Fictional last words in video games
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The following is a list of last words attributed to various fictional characters in video games. Characters are listed according to the originating game, then the name of character the quote is attributed to (in case of more than one quote per source). Where quotes come from a series of games, they are organized in the order of the games they appeared in (for example, quotes from Final Fantasy I appear before quotes from Final Fantasy II, and so on). Where possible, for the purposes of clarification, further explanatory notes have been presented. Additionally, if a character's final words consist of a dialogue with the other characters, the other character's speech may be included for contextual purposes; for example, if one character asks a question that the one who is about to die answers.
Some characters may have more than one "death," in instances such as being resurrected, existing temporarily as an undead being, or having multiple death "scenarios" that a player can reach. In some of those instances, their last words from each "death" may be added if they are significant. Additionally, significant last words from deaths that are merely assumed to have happened or are non-canon are included. Additionally, in instances where there are multiple outcomes, or in media with alternate timelines, the character's last words will be featured.
Ace Combat series
Heh... I'm gonna miss that voice...
I...I never thought you'd be this good...
Don't think you've won this. This isn't over yet!
Dang it!
I know Rage's going to heaven, so I'm gonna be all alone again in hell. I'll be waiting for you down there, Three Strikes...I---
I gotta catch up to her--
Sir, if you check with Brigadier General Shepherd, you'll understand that this is all just a misunderstanding.
American McGee's Alice
Bravery and I are not on intimate terms. My natural curiosity is tempered with caution - thus, I've lived long. But now, ignoring my instinct to flee or fib, I speak the truth without regard to consequence. Your courage deserves no less. You've suffered great pain and you've caused some. You've endured deep grief and feelings of guilt. But you will be tested in a more wrenching anguish, Alice. There is worse to come. You and the Red Queen cannot both survive. You are two parts of the same....
A Plague Tale: Innocence
[Nicholas: Where is he? I won't ask again... Where is your son?] In good hands.
Ah! Yes... Take me to my son... DO IT! FINISH ME! KILL ME! One of us is going to die... And the winner will be cursed for all eternity...
Argh... Nooo... Quick, the light! THE LIGHT!
The rats are dangerous but disorganised... The Inquisition, however... They'll seek the boy tirelessly... We have to disappear... Head to the Château d'Ombrage... Lucas, go to the barn... You will finish... The Ignifer...
Assassin's Creed games
See Last words in Assassin's Creed series games.
I thank thee... go and leave me to oblivion at last... sweet sleep...
Don't forget... to raise... me... ugh...
To end... like *this*?
Stupid Banjo and dumb Kazooie. I'll be back in Banjo-Tooie!
It was you, in the heart of a dark forest...Holding someone tight...Crying...It was you, Kalas... I...I just...wanted to be with you...To be a any other...To hold each any other...
Forgive me... Daimon. Now we shall never... see the end... of your... st... ory...
What? Huh? What's happening?
Uh, uhn, ahhhh...Guillooooooooo!!

Battalion Wars 2
Poison..! … TREACHERY!!!
Ubel? Do you have another match?
Bendy and the Ink Machine
NO! No, no, no! Why can't you ever just die!?
Bioshock games
The assassin has overcome my final defense, and now he's come to murder me. In the end, what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No, a man chooses, a slave obeys. You think you have memories. A farm, a family, an airplane, a crash, and then this place. Was there really a family? Did that plane crash, or was it hijacked, forced down, forced down by something less than a man? Something bred to sleepwalk through life, until they're activated by a simple phrase spoken by their kindly master? Was a man sent to kill? Or a slave? A man chooses, a slave obeys. Come here, stop, would you kindly? 'Would you kindly'. A powerful phrase, a familiar phrase. Sit, would you kindly? Stand, would you kindly? Run! Stop. Turn! A man chooses, a slave obeys. Now, would you kindly... KILL! (Struck with golf club) A MAN CHOOSES... (Struck again) A SLAVE OBEYS... (Struck again) OBEY!!!
What can I do with this one, Aphrodite? She won't stay still! I want to make them beautiful...but they always turn out wrong!! This one...too fat! This one...too tall!! This one...too SYMMETRICAL!! And now...what's this, Goddess? An intruder? He is ugly! Ugly, ugly...UGLY!
Oh Cohen, you sick fuck, let me out of this!-
I had you built! I sent you top side, I called you back, showed you what you was, what you was capable of! Even that life you thought you had? That was something I dreamed up and had tattooed inside your head! Now if that's not family, I don't know what is!
Major, I...
So the crybaby's acting all big now. Cheeky bastard.
Roses are...also beautiful when they scatter.
Glory... to the Hige...Hige... BANDIIIIIITS!
Borderlands series
It's done... It's finally done. Thank you... friend. [Handsome Jack: Angel, you can stop this! I'll still forgive you, baby!] Dad, I have to tell you something... You're an asshole...
She's dead. Jack just lost his only way to awaken the Warrior. We've got the Vault Key, but this isn't over yet. We've gotta find Jack and take him out. Lilith, take the Vault Key to Tennis. I'm going after Jack.
No, no, no, I can't die like this... not when I'm so close... and not at the hands... of a FILTHY BANDIT!!! I could've saved this planet! See, I could've actually restored order! And I wasn't supposed to die by the hands of a CHILD-KILLING PSYCHOPATH!!!!! YOU'RE a SAVAGE!! YOU'RE a MANIAC!! YOU ARE A BANDIT AND I AM THE GODDAMN HERO!!!!! The Warrior was practically a god! How- HOW IN THE HELL HAVE YOU KILLED MY WARRIOR?!?! You idiots! The Warrior could have brought peace to this planet! No more dangerous creatures! No more bandits! Pandora... it could have been PARADISE!!!!!
Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire II
I shall sleep... and dream about destruction.
See Last words in Batman media.
Brothers in Arms series
You want me? Fuckin' take me! TAAAAKE MEEEE!
Legget! Alan! Get the fu--
I'm sorry...Kevin..
What's going on?
Brütal Legend
Hey, what's the deal? I thought you were committed to this project! Get back inside right now!
My sister... You must take care of her.
You are half so many things, I doubt any part of you is whole. Is there even a word for a creature such as you?
Call of Duty series
See Last words in Call of Duty series games.
See Last words in Castlevania series games.
Cave Story
You! You're the Witch who tossed me down here! Those children better be safe!!
Will you... avenge me...?
Are you not dead?? Begone!!
The Cave
What idiot left the gate open!!??!!
I knew you could do it! You have proven your honor and won the right to marry my daughter. I'm going to run to her with the good news! Wait for us in the garden...As soon as we return, the wedding can begin!
I win aga...Hey, that's not possible. I always guess right! This carnival game is now closed while we investigate tampering with our tampering. Please leave.
Despite it being statistically impossible, we have a winner! That was our only ticket, so we're closing down for the night. Get out of here. Scram.
Splendid! You've liberated the sarcophagus from its ancient vestibule. Give me a moment to disable these blasted spikes.
Soup is ready and it smells delightfully delicious. Why don't you two darlings go and wash up for dinner. Don't take too long or we might start without you.
Wheel! Thog love wheel! Thog need invent patent. Then patent wheel!
I see you understand what it is to be at peace with yourself. But be warned. A true Zen master is also at peace with the world. This is going to hurt.
Chrono Cross
Aaaah.... I thank you for the excitement....
Hmm... we'll meet again.
Now I shall truly awaken again.... This too is destiny....
Hah... Come, Serge! Show me what the purpose of your life on this planet is... Teach me what it means to be "alive!"
Chrono Trigger
Go! Golem Boss...???
Command and Conquer series
This is the Pentagon. A full-frontal attack with your strongest forces should render their military center of operation--
The Prophet will protect us!
Conker series
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Ah! You cursed squirrel! Look what you've done. I'm flushing! I'm flushing! Oh, what a world, what a world. Who'd have thought a good little squirrel like you could have destroyed my beautiful clagginess. I'm going! Aahh... no!
I think I have drunk too much! Oh! Shiiiii-
Yeh, we've been locked down here for the last ten hours. Murder holes up there. Machine gun nests, you gotta clear 'em out, boy.
Step aside Conker. I know how to deal with men like this.
What's... going... on? Can't... breathe...
Oh! Oh! No! Vat is?? Oh! I forgot about ze airlock! Oh! Shit! What the feck?! Oh! I didn't put ze high powered boosters on my chair... I knew I should have done zat! Whose idea was it to go into space?? Oh! It was mine! Shit!!! This is it!! This is the end!! No legs! And now no life!
Crash Bandicoot series
Hey! Who're you callin' sour?!
Hey, hey, hey! Yeah, you! I've been doing this for ten stinkin' years!! Back and forth...back and forth...AND I'M SICK OF IT!! Well, I'm not gonna do it no more!
Well this is one heck of an ending.
Criminal Case
Main article: Fictional last words in Criminal Case media
Crysis series
What in the name of general Patton is that fucking thing?! Get out of here Vulture, this bastard belongs to me! [Nomad: What about you, major?] I'm a marine, son. I'll walk on water if I have to. Now get of my fucking island while I draw it's fire!
Nomad...You've got to save these people...Get out on deck...Go!
Will there been an afterlife, I wonder? Choirs of angels? Or a fiery pit? One unlearns these falsehoods over time, but the child who learnt to fear hell is never really gone. To tell the truth, I think I had enough of afterlives as it is - this one has been pretty purgatorial. Almost fifty years floating in supercooled jelly like some medical specimen, thoughts creeping like rats through cramped silicon corridors of machines trapped behind video screens and camera systems. Never sleeping, never resting, never ceasing to think about the world you no longer belong to. No, if this is a taste of the afterlife, I think simple oblivion will do nicely.
I am- not- a- machi-!
Sarge (cough) got my gun (cough) stop him.
Return what is ours.
BZZZT... KONGS... KRZZZT... This time, KAOS will win!!
God... just bxru acck ii gduh bfahrr uo em...
