaron running amok!
I did what I had to do to defend my family and my father's honor!
What do you think? I told him to get the f*ck out of my face!
Seriously?! You ain't so bright after all. I spend most of my time in the Viper's Pit. Of course I'm gonna get stained!
See you in hell, b*tches!!
Yes. I'll go home to pick up a few things for Julian, then go to the prison. The poor kid needs me now more than ever!
Go ahead and kill me! But one day the world will see you for the monster you truly are, Alden!
You just don't get it, do you? This town will KILL you! It'll suffocate you until you can't even remember how to dream! Lily... I'm going to Australia. With... or without you. Please, come with me.
She's only ever wanted to stay with me, in this town! Is that such a crime?
I'm gonna tell everyone what sick, mad people you all are. They're gonna stop you, and they're gonna destroy you. Because that's all you deserve! You can't stop me!
I can't believe it, it's the happiest day of my lif-
Let me give you a little something for your help anyway, <Rank> <Name>. Thanks to you, I'm even richer than before Hank's death!
Please! Please! Don't kill me! I know we talked about this at the marina this morning... and I promised, but... no, please don't!
I am not playing a game! No offense, sir, but my foster brother has just been killed, and my life in Maple Heights isn't easy. I think I'm allowed a break! I know what I'm doing and I have... ways to protect myself! Nonetheless, you've spared me a lot of trouble, <Rank> <Name>. Take this gift, Grimsborough P.D. deserves it!
Goodbye, <Rank> <Name>. Working with you has been a great honor.
And I do mean "dig". <Rank> <Name>, if you want answers, go to the harbor. And bring a shovel!
Well, I'm certain the fire was intended to destroy the documents that proved our entitlement to more land, but I don't see why a police officer would have started it!
<Rank> <Name>... the secret... "White Acres. White... Acres..."
<Rank> <Name>, you're the only one I can trust. And I know a seeker of truth and justice such as yourself will help me! During my time in prison, I delved into the Pilgrims' history and, in particular, that of my ancestor Mary Goodwin, in the winter of 1649, Mary Goodwin was tried and burned for witchcraft on the Pilgrim docks but really she was killed because of what she had discovered on the Crimson Order! And now, I fear they will kill me too! <Rank> <Name>, what happened on the Pilgrim Docks 400 years ago was a despicable crime... You need to understand what really happened that day! Go to Constance Bell, the librarian. She's the only one with access to the city archives, she'll find the records you need to access the past!
I wanted to thank you, <Name>. For... making me realize that this job isn't just about dead bodies, but about living people, too.
I saved all the info I have about this award on this USB key. It's just a big mess of data I gathered in a rush, but it's real, I swear!
<Rank> <Name>, you know how much I want to escape the Bayou! Sammy promised to get me out of here, so I gave him all my savings. But I soon found out Sammy lied to me! He used my money to start one of his businesses! Now I'm trapped here more than ever! Please, <Rank> <Name>, believe me! I only want what's mine, so I can leave this dreadful place! The things I had to do to earn this money, you don't want to know!
Good boy. Now if you'll excuse me, <Rank> <Name>, I have business to attend to. But please, accept this as an apology for my earlier lack of restraint.
It's all just... Chaos.
Thank you, thank you all for coming! My name is Joe Stanford and I will play the role of Colonel Dexter Blade! Today is the grand finale, the day the Colonel prevails! On this day he said to his troops: "I, Colonel Dexter Blade, will lead the Union to glory! May God strike me down if He chooses otherwise!"
I... alright, I may have "borrowed" it! I know it was stupid, but I had to know more about the army's weather controlling machine! So I had a look at the laptop's files on the weather machine and I found proof the machine has indeed been built! I printed a picture that proves it, but then I heard someone coming and I... I panicked... I tore the photo up like a fool! And when I tried to shut the computer down, I accidentally pressed the delete button! Believe me, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't plan to erase anything! I just ran away and left everything there. The torn picture must still be at the stadium!
Oh, so you found it, <Rank> <Name>. Yes, I did give that money to Theo... but you must understand! My Louie has asthma. He could die at any moment without an inhaler, but getting a prescription is too expensive! I begged Theo to give Louie some of the medicine he stole. But that good-for-nothing rat wouldn't help my baby! He said I'd have to pay for it! I was desperate to help Louie, so I picked up extra shifts at the bar to make more money. But when I did pay, Theo hiked up the price! I couldn't afford it! All I have in the house right now is insect repellent! That might help prevent malaria, but it won't do jack for my Louie's asthma!
Oh God! Mayday! Mayday!
