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Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/The Reformation
various abuses in the lives of the clergy and the people. In the Papal Curia political interests and a worldly life were often prominent. Many bishops
74 KB (11,658 words) - 18:24, 21 April 2013
Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Charlemagne
original Frankland), most of Neustria, and all of Aquitaine except the southeast corner. In this way the possessions of the elder brother surrounded the
51 KB (8,708 words) - 03:26, 20 May 2021
The City of the Saints/Chapter 13
the Oregon line. They number about 4500 souls, and are wildest in the southeast parts of their motherland. The Yuta claim the rest of the Territory between
385 bytes (10,991 words) - 18:36, 14 July 2021
Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Byzantine Empire
Italy were ever under Byzantine control for any length of time. To the southeast, the Coptic and Syriac and, if the name is permitted, the Palestinian
111 KB (18,468 words) - 21:09, 11 August 2013
Translation:Oratio in Milonianum Circeronis
into the Curia and cremated it by means of the benches, platforms, tables, and secretaries' ledgers; on account of this fire both the Curia itself burned
7 KB (1,102 words) - 07:10, 22 February 2021
Notes on the churches in the counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey/Sussex/Notes on the Churches R-Y
Lewes Priory, agreed "ut liceat mihi" (nempe Sybillæ) "habere capellam in curia mea de Walderne meis sumptibus per prædictum capellanum deserviendam sine
746 bytes (16,086 words) - 12:26, 13 July 2010
History of Norfolk/Volume 4
The Rev. Mr. Jonathan Thornton is now [1744] chaplain. Called anciently Curia Comitatûs, stood in the parish of St. John of Timberhill, on the left hand
1.46 MB (250,157 words) - 15:50, 15 June 2020
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