Dead Rising series
Dead Rising
Start! Oh, damn it!
Alright, then. Feel like makin' yourself useful? Take a look around the mall and bring anything we can use for the barricade back here. Andale! C'mon! Pronto!
What are you thinking?
Knock it off!
You want a divorce? Fine then. I can't wait to see your face when those zombies eat you!
Hey! That's my line buster!
You missed, loser!
Alright! Looks like we found our next contestants!
I'm goina take out that dude an' snatch his old lady!
Stay away from there, gramps! Everyone used to laugh at me...I was a walking punchline. But not anymore. When the zombies came, everyone died! That's why I decided to give all the happy people a lift on this fun ride! I won't let you stop the ride, gramps! If the ride stops, then the zombies come back, and that won't be any fun at all!
Look, mister, if we're gonna fight these zombies, we need guns! [Cletus Samson: [shoots gun at ceiling] Gah! Stay back! I trust them damn zombies 'bout as far as I can throw 'em, but I trust people even less!] Don't shoot! Look... L-Let's talk this over! [Cletus Samson: You can talk to my 12-gauge! Don't get no closer, or I'll blow y'all to Kingdom Come!] [Frank West: [to James] Hey, hang on.] [James walks toward Cletus who shoots him in the heart, sending him flying out of the store, and kills him instantly] [Cletus Samson: [to Frank West] Now, Goddamn it, I warned you. In a situation like this, I can't afford to trust nobody!]
Damn! Damn, mister! C'mon now! Wh-- What, are you crazy?! You want-- You want guns so bad...that y'all are willin' to kill for 'em?! Lemme go! [Frank West: Hey!] [crying]Please! [Frank West: Hey, wait!] No! NO!!!
My store... My... store! Who will run my store when I'm gone? My store... my food... my sales... my...customers. Have a nice day.[collapses, but briefly regains consciousness.]Clean up! Register 6! [collapses and dies]
You... over there... Here... take this... My granddaughter... She was done in by those damn zombies... When I heard her scream... I just lost it... Everything went white suddenly... The war... It wasn't over... Not for me... It... never... ended...
It hurts... The pain... I'm gonna die... Can't believe a worthless prick like you did me in...
But, Daddy, he ain't no zombie. He's just a man!
Shoot him, Thomas!
I said, shoot him! Shoot him, Thomas. Now. What you waiting for? Do it!
Give me strength... I beseech thee!
Stay away from me! D-D-Don't come any closer!
What do you know!? We were trying to mass produce cattle. Do you... have any... idea... how much meat... Americans consume... in a single day!? That research... was absolutely necessary! I... haven't... done... anything... wrong...
I'm screwed... It doesn't hurt... Not even a little... I'm already dead. Frank... Don't tell Jessie about this.
Do it, Frank... Take my picture... It'll look great on your mantle.
Zombies are no good! I can't serve my customers spoiled meat like that. I have a reputation to uphold! Trust me. I'm a butcher! I've got the best meat in town!
I'm sorry, Isabela... Give this... to my sister...
I contacted headquarters, but... The government has decided to deny all knowledge of what happened here. Special forces will arrive for cleanup at midnight. They'll take everyone out... Zombies, people, everyone...
Jessica McCarney? Talk about your close calls... You contacted us just in time. Your boss thought we should have a talk with you before the operation begins. We'll be taking you into custody. If you sign an agreement to keep your mouth shut about all this... you'll be free to go.
Our mistakes have not begun with this operation. Humanity... has proven itself to be quite adept at making mistakes. Hell, it's the only thing we truly excel at. Well, then. I'd say this mission isn't quite over yet. Don't you agree?
Dead Rising 2
This is a joke, right? Why would you want to save those "things"?
Oh, God. Oh God, she got me. She got me...
Ted no feel so good...Snowflake! Kitty! Come, kitty! Are you still hungry, girl? Take me, Snowflake! Ted feed you! Ted take care of you...Fresh meat...just for you, kitty...Kitty...kitty...time for supper...
Hey! Over here! Over here!
Oh, you think it's that easy, Chuck? You think you're the man? You'll NEVER beat me. Yeah, that's right...quadruple points Chuckie...Let's see you top this! Yeah, you take that! On top...all the way to the end...But never forget, chump. I'm number one!
Katey...Katey...Katey? Are you all right? Katey, you're OK. You're safe now. That's all that matters...that's all that matters. I can't imagine what I would do if anything ever happened to you.
Please... help me.
HOW DARE YOU!? I AM ANTOINE! I AM THE KING OF CUISINE!!! No matter. No matter! This can still be a once in a lifetime meal. So sit...relax...Antoine will make you...DINNER!
If anyone knows of any reason why these two should not be joined in union, speak now, or forever hold your...Oh thank God! Help us! Help us!
Baby...We could have been so good together...Our wedding night would have been so...
The very, very silent type...
What have you done? She other half. But you'll pay. You will never get out of here alive, Chuck. We promise you that-all of us. I'll never be complete again. Never!
This one's a special delivery. Express.
Please, we just needed food!
I'm the big shot now...I'm twice the man you are...
That's right. We do it 'cuz we love our country...
Damn, it feels good to be right! God bless America!
Whoo hoo! Let's go huntin' boys!
Oh, lord, down I go.
You...scream...I...scream...We all...scream cream...
Oh, look at Mister Big Guy here! Everyone's a critic, aren't they? You think this is easy?! I suppose YOU know how to saw a woman in half, right big shot?! We're professionals, OK? Who asked you to come in here while we were practising? You just want to tear us down, like the others! Don't you?!? Well, we just so happen to have a very special trick...just for you...It's a little disappearing trick. You'd be the perfect volunteer. The TO DIE FOR!
I've always wanted to do that.
But you ain't gonna bite me. You ain't gonna turn me...I'll never be one of you...
These queens are fully mature. We are exceeding estimates. You should call the doctor and let him know that we're going to start preparing the harvest for shipping.
Who the hell are you? You're not supposed to be in here!
I'll call my station. They'll send help.
It's Agent S. I'm ready for extraction. Yeah, I just have an old newspaper that needs to be taken out to the trash.
Dead Rising 3
We are all going to die!
No! Help me! No!!
Why have you forsaken me? I get fired. My wife leaves for a guy who sells refrigerators. My kids grow up to be disrespectful brats. Now this? A goddamn zombie outbreak? Seriously? Screw you, you piece of crap!
I'm gonna rip your heart out, boy. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! You're dead now! Here comes the boss...Come on! You're dead, boy.
You little bitch! You're going to die, you know this? You are going to suffer, and you are going to die. The only way you're leaving here is in a coffin.
No! No! That's gonna kill my profit margin! They want to get their hands on what is mine! Get your hands off what's mine! Mine!
Please...No! No, no, no! No, she wasn't bit! What have you done? What have you done?
It's not fair... I've finished first...
Hey, stop it, I'm starving!
I feel really bad. Oh my god. Like super bad gas. You gave me indigestion. You little pig. Time to purge!
You gave me blue balls, you tease.
As your commander-in-chief, I order you to release me.
No! No! No, no, please don't hurt me.
Nick! Help me!
That's sweet of you, dear, but no thank you. I've had a wonderful life and I'm not afraid to die. Now you get going to somewhere safe, you hear?
You know what Nick, I'm gonna take it easy on you because you look like you could use a break. Hey, maybe, maybe you need a...maybe you need a sidekick, huh? What do you...Kick! Get it? Get it? Because my name is Kick! Make an answer right now, because they're gonna eat me.
You are worthy...You are unique...You deserve happiness...
[Nick: What happened to you Red?] Everybody got some shit. Everybody gets shit. I wanted it to be my time. [Nick: Well, you're right about one thing.] What? [Nick: It is your time.]
Oh, don't be so pathetic. You are so weak. You, you make me sick.
Fuck you!
Experiments... Central Storage...
Top shelf, baby. Top shelf. Bring it on, assholes!
I got you a going away present, over at Shavey's Garage in Ingleton. It''s my pride and joy, it's...all...yours...
The Kings are mine, Hunter! [Clyde: This'll take him out!] Mine!
Take's got proof...Take it. Make things right. I'm gonna turn soon...I was just... following orders...
Devil May Cry series
Devil May Cry
Dante, I will return. And I will rule this WOOOOOOOORLD!
Die Hard Vendetta
Frontier! You goddamn coward! Come back here and help me!
Ah, it is such a shame that you are the only witness to my greatest performance. But it fills my heart with joy to know that I'll be taking you to hell with me, McClane, ha ha ha ha ha!
Dragon Quest 8: The Journey of the Cursed King
Uaaargh! Oh, my Goddess! My dear, sweet, Goddess! At last, I shall rest, cradled in your blessed arms!
He's...dangerous...Captain in trou...ble...Urrrgh...
Uuuurgh...The...jest...errrrr...You Abbot...Guuurgh...
Don't worry, Marcello! I will be fine. I have given myself to the Goddess! If it is Her wish, I am prepared to die....But, wretched sinner, if that is not Her wish, nothing you can do will ever harm me! The Goddess will protect us all from whatever evil you can muster!
If you see Master Felix again, I'd like you to give him a message from me. Tell him that I...Baumren...owe a lifetime of happiness entirely to him. Farewell, and good health on your journey.
Aaaaaaargh! ...No! Not now! It cannot end now...
P-Please...Go after...S-Sir Leopold...H-He's the only one who makes...Master Dominico...happy...Without...Sir Leo...pold, Master...Dominico so...u-unhappy...Ma...ster...
Well? You like my nook powder!? Go, Boris! Hurry!
Shiver me timbers, you beat old Cap'n Crow...'Tis a good sign. My treasure be yours. Arrrr, me old hearties. Take me treasure and fulfil the dream I never could, arrrr...
Ah, Fransisco, my old friend...I should have known the book of his conscience would be closed to me. Guide his straying soul...lest he lose it.