Oh God, oh God... I have to stay calm... I have to stay focused on the documentary! No matter who threatens me! I have to find out the truth about the origins of the Night Walker! But if something happens to me... everything about my research is in the abandoned distillery. It's very important that you remember it. It's in the abandoned distillery. What I learned is... What is it? Who is here?! Show yourself! You?! What do you want? Hey, don't touch my camera! Leave it alone!
No, no, please, Duncan! I won't tell anybody you can walk! I won't tell anyone you're the Night Walker!
Um... no. Reggie, I think we should break up.
He was brainwashed into stealing my script and then destroying it?! Heck, I thought I had seen everything in Ivywood, but this is a first! Hm, this could actually make the plot for a good movie. When you figure out the ending, come let me know! And thanks for giving me back my script, this movie's promising! Please, <Rank> <Name>, take these as a thank you!
Hey it's my girl you're talking about, MY girl! She belongs to me, not to this piece of trash broke painter! Or anyone else, for that matter! I don't care that you're a cop, I won't allow such... achoo! Freaking cold! This cold air from the movie set is gonna kill me!
I can't tell you more right now, but there will be a festival in Rhine Canyon soon. Meet me there, and I promise everything will finally make sense!
Good! Let's make special plan to help Randolph escape before the bad men catch him!
So I will LIVE? But I will not remember by CREATOR? I would rather you DISMANTLED me instead...
I'll need to investigate this further. But what do you say we continue this discussion over some food, <Rank> <Name>?
This is fantastic! My whole life, I've been treated like a brainless bimbo, but now the world will HAVE to take me seriously!
What is 50 years to me? I am IMMORTAL! You can lock my BODY away... but my mind will be in the SYSTEM! I will control EVERYTHING!
Wait! <Name>, take this as an early present for saving all of Innovation Valley!
I'm disappointed, <Rank> <Name>, I expected better from you. You probably need a little break. Go have a good burger, it's on me!
Oh, it's someone you know very well, <Rank> <Name>... someone who kept Louis informed of every new lead you had concerning his big heist... but I'm not telling you their name in this cell. <Rank> <Name>, take me to your police station and I'll talk!
Ah, why not. You'll soon be dead any-
You... shot me? But you... love me... honey... bear...
No... NO! My brain... my beautiful brain...I'm... I'm overheating...NOOOOOOO!!!!
I have made my peace with all the Gods! From a little spark may burst a FLAME!
I can't, not on the phone! The Promethians are already on to me... I can't risk it! <Rank> <Name>, come to Spain! I'll wire you money to help with your journey! I've got to go, someone's coming!
Barnes wanted to expand his business in the Sahara. But he couldn't do it without allies among the desert tribesmen. He wanted us to be his spies, and report regularly to him! But the Najwa will never become spies, <Rank> <Name>! Certainly not for an electric kitchen appliance we can't even plug in anywhere! I feed my camels better food than fries, <Rank> <Name>! And for my own diet, I prefer fresh dates!
So I'm lucky to be alive, <Rank> <Name>! It's nice to know that the Bureau has my back! I want to give you a token of my gratitude and esteem! Please wear this in good health! s!
Goodbye, <Rank> <Name>. You'll meet your Chief Ripley in-
Vivaan, Saanvi, Kabir and Prisha! Very excited as always to share my adventures with you! I find something very interesting today, cousins! Very interesting indeed! My friend, Warren, had me pick up another package to take to the Guru's sanctuary. Warren is generous man! While in his hotel room, I knocked over a stack of his important papers. When I put them back, I see that Warren has set up another charity called One Mother Milk. And he's been making donations from Rising Hope! Warren is helping so many people, he really is such a good fellow! And that's actually his name! Get it? I'm writing that one down!
Baxter, I'm sending you this video because I don't have much time! I can't take this anymore. We can't let SOMBRA experiment on us any longer! We need to go into hiding, Baxter. I'll meet you in Aotear-
Riaja was ungrateful. I wasted precious resources giving her incredible speed, and what did she us it for? To escape through the forest!
<Rank> <Name>, my co-pilot and I will be back soon. In the meantime, stay inside the plane!
Fat chance! I'm here to finish the job I started in Madagascar! None of you will walk out of here alive!
What?! Wait a minute! You're not El Presidente! Who are-
I could've done without rehashing my childhood traumas. Why did I have to remember my nanny?!
I'm dreadfully sorry, I just remembered I have another appointment. I'd love to talk to you in quieter surroundings. Could we meet in, say, an hour?
