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This institute is for scholars wishing to pursue the analysis and methodology behind visual and performing arts. Anybody interested in having an educated opinion when criticizing films, art, or dance needs first understand its history and patterns, symbols and icons. Departments in the Art Studies and History subdivision include, but are by no means limited to, cinema studies and art history. Whether to compare German Expressionism and Italian neorealism, write a review about a Jackson Pollock piece, or fully appreciate the religious iconography in European medieval art, this department is here at your disposal.
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This is a content development project where Wikiversity participants create, organize and develop learning resources for Art History.
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Learning materials and learning projects are located in the main Wikiversity namespace. Simply make a link to the name of the learning project (learning projects are independent pages in the main namespace) and start writing! We suggest the use of the learning project template, by doing
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on the new page.
Learning materials and learning projects can be used by multiple departments. Cooperate with other departments that use the same learning resource. Remember, Wikiversity has adopted the "learning by doing" model for education. Lessons should center on learning activities for Wikiversity participants. We learn by doing. Select a descriptive name for each learning project. Learning projects can be listed in alphanumeric order by code, however code numbers are optional.
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