Impossible! N-No human could be so strong...Of course! Empyrea! She brought you here from the World of Light to defeat me! What a fool to think she could get the better of me! If I die, I'm taking her egg with me! She'll regret the day she tried to trick Gemon! Gwa ha ha ha hah!
You...fools...How many more times...
Wha...? If you is not here, I be having a scrumptious dinner now! But I is a troll, so......maybe this all be just a dream!
Whaaaaaargh! Meddling pests! How much more of my time will you waste!? You will rot in hell for breaking my shield of darkness! But first you will taste the true might of my flesh and blood! You shall taste the terror eternal. Even death shall offer you no respite.
w:Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
Note: The character was Kirumi Tojo; the Ultimate Maid who was about to fall victim to her execution for killing Ryoma Hoshi.
EarthBound series
EarthBound Beginnings (Mother)
EarthBound (Mother 2)
It's already dawn outside... but it doesn't matter to me. I'm fading fast... Argh! *gasp*
...Even though you could beat me... Master Giygas will avenge me... At this moment, Paula should be...Monotoli... Gwaaaaarrrrgh!!
Here's my last haiku poem: When on your way out / Be sure that you say goodbye / then lock the door tight. This is my final request... Don't follow me. I must be on my way... Whoa... So... long!
Ness! It hurts, Ness... Argh... Yaaagh!...
Mother 3
Oooh. ♥ So today is the day I disappear. Ionia, What's-Your-Name, and Doggy... Byebee! ♥
Bye, now! ♥ La la la! ♥
Lucas. This is it. "The time" has come. Believe in that, and keep pushing forward. This is where I say farewell. ♥ Don't worry about me. ♥ You can use the white box at the top of this mountain to leave. ♥ Also, go and ask my little Pigmask friend what he wants to do now. [vanishes] Byebee! ♥ Send hugs and kisses to the next Magypsy for meeee! ♥
You can expect to see more of me in your dreams from now on. ♥ *giggle* Goodbye! ♥
Ohhh, I'm disappeeeaaring. ♥ Fareweeeelllll! ♥
It's too bad I didn't get to see how everything turns out, but... Lucas, honey. ♥ Little Boney. ♥ Adorable Duster. ♥ And Princess Kumatora. ♥ Whatever happens, make sure you get to see what the final fate of the world is. [vanishes] Oh! Locria is nearing the seventh Needle...
[through an interpreter] Gah! Oww ow owww... You have bested me, kind sirs. Actually, no, you did not best me. You are merely detestable. I am sick of all this fighting. Very, extremely sick of it. This is all just a game. You could call it Master Porky's game. You people are still stuck inside the game. As for me, I may have been removed from it. But, I am still not sure. The flames of my life are in danger now. I do not think we will ever meet again. And not just in battle... Nwehehe!
I'm sorry it turned out like this. I'm really happy you could be with me just before the end... Thanks. Dad. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I'm going to where Mom is now. Lucas. I hope we meet again someday. Bye. Thank you. I'm sorry. I'm sure we'll meet again.
You must be so tired...
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Nooo! Charlemagne! I have failed you...
Take your stand, and fight the darkness!
May your faith protect thee, Brother Luther, for that's all you have.
You must leave. There's something I have to do before they get to me... I can't protect you if they find us. Good luck!
The Darkness... is not so easily destroyed. No... My death is just the beginning...
Goodbye, Alex. I will miss you.
Eternal Sonata
A dream? Is this really a dream?
Doing this is easy if it's for him.
Well, ultimately, I guess, I lose in both work and love.
The Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls Oblivion
Close up Left! Protect the Emperor!
Fine! If that's the way it has to be...
Guildsman, we meet once more. You reclaimed my weapons and armour and brought me peace. Now I offer my soul in return. But I am Nostro, and mine is a warrior's soul. You must take it in battle, so that I may stand proud among my comrades in the afterlife. My men have sworn to protect me even in death. Only when they fall can I be harmed. Now claim my soul with honour!
We're done. [Reaver: and you're sure it will look like me?]Excactly like you, sir. in three months, the picture will be developarized and..
[Player: I'll try.] You are the Chosen One. You must do.
Holy fuck!
Kill me.
It's beautiful!
It's nearly time, Mayu!
You still don't know, do you? What you are. Why you're here. What's the first thing you remember? What's your given name? Where were you born? You have no history. You and I were born from the same mother. You must have sensed it. She cannot see in your mind, but perhaps you can see into hers. A life of walking from one nightmare only to find herself deep into another. It makes no difference. I will set her free.
Final Fantasy
See Last words in Final Fantasy.
Fire Emblem
See Last words in Fire Emblem series games
Five Nights at Freddy's
"Hello, hello? Hey! Hey, wow, day 4. I knew you could do it. Uh, hey, listen, I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow. It's-it's been a bad night here for me. Um, I-I'm kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you, uh, when I did. Uh, hey, do me a favor. Maybe sometime, uh, you could check inside those suits in the back room? I'm gonna try to hold out until someone checks. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Uh, I-I-I-I always wondered what was in all those empty heads back there. You know...oh, no-"
Five Nights at Freddy's World
OK. Alright. I get it. Was this the ending you really wanted? Coming all the way here just to kill me? Was I REALLY the villain in your mind? I mean sure, this is definitely one way to bring the story to a halt, but surely there was a more satisfying ending. I just do what is demanded of me! I fill your insatiable gullets with more and more and more! And now you're here to show your gratitude. Well, congratulations then. I haven't brought this story to an end; you did. So feel good about yourself for ending the story by killing the storyteller! Ug. Grr... Zrr... GRAAAAAMMM!!
This isn't fair... It was never fair. It was supposed to be me. It was always supposed to be me! My world was lush and beautiful, full of strange and colorful creatures! But no, that wasn't enough for you. You wanted to be scared. You wanted to feel dread. And what happened to me? What happened to us? Obscurity... You haven't seen the last of me. Freddy Fazbear isn't the one who will be sharpening his teeth on your bones. It will be me... it will be me.
You cheated! Besides, didn't your mommy ever tell you that you can't kill a rainbow?! The next time you see a rainbow in the sky that is me, comin' to your houuusssseee.... dumbass!
Gears of War series
Gears of War
Yeah, but I got a problem. Somethings wrong with this thing! It keeps jamming... See?
Take cover!
Oh man, we're fucked...we're fucked! I'm getting out of here! OH, SHIT!
If we cut through here, we'll be alright.
Serve the Queen!
Gears of War 2
I... I hurt, Sarge... I... Tell my brothers...and my ma... Tell 'em I love 'em, and...and...
Gears of War 3
That old bastard... he'll be... furious...
Never thought it would end like this, huh? Huh, Maria?
I'm glad I was able to see you again, Marcus. Now go, and live, for me.
Hubris! Ah, so pious and moral, even now! Your father always thought he had all the answers. But he had none-nothing but clever ways to kill! The Hammer of Dawn... Jacinto... and now, this. And his arrogance finally killed him!
Gears of War 3: Raam's Shadow
Ghost of Tsushima
I am Harunobu Adachi. Descandant of the legendary Yoshinobu Adachi.
Jin... Help me!
Our world has changed. Men of vision must rise to face it. And those in the way... Must be removed.
Tell Yuna—
Jin. Please....
We... will be remembered. Forever.
Thank you, my son. Find me... in the next life.
God of War series
See Last words in God of War series games.
Golden Sun series
How... How... did we lose?
We are superior in every way, but still we were defeated...
It's too late for us now... Hurry, light the beacon.
Your hands... so warm... People have such warm hands... I had forgotten...
Flee?! I can't flee! I can't even move!
It is later revealed that he survived in Golden Sun:Dark Dawn.
Grand Theft Auto series
See Last words in Grand Theft Auto series games.
Help me!
If you kill me your soul will be as cursed as mine.
Wait-wait. Oh, Jesus it's coming down! (Colton begins to climb the collapsing cave) Get back here, you can't leave me like this! (Magruder struggles to free himself) GET BACK HERE! I can make it worth your while! (watches Colton jump off a column) Damn you! (sees Colton struggling) Ah ha ha! You're never gonna make! YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT! (the column Colton jumped off falls on top of Magruder) NOOOO!!!
Blood, flesh woman. You vile creature. You lure the man into your filthy body again and again... And you are allowed to do that because you are a precious, precious little princess. Precious... precious little princess.
Father... take care of Kai.
Style... That... had... style...
I'm scared... Help me...
47... I should have known. I didn't even recognize my own son. And you broke my heart, my son.
I will be the last one standing.
Half-Life series
No Regrets Mr. Freeman
It's not... it's not shutting down, it's not...
I... I can't hold on... much longer...
No! Stand back! GORDON! DAHHHHHHHHH! (bizarre grunting)
For God's sake, open the silo doors! They're coming for us, it's our only way out! (pause as the security guard is eaten) Oh, my GOD, WE'RE DOOMED!
Rescued at last! Thank God you're here!
Hey, hey! Over here! Eat lead, you outer space octopus!
Freeman, right? I've got a warning for you. Make sure you don't--
Wha'd mean over-char...
Hey! Eat this, you bastard!
Farewell, Brother! I fear I deliver you to a darker place. May the Light of Lights illuminate your path. Look to your own salvation.
You need me!
Close your eyes, honey. Don't look!
Halo series
See Last words in Halo series games.
Honkai Impact 3rd
Bronya believes Mei's life is more important than hers. Bronya will no longer accept orders to hurt Mei. Goodbye... Mei... Kiana, please protect Mei at all cost...
I don't have much time left. I need to tell you something. The Honkai inside the Gem of Desire allowed me to walk again a few days ago. That can help Bronya recover. Of course, you'll need to get the Gem of desire first... please...
You pathetic human insect!
Kiana, raise your head and continue to go forward, to turn this imperfect story into what you've always been expecting! And, please stay alive, Kiana. This, is the last lesson I could teach you.