I have a few concerns of my own I'd like to discuss. Let's talk in private after the game. Until then, enjoy the match with my other guests!
You shouldn't have got in my way, old man!
I'm just going to close my eyes...
You can trust me, <Rank> <Name>! Look at how I collect donations for those in need, see if there is anything you like!
No! Of course I'm not! I'm no killer!
I'll take Mr. Alastor's secret to the gra...
The truth is that every inventor wants to win the grand prize, but not everyone is playing fair! Our inventions have been sabotaged from within! You'll see, I can show you... dang it, I could have sworn I had that note in my pocket! <Rank> <Name>, I must have lost it in the park! But I'm telling the truth, I swear! Go there, and you'll find the evidence you need!
Look at the power, <Rank> <Name>! I'm invincible!
What makes you think I'll tell ye anything? I ain't that dumb! If only I were strong enough to break open these bars! Right now I'd be enjoying a nice glass of whiskey round the back of Paddy Whack's! Good ol' Mad Dog would be joining me for a nightcap right about now... ach, hell, I shouldn't have told ye that, should I?
I will! But please, <Rank> <Name>, you must catch the Slayer before we're all dead! Take this to help! It's all the money I've made.
Of course not! Him or someone else, it made no difference! The only reasonable thing to do was to liberate these girls so they weren't taken advantage of anymore! They are fallen doves. I merely returned their wings to them.
Yeah, I thought long and hard about it...I want to stop Vittorio before he ruins more lives... If endangering my life is what it takes to atone, so be it! I will testify to whoever you want about everything illegal Vittorio's done to get the lands he's selling to the railroad company. And thank you for finding the money. You keep a share of what you found. You deserve it for helping me keep it our of his hands! I won't take no for an answer!
Madeline... all talk, no action. What did I say, gentlemen? If you're waiting for a woman to make up her mind, you may have a long wait...
You're looking a little flat after being down here, <Rank> <Name>. This will pep you up!
<Rank> <Name>! No!
Quite so, quite so...! <Rank> <Name>, I have to admit you did a commendable job...
Yes! That's the "Devil's" name! Oland, the demon wretch! Oh, the weight of darkened eons is lifted from my shoulders! Finally, this evil will be dispelled!
Well, I'm sure you know best. But whatever the future brings, you'd better look sharp for it, <Rank> <Name>!
Surely, my dear, you all have time to stay for a meal. I would very much like to get to know my niece.
What is Concordia coming to? What will all this mean for the future?
Madeline and Charles, I now pronounce you man and wife! Now, where the buffet?
Indeed! Miss Woolf will know the full weight of justice now! And I'm not stopping there! I'm going to the Crystal Palace next. I hear there are more rebel degenerates housed there! However, all this fighting injustice has made me hungry. I'll stop and eat before I go. I recommend you do the same, <Rank> <Name>!
Well, what are you waiting for, Lebold? Shoot! Kill me, and save my wife and child! You know that is True Justice!
But... how?! I shot you in the heart!
A girl's gotta eat! All of these photos will feed into my next big work! And my promotional materials are almost ready at the art store! Sorry, I've got to take this call!
I am here to present DreamLife VR, the game that lets you live the life of your dreams! It all starts with the VR headset! The player puts it on like so, and can start enjoying the-
KA-BOOM, you found that! Alright, hear the truth: Ms Boulder was my nemesis! She wanted to banish me from the dig! But I needed to be there to draw the ruins, so our epic war commenced! First, she sent that other guy, Bruno, to kick me out. He threw his hiking boot at me, POF! But I dodged it, HAHAAAA! Then Ms Boulder said she was gonna get an order to ban me from the dig! I couldn't let that happen! That's when I wrote that message on her map. Xerda doesn't just belong to the archaeologists, <Rank> <Name>! It's the inspiration for my superhero saga!
Fellow seekers. I welcome you as my kindred souls, united in our quest to reach The Higher Truth and bask in the light of its wisdom. We have long believed that the divine messenger, which has opted to take the form of a satellite, would speak to us directly. And it has spoken to me! The divine messenger instructed us to prepare for the Release of our earthly bodies! This will involve shedding our earthly bodies, so that our souls may ascend to The Higher Truth! At the appointed hour, we shall drink a tea made from hemlock leaves. Our bodies will die, but our spirits will rise to a new plane of existence! You have two days to prepare yourselves for this ascension. As long as your faith in the Truth is steadfast, the Release will be quick and painless!
Of course. I will see to it that citywide safety measures are rolled out. Everyone will be told to stay away from that fish! <Rank> <Name>, I want you to stay vigilant and report any new development. I will authorize all the funds you need for this operation!
