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I have often tried to isolate that quality of "Zen" which attracted me so powerfully to its literature and later to the practice of zazen. But since the essence of Zen might well be what one teacher called "the moment-by-moment awakening of mind," there is little that may sensibly be said about it without succumbing to that breathless, mystery-ridden prose that drives so many sincere aspirants in the other direction. In zazen, one may hope to penetrate the ringing stillness of universal mind, and this "intimation of immortality," as Wordsworth called it, also shines forth from the brief, cryptic Zen texts, which refer obliquely to that absolute reality beyond the grasp of our linear vocabulary, yet right here in this moment, in this ink and paper, in the sound of this hand turning the page.
~ Peter Matthiessen ~
There is a page for each month where previous "Quotes of the Day" for each date are listed, and where registered users can make suggestions or rank suggestions for upcoming dates. The Quotes of the Year page and other archives contain more extensive listings of quotes that have already been used. See also the QOTD by month and email options.
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