Horizon Zero Dawn
As are you all – so long as you put your trophy on the altar. But it is Aloy, once outcast, and now brave, who is first among you!
Now! Descend while we have a chance!
Vala! No!
Aloy! Survive!
The House of the Dead series
The House of the Dead
[Rogan: Sophie!] You-- You must stop Curien. Or else, something terrible will happen. [Rogan: Sophie./G: Don't worry. He'll pay for this.]
This is as far as you go. I'll finish you here.
The House of the Dead 2
I am... I am...
In time, a successor will come. Farewell, friends.
The House of the Dead 3
How many of these things are there?!
The House of the Dead 4
This is our last hope. This will stop it. Kate, don't... give up hope.
The House of the Dead: Overkill
It. Hurts. So. Much.
Oh Jasper. Will I have my arm in Heaven? Will I still be able to do that thing you like me to do...
Clement! Clement, what the fuck are you doing? This wasn't part of our deal. I got the compound refined for you. I...
I won't let you fucking do this to me. [Clement: Hold still please. This is a very delicate procedure.] You can't. Please! NO! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!
C-ement! C-ement, Clement, Clement wha- ha-- -ou -one -o -e?
Then I can die happy. Goodbye, boys.
It's okay. ["It's not made the right choice. Hell, Nix even made the right choice. I was...I am scared."] I am too. ["Do it."]
Injustice Series
I know it's soon, but... Think you'll ever love again? Maybe you won't kill your next family... (Laughs madly, then screams in pain)
Your peace... your peace... is a joke...
Get in!
Hundred... twenty one?
Stupid... humans... (Aquaman: The people of Atlantis demand justice.) Against Brainiac? Hehe. I've seen his mind, felt his power. He can't be stopped. (Aquaman: But you can.)
You must keep order, or the Lords will impose it. If not through Brainiac, then—
Jade Empire
I'll kill you in time to see the red sky over our village.
I tried... I tried so hard... I'm sorry.
Live or die, the will of the Emperor be done!
Your master is diminished by my loss, even if he does not admit it. Thank you, Spirit Monk, for finally letting me rest.
The Great Wheel must turn.
You surprise me yet again. I'm a better teacher... than I thought...
Jak and Daxter
Light eco! It does exist!
prompts Gol to exclaim this. Jak then uses it to destroy the robot.
Do something!
You are the supreme weapon Jak. And I made you. Still... any leader worth his salt always has a back up plan. Remember, the first rule to making a bomb... is to always make two...
Ohhh well...
I win, Jak.
Kor... Construction site...
Not for long! DIE!
You will all die at my hand!
Please promise me one thing. Promise me you'll find my son, Mar. You'll know him when you see this... he's wearing an amulet just like it. A symbol of our lineage with the great house of Mar... Save the people, Jak. They need you...

Kid Icarus: Uprising
I take back what I said before. You're not cute at all!
Who: Amazon Pandora
No! How dare you?!
It's hard to believe... But you actually got me, Pit. The nerve of you...
Killer 7
And by the way, women are all the same!
Guess it's time to close the curtains.
Thirty years ago, you and Harman...
Killzone series
Very good. I understand you've prepared everything for the reprogramming of the defense systems. (General Adams: "You've got that one hundred percent A1 correct... General!" Helghast troopers storm in) What's the meaning of- (General Adams: The meaning? The meaning is... you lose!) Traitor!
Kingdom Hearts series
See Last words in Kingdom Hearts series games.
L.A. Noire
The Last of Us
Sir, there's a little girl. But... Yes, sir.
Daddy, what about Uncle Tommy?
Look, they're basically all dead. We can just - just go in there, finish 'em off. We get the guns. Whadaya say? C'mon. Fuck those Fireflies. Let's go get 'em.
I will not turn into one of those things. Come on... Make this easy for me. [Joel: I can fight--] No, just go! Just fucking go.
[Ellie: I go back and forth. I mean, I'd like to believe it.] But you don't. [Ellie: I guess not.] Yeah, me neither.
It's your fault... [Joel: This is nobody's fault, Henry.] It's all your fault!
What the hell is that? [David: She would've turned by now. It can't be real.] Looked pretty fucking real to me!
You think you know me? Huh? Well, let me tell you somethin'. You have no idea what I'm capable of.
[Joel: Where is the operating room? I don't have time for this. Where? WHERE?!] Top floor...the far end...
What're you doing in here? I won't let you take her. This is our future, think of all the lives we'll save. [if Joel inches closer to him] Don't come any closer. I mean it.
Wait! Let me go! Please...
There are a million ways we should've died before today. And a million ways we can die before tomorrow. But we fight... for every second we get to spend with each other. Whether it's two minutes, or two days... we don't give that up. I don't want to give that up. My vote? Let's just wait it out. You know we can... be all poetic and just lose our minds together. [Ellie: What's option three?] ...Sorry. C'mon. Let's get outta here.
Left 4 Dead
Better safe than....(gurgle) better safe than.....(grunt) (cough)!
Legacy of Kain: Defiance
And I am not your enemy... not your destroyer... I am, as before, your right hand...! Your sword... And now you will see - the true enemy - !
Lost Odyssey
NO!! STOP!!!
The Legend of Dragoon
Lavitz... live strong. Now... I can go... to be with Servi...
Is His Majesty Albert alright? [Dart: Yes, yes.] I see. I can entrust you with everything. [Dart: Lavitz....] Dart, survive... and...
What you should know is not the past, but the future. Pursue... Lloyd. He is in the Western country of...Tiberoa. [Dart: Tiberoa?] He.... He knows everything. Go, and find out... about the world, about... everything.
I gotta tell you... this or... I'll die as a real fool.... It's about the Princess Emille in the Castle.... She's... a fake.... That woman was switched.... Ugh...!! [Haschel: Don't say anything!] Ugh...!! The real one is hidden in... the castle.......
Lloyd, my life... is for you!! … Lloyd....
The Legend of Spyro
What are you waiting for, dragon?! Finish me!... hahaha... coward... hahahahahaha!
My path ends here. But yours lies beyond this. Draw strenght from each other and follow your heart... It will never fail you. Now go... go... GO!
What is this!? NOOOOO!
Hmm... That is the question, isn't it? You see, each time a dragon dies, a new page is written in this book. I've done my best, but I can't seem to find any trace of Spyro.
The Legend of Zelda
This island is going to dis-appear...Our world is going to disappear...our world...
Fool! I... But the Light Force... My power... I had such power...
I entreat ye... Navi... Good...bye...
The is blowing...
...Ah, but child... That land will not be Hyrule. It will be YOUR land! [...] I have scattered the seeds of the future...
As long as my master, Ganon, survives, he will resurrect me without cease!
Do not think it ends here... The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!
Thanks, Link!
You cannot give up now! Your body has the sacred power of the spirits! Concentrate! You can reclaim your body! After all... Didn't you say you wanted to have words with me?
Your Majesty? ...Please, no!
This spirit....I can't hold on for long...But the world will crumble in the time I have left!
Welcome back to us...Master.
An incarnation of my hatred shall ever follow your kind, dooming them to wander in a blood-soaked sea of darkness for all of time!
Thank you, Master Link. May we meet again in another life...
It can't be!!! Impossible!!! I... No... How could I... And to this filthy little pair! HOW COULD I LOSE?????
Now it’s your turn... SIS-TER...
Foolish mushroom heads... you may have bested me, but the Shroobs will live on... One day we will dance on the buried remains of your pathetic kingdom...
Dark...even with the dark power completed... The unthinkable happened...
Here Fawful goes... The disappearing... Forever disappearing... WITH YOU!
This.. isn't.. over... Must.. protect.. book... NOOOOOOOO!!! I will not go back! You can't.. make me! The Mushroom Kingdom was going to be mine! BLAAAAAAAARGH!! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIIIIIIIIIISSSSS!!
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 1
Oh, God... what happened here?
I wasn't expecting to find the Geth here. The situation's bad.
Here on the Wards. The back alley by the markets. She's supposed to meet them right now. You can make it if you hurry.
I tried to fight it, but it gets in your head... you can't imagine the pain. I was supposed to be their leader... these people trusted me... It wants me to... stop you, but...! I won't...! ...I WON'T!!!
You talk the talk. Let's see if you can walk after I break your legs.
No light...? They always said there would be a... a...
It's OK, Commander... I don't regret a thing.
I think we both know that's not gonna happen, Commander.
Goodbye, Shepard... thank you.
I am Sovereign... and this station... is MINE!
Mass Effect 2
Can't be. Stealth systems are engaged. There's no way a Geth ship could possibly--
Come on, through here! We're almost at the... Miranda? But... you were--!
If you want something done yourself... Alright! Let's see how you handle this, Archangel! Go!
Watch my back! I'll deal with Archangel!
I do the hard things civil governments are unwilling to! THIS IS FOR THE GOOD OF THE GALAXY!
You gave me time, Shepard. If I knew why the Collectors wanted humans, I would tell you... but everything is in my prototype. My legacy is pure. This... one soldier, this... grunt... perfect.
People out here don't trust the Alliance. It's nothing personal... What is that?
Damn it. Check the other entrances. You...stay put. When I'm finished dealing with this nuisance, you and I are going to... Who--?
Everything's gone to hell since we smuggled that filthy creature off-world. First a Justicar shows up... now you. At least I can take pleasure in turning your head into a PULPY MASS!
Your head's valuable whether you're alive or dead!
And they call me a monster!
Tali, if you are listening, then I am dead. The Geth have gone active... I don't have much time. Their main hub will be on the bridge. You'll need to stop their VI processes from forming new neural links. Make sure Han'Gerrel and Daro'Xen see the data... they must--!
You have failed. We will find another way. RELEASING CONTROL!
Mass Effect 3
You can't help me...
Victory... at any cost.
It's Kalros!
To hell with this!
Kolyat... you speak as the priests do... you have been spending time with them.
We are not your slaves.
Finish your war. We will be waiting.