I'll be reporting you to Rozetta Pierre for your impertinent questions! I'm not telling you anything, about radiation or otherwise! We have strict instructions here about what information we share! And unless you want to detain me for a crime, you can't make me talk!
Good news! First, Rozetta's gone for the day, which honestly makes snooping around much easier... but also, I've found out something I think will... oh no! Someone's here! What in the-
Why would I need to do that? If I felt threatened, I'd just use my karate skills! I told you, <Rank> <Name>. I never even saw the body. You can't prove anything.
Are you crazy? After what happened to Barb?! I'm not saying anything! I'm leaving this place as soon as I can!
Me, get a scientist in trouble? I'd have been fired!
You gotta find him, <Rank> <Name>, for his own good! And here, have something to eat... you're looking pale!
How did you find out? It hasn't even been registered in the school system yet! Yeah, it's true. Prof 'Cisse didn't want me as his TA anymore... said I was too chummy with the students! He said "A for effort" was an expression he used sarcastically, and that I shouldn't literally be giving them all A's... he never realized how valuable I am! AND he mocked all my ideas! Like, he thought playing Counter Compassion during class as an ice-breaker was stupid. Then, he started telling people I was a big doofus! BUT, now that he's dead, no one needs to know that he was going to fire me... it'll be our little secret, right, <Rank> <Name>?
No! When I arrived at the party, Gregory said he'd changed his mind! He thought I was just using him to get juicier case studies for my next book! How could he think me so callous, when all I desired was to draw these mortal souls away from hellish despair!
I know, honey! You make me proud every day. I just wish you could be a good cop closer to home...
This has nothing to do with Gus and you know it! You just want to meddle in my affairs! Stay out of my life and mind your own business!
I couldn't have gotten through today without you, <Rank> <Name>. I'm so glad I have people like you in my life!
I was sunning myself on that potato at the Bateman's villa when I spotted a stranger lurking around the property. They must be paparazzi taking photos for the gossip rags! You can't IMAGINE how humiliating it is to be on the wrong end of "Hot or Not" list! <Rank> <Name>, please could you go to the villa and get rid of this horrible person for me?
No, <Rank> <Name>! Min was the one who mistreated others. I don't!
Well, Doris was the only one working the cafeteria. so I knew she'd make a killing! And I was right, but she never paid me back! On top of that, I just switched to new probiotics, and they're expensive! I need the extra cash. But Doris didn't seem to care about that. So I took her tip jar to pay at least part of the loan back.
I hear someone coming! We better hush up!
Julia, my therapist said it was safest to do this over hologram... the thing is, your intense attention is starting to annoy me! The way you stare at me with your cow eyes has to be unhealthy. So you'd better stop if you know what's good for you!
Oh, I was crazy about Christian! That dashing smile, those crisp polo shirts... but he didn't feel the same about me! He'd even insult me by comparing me to dirty farm animals! Christian's the real reason I left the hideout, <Rank> <Name> - I couldn't bear to have that heartless monster in my sight! Now please go away!
<Rank> <Name>, did you really think I was Ms Daniels' only accomplice? Her insider at the nuclear plant has already initiated the sequence! And the only way to stop it is to-
I won't let you kill me! I'll kill you first! I'll-
And now, my brave creations, take care of the rest of these pests.
I'm so... sorry, <Rank> <Name>... for everything... it seems my time is coming sooner than I thought... please... forgive... me...
Something's... I don't know... it's okay, <Name>. I'm... I'm fine! I don't know what's happening, <Name>. I think I'm... overloading! Amir said these powers would last an hour, but I... I don't think so! My strength is increasing, but it's going to blow any second! <Name>, RUN!
You're going to need more than that, human!
"Octavian will burn Egypt"?! That spineless, rat-sucking, plaster-brained... I'll burn HIM before he ever gets the chance! I will leave for Egypt at once! And if the boat is not ready, then I will swim there, and strangle that sack of snot myself! Here, Centurion <Name>. Put your war face on. We will ready ourselves for battle in Egypt!
Not if this serpent has anything to do with it! Let me show you how a Queen perishes, Octavian!
Absolutely not. First of all, you have not earned the right, what with all of your pestering about Lorna. Secondly, by now it's already locked away at my home in Washington, DC. If you'll excuse me, a car is waiting to take me back to the embassy - and to my wife!
You do not. I shall meet my death with honor.
I mean like I'd call the police, not kill the guy! But IMO, he crossed someone who hated his gorilla-costume shtick even more than I did!
