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Web Page/Flash/Fade
1. On a blank page in Flash, type whatever words or phrase you want to fade in/out. (To do this, click on the capital “A” in the Tools section on the left
2 KB (343 words) - 22:07, 29 April 2020
Damped oscillation
An oscillator is anything that has a rhythmic periodic response. A damped oscillation means an oscillation that fades away with time. Examples include
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an analysis of the rubidium abundance suggests that the s-process occurred at a neutron density of about 2 [x] 108 cm-3." The "K giant in AG Dra [has
26 KB (3,054 words) - 19:34, 8 January 2019
Arduino/Analog output
Paste the following code into Arduino and run it: /* Fading This example shows how to fadean LED using the analogWrite() function. The circuit: * LED
7 KB (1,081 words) - 22:43, 25 July 2017
Empirical astronomy/Quiz
reached peak brightness, as it faded and the host galaxy came back into view." Empirical astronomy is a lecture about an approach to understanding astronomical
6 KB (664 words) - 04:46, 2 January 2021
Radiation astronomy/Gravitationals
light the object faded rapidly, but at longer wavelengths, in the near infrared part of the spectrum, it brightened a little and then faded much more slowly
97 KB (9,100 words) - 23:25, 5 December 2020
CA Case Study
gradually faded out, with students taking on more and more of the task as they become more skillful. These techniques of scaffolding and fading slowly build
4 KB (649 words) - 01:29, 13 February 2018
Adobe Photoshop/Gradient Tool
the Paint Bucket Tool. It works by having one color of fill fade into the other. It has many features, and we will only cover the most common here. Right
1 KB (191 words) - 12:42, 7 November 2018
Web Design/CSS challenges
nature's changing course untrimm'd:</li> <li>But thy eternal summer shall not fade,</li> <li>Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st,</li> <li>Nor shall
21 KB (2,837 words) - 04:34, 18 May 2021
Radiation astronomy/Yellows
variables, ... [and fades] from sight like R Coronae Borealis variables. An R Coronae Borealis variable (abbreviated RCB) is an eruptive variable star
99 KB (11,066 words) - 01:32, 1 December 2020
energy should have decreased. The observed fading and constant temperature suggests that the wave of energy has swept up a negligible amount of gas in the
19 KB (2,783 words) - 05:36, 2 November 2020
seen in the upper hemisphere in this orientation). That familiar feature faded from view early in May. But the bright white stripe in SOFIA's image is
108 KB (13,275 words) - 04:53, 13 May 2021
Student Projects/The Big Bang
microwave radiation coming from every point in the sky. This mysterious energy is the faded remains of the intense burst of energy released in the Big Bang.
2 KB (272 words) - 11:14, 7 April 2020
observed the same location on July 3, the source had faded, shown in the below right image. The fading glow provided key evidence that it was the decaying
35 KB (4,116 words) - 20:35, 30 November 2020
History of the Pen
century. Throughout the early 19th century, the usage of the quill pen faded and the quality of metal nibs increased. Ball point pens also made their
7 KB (1,232 words) - 10:41, 7 July 2020
Radiation astronomy/Temporals
time. Also known as a time distribution. A temporal distribution usually has the independent variable 'Time' on the abscissa and other variables viewed
15 KB (1,661 words) - 18:32, 31 May 2021
Radiation astronomy/Lithometeors
in its upper reaches. The comet quickly faded during March". "The λλ6300, 6363 Auroral red doublet of [OI] has been measured on digital sky-subtracted
107 KB (13,630 words) - 18:39, 31 May 2021
Radiation astronomy/Standard candles
for the differences, for example why faint supernovae fade quickly and bright supernovae fade slowly. A new analysis by the Nearby Supernova Factory
110 KB (16,273 words) - 02:51, 30 November 2020
Computer graphics/2013-2014/Laboratory 11
accelerationY, accelerationZ) display related: Color, material, texture, etc. Fading and fading factor -- how visible is the particle Life: which should be decremented
5 KB (673 words) - 19:24, 19 April 2020
Nella Larsen "Quicksand"
Helga has no home or friends. But, after a series of bad interviews and bad employment agencies, Helga finds herself employed as a paid companion to an educated
8 KB (1,238 words) - 03:28, 16 October 2020
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