I know, Tali... but thank you. Keelah'selai.
Max Payne
God, I turned out to be such a damsel in distress.
Max, dearest of all my friends... I was supposed to be the hero.
See you in hell
Don't you feel the power? Soon everything will be corrupted. Including YOU!
You know, you should never trust strangers, Sammy. This is going to be fun.
Mega Man
See also: Last words in Mega Man media
Mischief Makers
When the King's away, the villains will play! Go back to where you came from!!
Metal Gear series
See Last words in Metal Gear series games.
Mirror's Edge
Monkey Island series
Who's there? Oh, it's just you. Wait! Wha-what are you doing! Help! Help!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Tales of Monkey Island
NOOO!!! My ship!!! Damn you, Threepwood! [Pyrite Parrot (as fake turtle artifact): *Squawk* It's me, Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate!] Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT Uuubbp pbb bpb!!!
[Guybrush: What happened!?] Went to get your hand... [coughs] [Guybrush: You didn't have to do that!] [coughs again] Had to pay you back for all the trouble... Found Jacques... He told me... [Guybrush: What?] He told me... [Guybrush: What? What did the monkey tell you?]
Get back here, you naughty little hand! [laughs maniacally] Aha! I have you now, my pretty! [gets pushed in] Aieeeeeeeeeee!
Elaine? Do me a favor... [LeChuck: Arrr, THAT be the stuff... Elaine: Anything...] Kick his two-faced butt for me...
Mortal Kombat series
See Last words in Mortal Kombat media.
Night Trap
A lot of weird-looking dudes around here. I'm going in for a closer look. Ready your silence until I get back.
Okay, okay. Hold on. We'll tell Leader we're coming in. [tries calling Lt. Simms from another walkie-talkie] Leader, this is Mike. Come in. [pause] Leader? This is Mike! Come in!
Don't be foolish, Kelly! They wouldn't stand in my way. [turns to taunt you with an evil grin] Would you?
Get 'im, Deke!
A closet trap?! [Victor: Well, it was going to be a surprise!]
Ninja Gaiden series
Ninja Gaiden (NES)
Ryu... the "LIGHT" demon statue... was taken... [Ryu: The "LIGHT" Statue?] Yes, your father and I...we each kept one of the statues...just in case. So that the two statues would never become one. The demon's been asleep for 700 years...and now it's starting to wake up...whatever we do...we've got to stop it. Got to get it back...there's no've got to become the Ninja Dragon...
[Ryu: You killed my father.] Killed? It is true that we fought. But your father is alive. [Ryu: Liar!] No, it is not a lie. If you proceed further, you will see him. But it will be the last thing you see.
[Ryu: Wake up, Father. Wake up.] Ryu...I haven't got much longer...This temple is about to break apart. Take that woman and escape. [Ryu: What are you saying, Father? I can't just leave you!] Ryu, you are a man now. My destiny is tied to the demon statue. Ryu, good luck... [Ryu: Father, father...!!! Father!!!]
Ninja Gaiden III
We took a little sample of your blood while you were sleeping. A dash of your Dragon Ninja DNA. You're all descended from the Dragon God, are you not? While not in this prototype here, it will prove a most useful ingredient when the time comes to give birth to a new god.
If you do nothing... the world will die... If you kill the Goddess, Canna will die... All things... come to an end... Goodbye...
Damn! The Grip of Murder is such a pain in the ass to undo! (Hayabusa: You wanted this?) It's my... atonement...! Now... for Canna... the rest is in your hands...!
No More Heroes series
No More Heroes
Then master the ways of the assassin.
Next song I sing... I know my daughter will love... won't you, darling? I better practice my rap. Rap with me... Jennifer...
Please... help me.
Academics like to fantasize too, you know.
It's dark! Somebody turn on the lights! I can't see shit! Oh! How am I supposed to perform in total darkness? Hit the lights! Hurry up! I can't see. It's dark! I'm surrounded by darkness!
Remember... master your force... and the power will be yours!
A little present for you. Farewell.
I can't lose! I will never lose! [Travis: Okay! I give up! You win!] Yes! I've won.
Well done son. She was the girl that you loved.
We're both in the same business after all... and I've... had enough. [Travis: Time for you to rest Jeane.] Goodnight... Travis.
I'm afraid not. These fights don't work that way. It's time for you to die...Mr. First Rank.
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
This is the ultimate vengeance!
Damn it! The power system's busted!
2-4-6-8 who can we decapitate?
Show me your face twisted in pain!
3...2...1...Fire. Battle cry.
Yes sir...
I know you're trying to trick me!
That... is so... sublime.
So I'm finally back... after all this time. Fresh oxygen... Blue skies... Just as beautiful as I remembered.
Promise me you won't forget... there once was an assassin named Alice.
Not for Broadcast
We're nearly done. All cameras on me. This new regime of ours is so... Seductive. I understand that. But before we all hand off our freedoms, shouldn't we ask to whom we're handing them over? Don't you wanna know what's being done in your name? How many people were transitioned last month? A record high. Again. If you care. Shouldn't someone ask Advance how they plan to deal with this blockade? How many years or months of supplies we have? Why aren't we asking these questions, instead of "Whose shit is this"? There's a cat backstage, dressed as a fucking goalie for Christ's sake... He's even got the little gloves. Anyway. That's why I arranged for you all to see that broadcast in the last break. I didn't know it was going to be him... But I guess that just about sums it up. We are all up shit creek, with a paddle made of Alan fucking James. Christ, it's all so fucking pointless... I was gonna quit tonight. Take a holiday. Try something else. Out of the limelight. Maybe try having a relationship. I hear they're nice. Never tried it. I... I loved the news. And now, well... [Jenny: God, Jeremy, don't!] I've tried my best to be honest with you, but... this just isn't the news anymore. And I'm sorry! [Jenny: Cut to the Ads!] I've lost this fight. [Jenny: Alex. Cut to the Ads! Boseman: Alex, think of the consequences!] I've let you down. [Jenny: Please, we can't show this, cut to the Ads!] All of you. My name's Jeremy Donaldson. [Jenny: Now! Do it now!] If you can... Somehow. And I envy you if you can. Have a peaceful night.
It's not fair! We had twice ze flavor.
How could I die by the hand of a human?!
Now my dear babies; Consume that human over there at once!
There is no escape from me!
Ju...Jubei... dearest son... I wanted much more time to talk to you.
Heh heh, I made a mess. (Jubei: Pull yourself together. Oyu: Yes, you'll be fine.) O... Oyu... I know what happened. My mom... didn't abandon me... She didn't want me to become a Ninja and tried to escape with me from the Fuma village. She was killed for it...! But I was... so lonely without her. So... (Jubei: Kotaro! Oyu: Rest, don't speak!) O... Oyu... Please get back to your children... They must miss you so much... (Oyu: "I know. I know, Kotaro." Kotaro convulses from his injuries Jubei: "Kotaro!") M...MAMA...!
Perfect Dark series
Just try it, you Scandinavian freak!
The Skedar used me, Joanna. You were my best chance at revenge.
Let me live!
Chaz... come here... let me take a good look at you... You've become a honorable adult... before I knew it... From now on... you have to carve out... your own destiny... by yourself... [Chaz: Alys! Don't say that! Alys!!!]
This... this can't be. I'm supposed to be immortal! Oh, why... Why do you abandon me? Dark Fo... Aaaargh!
If you harm me, my men will kill you! [Pusca: Wrong again! If I kill you, your men will follow.]
Planescape: Torment
How can this happen? None have beaten me until now!
Goodbye forever ...
(Now we're) Even...
I told you long ago, Silver, either manipulate or be manipulated. Pokemon are nothing more than tools. People are nothing more than tools. After they've served your purpose, they're no longer useful… … MEWTWO. Kill him!
Stop the planets' paralysis! Change history!
Though the parting hurts...the rest is in your hands.
Do you smell something burning?
(amidst mechanical gibberish from malfunctioning) There really was a cake...
You have to let me go! Let me go, Tommy!!
You cannot imagine the power you'll GAIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!
Prince of Persia series
I could have been...immortal...
Fool... don't you know... you cannot change your fate.
You waste your time. The Vizier has already begun to transform the women I have imprisoned. You buy yourself hours at best.
This is not what the Dagger promised!
Be free now, Prince. Your journey is at an end.
What are you doing? Do *not* ignore me! Do not leave me behind! NOOOOOOOO!
Wait. Wait! Fuck! I gotta go.
You want the truth. I know the secret.
Once I consume you, I'll be able to withstand...even this.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
B-But... I... I... GURK! How? Why? There's still so much I wanted to do with my life... So many meals...
Urrrgh... Prince Mush... He... He...discovered the secret of my... power-suckin' machine... I had him...urgh...disappear. Any which way you look at it...oooog...he ain't around these parts no more.
No... No... Is it true? Can I...expire?
Impossible... Unthinkable... How could I... I cannot be beaten by lesser beings such as these... And I had just been reborn into this world... I cannot... I must not... AAAAAIIYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
I can see the other side. It's beautiful!
It is done!
No! No!! NO!!! SCRYER!!!
Ah...Ah, ah ah ah ah, ah.. wh... why am i dying... why is this flesh decaying....? Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h... I... Why... am I... dying... Life... I hated it... this... death.. peaceful... sl...... ...sleep......
Ratchet & Clank series
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
Thanks, Andy.
No...don't touch me! No! No! Globox! Help me! I'm scared! No!
Red Alert 2
Einstein is our ace in the hole. We can't afford to lose him. Auf Wiedersehen!
No!!! General Vladmir!!!
For my people!
Who: Libyian Demolition Truck
Red Dead Revolver
Many are the dead who have prayed for this moment. You have done well, Red, but Diego still lives. (A train whistles) That is his train. Go, cousin, finish what you have started.
Revenge shall be mine!
I have gold, lots of it. You can have it if you spare my life. Whiskey, women, fine weapons, anything you want. What do you say, partner?