Thank you, <Name>! You have no idea what this means to me! Take what worldly possessions of mine you find, you have my eternal gratitude!
Gwendolyn, I already told you that someone got to Danny before me! And <Name>, if I find out you told anyone about my relationship with a nasty mongrel, I'll hunt you AND your family down!
You cannot stop me now!
I didn't kill her, if that's what you're suggesting. But you folks are free to arrest me... that would at least be something exciting!
No, but his arrival on my island is what brought me to life! For decades, I was lifeless too. But José's devotion to me and the other dolls awakened an ancient magic that had enchanted me. I opened my plastic eyes, walking and talking like a real child! We live in peace on this island, he and I. Tourists like you come and go, and I find humans mildly entertaining. But Marigold... her heart was rotten! I didn't want her on my island, so I chopped her up! And now it's time for you to leave too!
I'm already finding it difficult to live with what I've done, Inspector <Name>.
Oh, my dear Axel. Always wanting the best for me... tell him that I'll be waiting for him on the other side, <Name>!
You should start thinking about what you need, Priya. You're a werewolf, and one day you'll heed the call... it's in your nature now. Until then, here's a token of my esteem and gratitude for you and <Name>.
Thank you, <Name>! Please take this payment for my freedom!
I'm truly sorry, <Name>. Please, take this as a token of my remorse!
This has always been your problem, Gwendolyn, you're far too emotional for this line of work. But while we're on the subject, I'll let you in on another little secret... I saw Reggie Pratt earlier, riding on the same bike path that I use. I tracked him all afternoon, and I even had time to sit down to a fiddlehead fern salad while I watched him in the park. It's clear I'm way ahead of you, <Name>. I think it's only a matter of time before I crack this egg all over your anxious little faces.
Mum's the word! Hey, and to get into the building, take these clothes! Official FBI garb. It'll be a step up from those disguises you cobbled together.
It is. It exists between dimensions, but it's made accessible to this dimension in case of emergency. It's a big stone tower with glowing green lights! I'm going to represent the good demons. I've got some things to get ready, <Name>, so I'll meet you there!
What?! Your chief is with the queen?
I failed to catch Arthur Darkwood! I had every resource at my disposal, human or otherwise. But Darkwood kept eluding me and the queen was getting impatient. So when I got wind that Darkwood was set to attend the supernatural conference, I thought I'd finally be able to redeem myself by bringing him in! But the demon queen said she'd lost confidence in me, and sent some lackey to arrest Darkwood instead! Now I'll never have the chance to redeem myself!
No. I simply let out my frustration by scribbling my feelings on the book cover and forgot about it!
As you know, there was a civil war between the demons. We were depleting the Netherworld's resources too quickly, so the demon queen decided that we'd invade your world for its reserves! Some of the weaker spirited demons didn't approve, and mounted a rebellion against the queen. One of the leaders of that revolt was Arthur! But he disappeared mid-battle! Whether he was injured or ran away, nobody knows. But the queen's supporters tortured me for days, trying to get information on his whereabouts! I started to think that I'd never again feel the cool waters of the River Styx, or taste sweet human tears until the queen intervened and stopped them! I owe her my life, <Name>! I'd never betray her to get revenge on Arthur!
Get ready to die!
You're cute - I don't see why not! And as for you <Rank> <Name>, now that you're a Parisian, you should start dressing like one. Take one of my silk scarves! Au revoir for now!
Nonsense! You just need to know how to deal with her. I've brought her favorite éclairs from Lapurée. They're around here somewhere. Give those to her, and she'll be putty in your hands, as you Americans say!
I didn't kill her! I tried to appease her with some of my amyl poppers, but she stormed off. So I passed the poppers on to Amélie and Céleste. And I didn't see Justine again after that!
Prince Amadou, my boy! You've grown since I last saw you - you're almost as tall as your father!
Welcome to the Greatest Show in Paris! Let me introduce... Charity and Mercy: Two minds, one body! And the sleek, the svelte, the scintillating... Sylvain Sauternes! And now, won't you all join me in wishing a very happy birthday to Chief Gauthier Delacroix!
I'm sorry! I have no excuse except that I didn't want to be embroiled in yet another murder investigation! Fact is, Macaron was one of the earliest investors in Luvver... at the time, I had absolutely no idea who he was. It was only after the app became a hit that I discovered his identity and his links with the Parisian mob! Of course, I didn't want anything to do with a gangster, so I offered to buy him out. But he refused, which is why I ended up suing him! <Rank> <Name>, it's all been so stressful that I've put on over ten pounds from binge-eating figs and other expensive treats!
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