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A collection of resources that collect public domain texts, similar to those collected by Wikisource. Please consider viewing these sources when looking for works to add to our project.
With Pagescan
American MemoryexcellentpartialFrom Library of Congress
Anarchy ArchivesgoodpartialSome works are under copyright
Bibliothèque nationale de France (Gallica)excellentYesMostly French-language works, with some English. Page image viewer with PDF downloads available.
Biodiversity Heritage LibraryexcellentYesBHL in flickr /
BHL Blog
British History OnlineexcellentnoCore printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles
British LibraryexcellentyesRun search, then refine the access options to "online" and the format to "book", pdf though may need deriving to djvu at Internet Archive (announcement)
Cambridge Digital LibraryexcellentyesNeed to download image by image. Click on thumbnail and then you can get the link to the full image and build the download.
Christian Classics Ethereal LibraryexcellentyesMany formats available
CrossAsia @ University of Heidelbergn/ayesMostly Asian studies-related with PDF downloads
Digital Bodleiann/aexcellentOver a million pages, including very old English manuscripts. Can download as PDF.
Digital Book IndexvariablevariableThis is really a meta-search, which links to texts in other locations
Distributed ProofreadersexcellentsomeList of available sources
Family history booksn/ayesPlus local histories. Predominantly PDF works; some have text layers (raw OCR), not all
Google BookspooryesNot all texts are in the public domain. Many texts are only partly available.
Hathi TrustvariableyesPDF downloads only for members of certain institutions. Haiti Trust will mark PDF with your institution, the date accessed, and other information. You can download individual page images using the url scheme{ID};seq={N};size=10000;rotation=0​.
Internet ArchivepooryesMost texts are raw OCR without proofreading
Library of LibertygoodyesSome works are under copyright
Modernist Journals Projectn/ayesImages stored in the format,Image_Size/0/default.jpg . There is no default upper limit although most images have a maximum value of 3500 (increment is by 50).
UK Government Statute Law databaseexcellentsomeMany are Crown Copyright (expires after 50 years)
Universal Digital LibrarypooryesSome works are under copyright (copyright status is indicated), many non-English works
University of Bielefeldn/ayes
University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC)n/ayesImage viewer with PDF downloads
University of Hong Kong Librariesn/ayesNo evident main page for this repository so use a
domain-scoped Google search. See also some Wikisource community notes about downloading from this repository.
University of Michigan libraryNAyesPagescans only
Washington State Historical Records ProjectpooryesMany copyright expired historical works scanned at usable quality. Mostly northwestern US history, but not exclusively; some non-English.
WilbourhallexcellentyesClassical works in several languages and translations, including Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, etc.
World Digital Libraryn/ayes
Archaeological Survey of Indian/ayespdf files of good quality; covering many subjects and many countries; some works under copyright
Digital Library of Indian/ayesPages in tif format; requires tif reader for online page-by-page viewing and saving; requires DLI downloader for downloading pdf. Huge collection; variable scan quality; many copyrighted works
Digital Library of India ERNETGoodyesPDF books. Claims all books copyright expired. (5,50,000 books)
Maine Music Boxgoodyescollection of more than 22,000 musical works, consisting primarily of sheet music
Trinity's Access to Research Archivegoodyescontains many Irish works
State Library of Western Australian/ayesmostly works concerning Australia, downloads as PDF
Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Images (SCETI)n/ayesMostly individual images. The
advanced search is easier to use.
Without Pagescan
Baldwin ProjectexcellentnoChildren's books
BartlebyexcellentNoTexts not already imported are listed at User:Quadell/Bartleby​.
BibliomaniagoodnoMostly reuses Gutenberg content
Dinsmore DocumentationexcellentnoProfessional proofreaders, showing off their work
History SourcebooksgoodnoDespite frequent © notices, texts are in the public domain
ibiblioexcellentno19th Century Works on Indian history written by British authors.
Literature NetworkgoodnoIncludes biographies and photos of authors
Project GutenbergvariableNoTexts proofed by the Distributed Proofreaders are of excellent quality. Others are less reliable.
Sacred Textsexcellentnoincludes original images
University of Virgina libraryexcellentnoMany texts are only available to UV students and staff
Wake Forest University libraryexcellentnoMany texts are annotated
Yale Law School's Avalon ProjectgoodnoSome works are under copyright
Specific collections
Local interest
North Carolina
See also: Wikisource:WikiProject North Carolina
Bibliographies listed in the Eighteen Volumes The Cambridge History of English and American Literature.
Other resources
Although these sites don't provide source texts, they may be useful to Wikisourcerors in other ways.
See also
User:BeatrixBelibaste/Digital libraries
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