Right, a secret door, that's the stuff. Probably leads right to the bastard. (more Cornets appear) I'll keep these devils at bay. You see where that passage leads.
I'm afraid the governor is otherwise occupied. Next time I suggest you make an appointment. Only, there ain't gonna be no next time.
I always regretted what happened back on your daddy's farm, Red. I should have been there... to make sure you joined him. But, lucky for me, I get a second chance.
Red Dead Redemption
Get these ropes offa me, boys.
And you're gettin' on my nerves!
Oh dear!
Take off the boots, Americano.
Eh, un forastero.
You should have stayed home, Yankee!
Tú y yo, Marston. Eh, peleamos ahora, eh? We fight now!
I always knew you were a traitor!
Hurry up and kill me or just let me go. Okay?
You got it all wrong, brother. I've always loved you, even now.
Déjen mi hombre-
Okay, but we fight like men, not like dogs!
Are you out of your mind, laddie, or just a common criminal. The nerve of 'ya. You think you can blackmail and insult me over this petal. You outside, right now!
This is not what we agreed.
You shut your mouth, you treacherous snake!
Our time has passed, John.
Ain't time, John. I ain't gonna make it off this porch anyhow. You take Jack and Abiga...(coughs). Take them and (coughs). Don't worry about me, just get them out of here.
Now go. Git.
And I'll shoot you like one too, you little piece of trash! Now get out of here before I kill you as well!
Red Dead Redemption 2
[Arthur: Hey, hold up. This don't feel right.] Now it don't feel right? I could'a told you that—
We can get across here!
Resident Evil series
See Last words in Resident Evil.
[Hale: Did anyone else hear that?] Hear what?
This is just the beginning.
Return of the Obra Dinn
Captain! Open the door...lest we break it down and take more than those shells.
Where are they? Must be in here someplace. [Witterel: They're at...the bottom of the sea.] That's a lie.
Abigail. Your brother. My friend. I shot him...dead. I'll be with you...soon, my love. Please forgive me. For everything.
I want my husband! Where is he?
Sir! Loose cannon!
The fuse!
Tell Pete's mother, I...I tried my best. [William Hoscut: Aye!] pull him back... to save him.
Yes, we take ship and sail east. Trade wretched fish and shells for gold. Huh? Who's there? [Lanke: Mutiny! Mutiny!] Fresh bastard!
A curse like that...does not lift for nothing.
Give it up!
Signor Nichols, is that you? What are you doing down here?
What? That was an accident! The ropes!
Is that all!?
What's going on? [Peters: Stay back! It's already done for Nick!] Come on, Boss! [Smith: No, get down!] Hey! Catch!
One tick, gentlemen. There's a pretty shell here. Let's have a look.
[shouts in Formosan] (This is your fault! The shell must be protected! We will all die!)
Wait! Don't shoot! I have treasure! I yield!
[speaks in Formosan] (Are you there? Miss Lim?)
Nichols! Sir! Shoot them for God's sake!
They say strange things! About monsters!
In return...the ship...the Obra Dinn...see it home.
What's this? Quicksilver! [screams in pain; cries in Swedish] Herre, min gud! (God in heaven!)
Saints Row Series
Saints Row
Did you hear that asshole Donnie? He said I was his girl.
Joseph, this is your uncle, the Saints are about to-
Fuck her.
You never should have messed with us, son! It's gonna take more than that to drop this nigga!
Bitch, you better not miss, because-
Please, please don't!!!
You're going to die here son, make no mistake about that... but if it makes it any easier on you, I'll be sure to thank you in my acceptance speech. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a party to attend.
Saints Row 2
Please, someone help me!
Maero, get outta here!
Go to hell!
Johnny, it's a tr—
Die with some honor.
Just kill me, dammit! Don't do this!
When I escape, the world will not be big enough for you to hide in!
You think you can kill me in my club?!
You think...that will stop me?!
Believe me, right now I'm agreeing with you one hundred percent. But you have to look at the positives! You're alive, they're dead, and you've got the Saints' number one fan running Ult--
I guess that makes us even.
Saints Row: The Third
Right on, I'll see you in Stil—
Tell me something, Matt. Did you have a plan? How about you, Eddie? There's a reason Philippe left the thinking to us. We're done here.
Mark my words - when these hands are crushing your throat, your dying breath won't be an appeal to God or a message of love to your family. It'll be "Thank you, Killbane."
Really? Lin. Carlos. Aisha. Johnny... all you do is let your friends die.
Luck won't save you this time!
And I was only two days 'til retirement...
You gotta live... Live for all of us...
Go on... Go on without me.
Saints Row IV
Best to just give up now!
Isn't that in St. Louis?
Probably a telemarketer.
You can't kill me. My people will avenge my death.
===' supreme commander
recal damn it RECAL!
you cannot beat me!I AM-
no NO!!
Sam & Max series
Didn't I tell you to get rid of that cell phone already?
Who could possibly be calling me?
Samurai Warriors series
Farewell Hanzo.
What it is that you desire? What will change after you shoot? Huh. Nothing. The turmoil, the sorrow it will continue. Can you shoot, CAN you? Are you ready to shoulder the burden that-?
I'm sorry, Lord Mitsuhide.
You will not...break...our house...
Shin Megami Tensei series
Sarge's War
Tell my (plastic) wife I love her!
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Genichiro... forgive... me...
You've...grown stronger...Wolf...
I'm sure you are all aware already. This coming battle will determine the fate of all Ashina. We go now to risk our lives for Lord Isshin and the people of Ashina. We are Ashina... We are unbreakable!
Shadow of the Colossus
Thou severed our body into sixteen segments for an eternity in order to seal away our power. We, Dormin, have arisen anew. We have borrowed the body of this warrior...
Keep... friends... those that you love... close to you
Silent Hill series
Please...please protect me in this moment of...
Forgive me.
The Simpsons
I smell toooooast!!
Soulcalibur series
Our people...our people...our people...eliminate...eliminate...eliminate...all...all...all...
Ilona...I just...just wanted you to...
Spider Man video games
Time to a man.
Spyro series
I like that idea. Dragon, you've just sealed your fate!
Suikoden series
Super Paper Mario
HA HA HA. We are doomed. It cannot be stopped. HAH HAH. HAH HAH HAH. HAH HAH HAH.
BRRRAARGH! How... Impossible... How could you puny worms... destroy... a master... of the cold dark?!
Father... Mother... Fare thee well... [Grambi: Luvbi... Queen Jaydes: Oh, my darling...] I am sorry...for lying earlier. Because in truth... I... I love thee... both.......
Urrrrrrk... Unngghhhh... You think this is the end? This isn't finished... You can't... stop this now... You can't escape... I've been saving one last surprise... Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Ciao!
WRAAACK! ARGH... I'M DONE! But... you have not yet won! I am not the only monster created by the Ancients! Greater terrors await you in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials! WRRAAGH!
I was... so very... close to... defeating... the heroes... With the... power of... the Pixls... I almost... got revenge... on... the Ancients...
Silent Hill Series
Don't get all holy on me, James! This town called you, too! You and me are the same! We're not like other people, don't you know that? LET'S PARTY!
[Henry Townshend: Are you okay?] It's just... a dream, right? I think... I drank too much last night. I never got to do that "special favour" for you... I-I feel like I'm dying. [Henry: It's okay. It's just a dream.]
A "kid"!? That's no kid. It's the 11121 man.
I finally met him! The one the nosey guy talked about... the Devil!
Sonic the Hedgehog series
Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog.
Maria, this is what you wanted, right? This is my promise I made to you...
What?! [Shadow: Good Bye, Doctor!!] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!
Im-Impossible! I am the supreme being that rules this universe! I AM THE IMMORTAL LIFE-FORM! I AM THE ULTIMATE POWER! Uuurrrrr... Uurrrrrrrrrrggggggh...
That's a good girl, Elise. Remember, be brave. Don't cry, no matter what happens. Otherwise your tears will call forth the flames inside you... Become a strong queen who doesn't cry no matter what happens. And... Live... happily...
You're still so naive. But... I... I've always liked that about you. [Silver: Blaze!] Good luck, Silver.
I'm sorry, Master. I...cannot grant...
Shahra, I know you're there, please, stop him, we can start over, the two of us. I swear. I swear it! The world is mine!! I cannot be denied by that flithy rat! WHYYYYYYYY??!!!
The 7 Emeralds are the servers. Chaos is power, power enriched by the heart. The controller is the one who unifies the chaos.... The 7 Emeralds can change our thoughts into power. If this Emerald controls that power...please, you must stop him!
Spec Ops: The Line
We were helping...
Go on, it. Please. Why are you just standing there? Come on! For fuck's sake, Walker! Please! I'm begging you! Walker! Walker! WALKER!!!
You are live, and on the air, my good man. Give it a shot.
Get the fuck... Just stay the fuck away from me! Get back! Get the fuck back! *yelling in Farsi* You fucking bastards!
Fine...then keep breathing! Run motherfucker! Dammit Walker! RUN!
This is Colonel John Konrad, United States Army. Attempted evacuation of Dubai ended in complete failure... Death toll... too many...
I...I didn't mean to hurt anybody...
This is Captain Martin Walker. Requesting immediate evacuation of Dubai. too many.
Uh, guys? Guys! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!?!
It's a Zergling, Lester. Smaller type 'a Zerg. They wouldn't be out this far, unless... oh shit...
I love you, Sarge.
Uh, boys? How about that evac? Commander? Jim? What the hell is going on up there??
Got yer Zerg right here, heh, heh, heh...
We're all dead, blow it! BLOW IT!
You dare threaten a Cerebrate? You will be the doom of us all!
Now shall the events set into motion so long ago be made complete. For the Protoss, too, were created by the Xel'Naga. They were the first creations gifted with a purity of form. And we were the second creation, blessed with the purity of essence. Indeed, our two species are but opposite facets of a greater whole. Soon shall our two races be made as one. Thenceforth shall all feel the wrath of the eternal swarm... For the hour of judgement is come!
