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Defeat of Lepanto
Emperor Selim II
Part I

Quiz on Height of the Ottoman Empire, Part I
Part II
In 16. century, Great Ottoman Empire was strongest and biggest state on the world. Afterthe death of Emperor Selim II, Murad III became Sultan of Ottomans. He was young and smart. He wanted to gain more power and destroy his enemies. In the west, the Spanish Empire was very strong. This empire was the most important rival for the Ottoman Empire. The Spanish army captured a lot of Africa areas. Morocco State was occupied. Sultan Abdülmelik came to Istanbul and wanted to help. He wanted to Ottomans drive the Spanish out of Morocco. Young sultan Murad III agreed. During those events, Ottoman architecture was improving. For example Mimar Sinan made Selimiye Mosque.
Murad III
Mehmed III
Ahmed I

Quiz on Height of the Ottoman Empire, Part II
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