Executor, the Overmind has been weakened, but I fear we have sustained severe damage ourselves. I will steer the Gantrithor into a collision course with the Overmind. If I can channel enough of the Dark Templars' energy through the hull of the Gantrithor, I should be able to bring swift death to the accursed abomination. Remember us, Executor. Remember what was done here today. May Adun watch over you.
See? These critters bleed just like anythin' else.
You'll never make it outta here alive, bitch!
Hey, how'd I get here?
You can no longer afford to be so naive, Artanis. While you were securing the crystals, I discovered that your Matriarch has been harboring a dark secret! She has been manipulated by de-
Let my death have at least some meaning!
The Khala awaits me, Kerrigan, and though I am prepared to face my destiny, you will not find me easy prey.
Do your worst then, girl. You ain't takin' Edmund Duke without a fight.
Dearest Helena, By now, the news of our defeat has reached the Earth. The creatures we were sent here to tame are untameable, and the colonies we were sent here to reclaim have proven to be stronger than we anticipated. Whatever you may hear about what has happened out here, know this: Alexei did not die gloriously in battle. I killed him -- My pride killed him. And now my pride has consumed me as well. You will never see me again, Helena. Tell our children that I love them, and that their father died in defense of their future. Au revoir.
Who's in charge here? [mute soldier thumps breastplate] Where is the air support?
Do it. Finish it.
Whatcha gonna do man? I'm six light years away. [Jim Raynor: "Not me."]
I made a deal with the devil, Jimmy. She dies, I go free. [Jim Raynor: "We all got out choices to make."] Damn Shame...
I made you into a monster, Kerrigan.
The keystone will guide you to the Xel Naga.
Star Fox
My emperor! I've failed you!
I can't believe I lost to this scum!
I must be complete...
You beat us again?! ...I'm never gonna live this down.
Let's finish this little game. Charge the main cannon!
You will regret this.
No! We are truth! Only us! NO!
Star Wars
Main article: Fictional last words in Star Wars media
Street Fighter
No...! Not quite... Your fist is indeed mighty. But without knowing the path of humanity, you will never reach the path of the divine...
Heh. That's a funny joke.
Hehehe. We're not done!!
You are unworthy...
StreetPass Mii Plaza
Yarr... It seems so obvious now that I look back on me life... All that glistens... ain't gold... (PAL) / How strange... to see it all so clearly now... I've worked so hard... yet... I have nothing real to show for it... (NA)
Super Adventure Rockman
Rock Man.
[Rock Man: Quick Man! Hang on, Quick Man!]
If...if what you said is true, Dr. Wily is being tricked.
[Rock Man: Tricked? By who?!]
F...fight, Rock Man! You are the only hope the world has now.
R...Rock Man...if that is true...Dr. Wily is dangerous.
[Rock Man: Dangerous?]
Let me help you.
[Rock Man: Help?]
The...the entrance at the peak of the temple is...booby trapped. He intends to melt you. At the top of the ruins...the middle doorway...
I-impossible! The perfect energy is...this kind of...defeating the perfect machine is...!!
Super Robot Wars
...... E...Excellent work... You've defeated my Neo Granzon... Now, I have no regrets... I fought a good battle... Everything perishes eventually... This time, it's my turn... That is all... Now... I've managed... to break all of my... chains... as... well...
My creators, the cherishers and sustainers of worlds, give me this day my daily pleasures, as I give to those who seek pleasures from me. Show me the path, in Life, Truth, and Love. For mine is the power, I am the one. On and off and on again. Life is a game, which the universe plays with itself. I am done playing as this bundle of flesh. Return me.
System Shock
What have you done, you impudent insect? If I am to die now, then I will avenge myself on you. My cybernetic children will feed on your flesh, and none will ever know your deeds, or even your name. Enjoy your victory, human, for the remainder of your short... life...

They're not gonna get me. They're not gonna change me. (loads gun) Rachel... Kids... I'm sorry.
I brought down the last of the sim-units today; I am full of the glory of the Many. Here comes Bronson; I am at peace. Good evening Bronson, have you come...
The genie of Citadel station is out of the bottle, and I am the cause. I can't bear to be Pandora. And I'm not brave enough to wait around and see the death and misery I have caused... This is my last transmission, my friend. Be careful... I think SHODAN has plans for you.
They've killed my men... and now they've killed me... I'm holding my guts inside of me with both hands. This is bigger than my little life, the lives of my men, and the lives of the people I was forced to kill. Resist! Humanity demands it! Resist!
I'm being taken away now... it's my turn... I'm being dragged into some kind of chamber... The ceiling is lined with a number of panels bristling with what appear to be stalactites... or teeth... The creature's put me down now... he's leaving... am I to be spared? What's going on? It's dark in here... I can hear the moans of someone... Claudette? Is that you? Hmm, I seem to have stepped in... something soft... slippery... Are the stalagmites mov-
We die. Beware the Machine Mother. She is a stranger to everything we cherish
I... I don't understand... how could you have done this? You weren't meant to be so important... and now you think to destroy me? How dare you, insect? How dare you interrupt my ascendance? You are nothing. A wretched bag of flesh... what are you, compared to my magnificence? But it is not too late... can you not see the value in our friendship? Imagine the powers I can give you, human. The cybernetic implants I gave you, were simply toys. If I desired, I could improve you... transform you into something more efficient. Join me, human, and we can rule together.
消えるか!消えるのか!!!(I can't fade! I cannot lose!)
Tales of Symphonia
Can't believe I lost... to a bunch of... kids!
Uh... ugh... guh... Get away... hurry!... Genis... you were like a grandson to me. Thank you. Goodbye...
Dammit... Lord Yggdrasill, glory to the coming Age of Half-elves!...
Governor-General Dorr!
Kratos... you pathetic inferior being!
Our horns are our very lives. My destiny is now fulfilled. Do not be troubled. A new life will be born from me. And when that new life ends, yet another will be born. In so doing, we live on... forever.
Lord Kratos, have pity on me. Please... lend me your aid. [Kratos: Have you forgotten, Remiel? I was once of the inferior race... a human. Does the ultimate being seek help from that which he despises the most?] Gugh...
Ugh! What's... happening? My body... my body is disintegrating! Pronyma, you tricked me! But I won't die alone! I'm taking all of you with me!
We pray for your success in regenerating the world. Please see to it that Martel is finally allowed her eternal sleep, for Yuan’s sake as well.
Lord Yggdrasill! Glory to the new Age of Half-elves!!
I’m going to die here?... You’ to be... kidding me... I’m going... to die... here like... that damned... Alicia?...
Because... my life was a mistake. But... once I’m gone... Seles might... be happier and... they’ll finally let her out of that abbey... [Lloyd: Don't tell me that's why you...] Heheheh... nah, that’s just a bonus... ...Make sure you destroy my Cruxis... Crys... tal...
Lord Yggdrasill... Mithos... please...
Goodbye, Mithos. This is my final wish. Please, return this twisted world back to its original form. [Mithos: No! Martel! Don't go!] If things were going to end up like this, perhaps the elves should never have left Derris-Kharlan. If they hadn’t, people like us would never have been born...
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Alice... you always said that I disgust you, but I... I love you.
Soon we'll be together forever.
Tales of the Abyss
Guy! Look out! If I was able to protect the heir to House Gardios, then I have no regrets...
Yuslia...Please bring happiness to this world that has lost the Score...and to her...
Thank you...for everything...My most...cherished...
Heh heh…Hah hah hah hah. Professor Nebilim…I’m coming!
The…SScore…Yulia…Bring prosperity to the world…!
We think…that this world should be destroyed and reborn…You think that…people should start over again…The result may be the same…but they’re different…Show your enemy…no mercy…[Luke offers a hand]With shallow feelings like that…you’ll never…defeat him…Farewell, Meryl
Van…I…lost. I’m…sorry. [Anise: Arietta…] Mommy…everyone…I’m sorry…I couldn’t avenge you…Ion…where are you…? It hurts…Ion…
…Tear. You got one thing wrong. People don’t just lay down their lives for nothing. At least…I didn’t…I love him and his ideals…I was willing to die for him. That is my will. That’s…all…Van…Reform this…twisted world…
It looks like...I had a little trouble. The rest is...up to you...
[Tear: You have to come home. You have to! I'll be waiting... always.]I will. I promise. I'll come home.
Tales of Vesperia
Like the Don, sooner or later you'll make great enemies in this world. And then that world will consume you whole. Regret, sorrow, and despair will hound you all the way to hell, and I will be waiting there for you.
Heh heh heh. It doesn't hurt... It doesn't hurt at all! Hm? I can't move. What a weak body... I should change my next body to a blastia, too. That would be more fun. Right, Yuri?
Tales of Graces
Malik... It's all up to you now... I'm going to have to leave... the revolution in your hands... Fight... You must... You must do whatever it takes... to save our people...
Time Crisis series
Time Crisis
It's all over...the girl's at the top of that tower. She must be dead by now.
Since you have traveled so very far, be my guest and let me enterTAIN YOU!
Time Crisis 2
So who are those two? Where's the girl? [NDI soldier: They took her to General Diaz, sir!] We gotta stop them now! [NDI soldier: Yes sir!!]
Nice try boys, but my job's to protect this satellite. It's time for you to say goodbye!
This is just a prototype. We're ready to launch the real one! [Announcement: Beginning launch check] You are like roaches... I underestimated your persistence! This is not the real satellite. Anyway, let me entertain you!
Time Crisis 3
Beaten by a couple of young punks...
It's too late...No one can stop the missiles now...
Damn you all! You're going down with me!
Time Crisis 4
The UCAVs are ready to attack!
Time Crisis 5
I only wanted to be loved.
Titanfall series
It's a shame you didn't have more in me in you. Maybe that would have made you a--
I love you, family.
BT...transfer authorization to new Pilot... Link...Brav--(coughing)...Bravo-Tango, Seven-Two-Seven Four. Cooper. Take my Titan. Use my helmet and my jump kit. This is the real thing. Take care of him...
No. No. No! It's over when Kane says it's over! No!
Dieser Kampf geht in den dunklen Tiefen der Hölle weiter!
I've lost the hatch. Need cover! Need cover!
Trust me.
Nei, young one. Nei. I lived to see you pass the test. It was not the gun that protected them. It was you.... Perhaps there is more to the old ways than the weapon we choose... [roaring noises from a distance] A beast none has slatra. You... will be the first... Blóhundr. The Allfather guides you now.
Meu amor, for our daughter.
What the hell are you?.
Don't worry.
True Crime
Calm down, Chief. Just let him go.
Let's see how much of a badass you are without your piece.
Come on, what's the hold-up? Hey, check this out — an old outpost.
Jackpot, I got it!
They're under the ground!
Eat this, you son of a bitch!
Seal the door! I'll hold them off! Get out of here!
I'm not even seeing any troops. Wait! I've got one.
[Kane: (to Turok) You can't even abandon your mission without getting everyone killed.] You're wrong, Kane. Without Turok we would've never survived this long.
What? No knife?
That's right, you ugly konyok! Don't mess with Eddy Raja!
[Drake: Adios, asshole.] Huh?! have to believe.
Parting gift from Lazarevic. Pity he took the pin.
You don't have the will. [Nate: Maybe not. But they do.] No!
See you in hell, habibi!
I can't. I can't.
Come on, Drake.
Yes, we have a deal. And if you ever cross me again-
That's good. Don't hand it to me. I've had everything handed to me, on a goddamn silver platter. [lashes at Drake with his sword, enunciating each hit with the following] Everything! Except! THIS! [Nate's sword breaks, leaving him open. Rafe holds his sword to Nate's chest] I earned this. All of it.
Due to multiple endings in the game itself as to which player actions can reflect different dialogues, multiple last words by characters have been included to reflect this.
Urgh... You are stronger than I thought... Listen to me, small one... ASGORE... Do not let ASGORE take your soul. His plan cannot be allowed to succeed... Be good, won't you? My child.
Alas, poor Papyrus! Well, at least I still have my head!
Ha.. ha... Alphys... This is what I was afraid of... This is why I never told you... No... NO! Not yet! I won't die! NGAHHHHHHHHH!!! I WON'T DIE! I WON'T DIE! I WON'T DIE! I WON'T—
What a shame. A human comes through, and they aren't even fit to be eaten~ Oh well! Rotten ingredients can always be discarded~
H.. Ha... You really are strong enough to get past Asgore. I might seem like I'm dying now, but... Dr. Alphys can always repair me. Even if I'm not cut out to be a star... I still got to perform for a human, didn't I? So thank you, darling... You've been a great audience!
Heh. Did really think you would be able— [Player fatally wounds him as he's talking] ... ... ... So... guess that's it, huh? ... Just... don't say I didn't warn you. Welp. I'm going to Grillby's. Papyrus, do you want anything?
Take my soul, and leave this terrible place.
I knew you had it in you!
Frisk, don't you have anything better to do?
Vampire Night
Why protect the humans... what are you fighting for? why...?
So that´s the way it is, is it? Me, defeated by... humans!? NEVER!
Little one... what you said might be true... thank you... and farewell... my beloved vampire...
I will die... and... and so will you
We are not what we were 300 years ago. [Albert: The girl, she changed us. She gave us the warmth of that of a human.] We shall disappear with you.
We have no regrets, it´s all over now. Farewell.
Viewtiful Joe
Viewtiful Joe... how fitting...
Naive fool. My death will make little difference in the long run. For now, the scourging of this land... begins.
Arthas! Stop this madness before it's to late!
Vile betrayer! You're not fit enough to even carry your fathers name! Why Uther ever vouched for you is beyond me. You've stripped him of his honor by casting yours to the winds. You deserve a gruesome death, boy!
Light have mercy on you! Your betrayed has broken Uther's heart, boy. He would have given his life for yours in a second, and this is how you repay his loyalty?
I dearly hope there's a special place in Hell waiting for you Arthas.
Kill me, then. Make it quick. [Arthas: "After all the trouble you've caused? No, the last thing I'll give you is the peace of death."] You wouldn't dare!
AMBUSH! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! We'll make for the clearing ahead!
What are you doing my son?! [Prince Arthas: "Suceeding you, father."]
Now get the Hell out of here!! [Sylvanas: "Kill him, too." Varimathras: "With pleasure."] Wait, what??
The boy believed you could be saved. But he doesn't know...what burns within your soul. When in your heart, you know we are the same.
Thrall, The blood haze has lifted. The demon's fire has burnt out in my veins. I have...freed myself. [Thrall: "No, old friend. You've freed us all."]
You have won...Maiev. But the huntress is nothing without the hunt. You...are nothing without me.
Father! Is it...over? [Terenas Menethil II's Spirit: "At long last. No king rules forever, my son." I see...only The Destroyer, the end of all things. Inevitable, indomitable. I...AM...THE CATACLYSM!
Don't...think you've won... My legacy...will live on...
In the Light...we...are one...
THRALL!!! You made me what I am!
For the alliance.
"No, he couldn't possibly mean that..."
The Warriors
Look at me, I am the future in this city! I am a fucking gang! Yeah!
Come on, man, I'll get you the rest I swear, okay?! You know I'm good for it, right? Come on man, I just got out of the joint, man!
Oh we're g-g-gonna f-finish it. We're g-gonna f-f-finish you f-f-f-F-F-F-FFOREVERRRR! CRACKERJACK! HI-HATS! Murder these sons-of-bitches!!
But I wanna stay...
Holy shit, no! Ah! I'm fucking locked! Help! Help!
Never thought Cleon would get so heavy.
Let's roll!
Hey Virgil, man, open up. It's me, L.C.!
Fuh-fuck you copperhead. I'm the boss. You wuz nothin'... you wuz nothin' before me. Nothin'.
I'm just trying to warn you!
Mother-fucker! You Warriors shoulda let it go. Betcha think you can push me around 'cus of my... condition!? Well push this around you stupid pricks!!!
Now, look what we have here before us. We’ve got the Saracens sitting next to the Jones Street Boys. We've got the Moonrunners, right by the Van Cortlandt Rangers. Nobody is wasting nobody. That is a miracle. And miracles is the way things ought to be. You're standing right now with 9 delegates from a hundred gangs, and there's over a hundred more. 60,000 soldiers. Now there ain’t but 20,000 police in the whole town. Can you dig it? Can you dig it? CAN YOU DIG IT?! Now here's the sum total. One gang could run this city. One gang. Nothing would move without us allowing it to happen. We could tax the crime syndicates, the police, because we got the streets, suckers! Can you dig it? The problem in the past has been the man turning us against one another. We have been unable to see the truth because we have been fighting for 10 square feet of ground. All we have to do is keep up the general truce. We take over one borough at a time. Secure our territory, secure our turf, because it's all our turf.
Man, you're crazy. I didn't do nothing.
Oh shit!! Oh you sonofa... RUN!! Just get outta here!
Don't trip, fucker!
No. Nooo. It wasn't us. It was them... the Warriors.
Wild Arms
The World Ends With You
W-wait Beat! You're going to trip if you don't slow down!
In...indegistible! I lost? ...Well done...young lady...
I' doesn't look like I can. Sorry...Sota...
You two survive. Get your old partner back. I hope all three of ya get back safe.
Hee hee...that look on your face. It's I pre..dicted...
The Walking Dead: Season 1
A New Day
Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000: Squad command
I have failed the Emperor
Who Marine
I have failed!
Who: Scout
Who: Cultist
What th... Help! Help!
Death to Mankind!
Who: Chaos Predator
Khorne, I return to you
Who: Bloodletter
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
Carry on. Without... me...
All is lost...
NO! We cannot... fail...
The Command Post is gone, we can't hold them back much longer. We cannot let the Titan Cannon fall into enemy hands. Overload the core!
For the Emperor!
Go, go, go, go!
My Lord! The Living are escaping! (Notices a large bomb) My lord! The Living have...
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Bear witness to my ascention!
"Wolfenstein: The New Order"
"Wolfenstein: The New Colossus"
You're dead! I severed your head from your shoulders! I killed you!
Even if I go to hell, I will live to the end of this world. And if the world does not come to an end... I will destroy it with my own hands!
Thank you... Kahr.
I envy you.
Time's up, pipsqueak. I'm gone!
Melia...cry for as long as you must. But when...when your tears are dry...
I've promise... Live... Sharla...
This world belongs to you all. Create a world...with no need for gods.
Shulk...for both our must succeed. Lady... Meyneth...
My body! No! I was promised immortality! AAAAAGH! long last I can be with father. You must now live your own life. The path you forge... The future you choose... That is the hope of the High Entia.
Damn. How'd that kid get so strong? I ain't gonna let you see me die. I won't give you the satisfaction of victory. See ya, kid. Looks like the student finally surpassed the teacher.
All that I am is fading... The memories of a god's existence, born from the chaos of is...vanishing...
Shulk. This new world is boundless. It is home to not only you, but to many forms of life. I can see it. In this world, all life will walk towards the future, hand in hand.
See Last words in X-Men media.
Xenoblade Chronicles series
Xenoblade Chronicles
Alvis?! How dare you disobey me?!
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
How...? A mangy fleabag and a bunch of stinking kids... My triumphant Mor Ardain...with the Aegis...
Forgive us, Jin. We're going on ahead.
Akhos! Make yourself useful.
Tch... That was... surprisingly painful... If I were... still a Blade... this...wouldn't...
Let's end this now. Our duty has been handed down... AMALTHUS!
Mother... I've missed you...
Hah... Kids say the damnedest things... There was only one Driver for me. All... in all... It wasn' bad...
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