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The Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe is located between the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea. The region has a mixed scenery with many tall mountain
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Ottoman Empire
While often called classical Turkish music, it is influenced by Byzantine, Arabic, Persian, Balkan folk music as well, and this is often cited as the
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Roma culture in Europe (section Listen to Roma/Sinti music)
call "Balkan jazz," a type of improvised music based on traditional Bulgarian wedding music but with inflections from various other types of music. Central
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Bulgaria (category Balkans)
Republic of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Република България), is a country in the Balkans, west of the Black Sea. Bulgaria boasts sublime beaches on its seaside
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Montenegro (category Balkans)
Montenegro (Montenegrin: Crna Gora, Црна Гора) is a country in the Balkans, on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of Europe's youngest countries, independent
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Bosnia and Herzegovina (category Balkans)
Херцеговина, usually shortened to BiH) is a European country located on the Balkan Peninsula. It used to be part of Yugoslavia but gained independence in 1992
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Burgas (section Music)
one of the oldest international music events in the city. It started in 1965 as festival for Balkan dances and music but later expanded and until today
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Serbia (category Balkans)
Србија, Srbija) is a country at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Balkans, on one of the major land routes from Central Europe to the Near East.
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Central Europe and the Middle East, and assumes the central position in the Balkan peninsula, surrounded by a number of mountains, two rivers, two beautiful
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an important mercantile center, situated as it was at the crossroads of Balkan trade and communications routes. It was celebrated for its urban life and
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Croatia (category Balkans)
Hrvatska) is a Mediterranean country that bridges Central Europe and the Balkans. There are three distinct areas of Croatia: Lowland Croatia (Nizinska Hrvatska)
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Europe (section Music)
high concentration of celebrity chefs and their fine dining restaurants. Balkan cuisines form a continuum with Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and the Caucasus where
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Romania (category Balkans)
western shores of the Black Sea; except for Dobruja, it is north of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a country of great natural beauty and diversity and a rich
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the dissolution of the socialist republic, and in the ensuing years of Balkan wars, tourism income was affected in the region leaving buildings empty
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brought the first camera to the Balkans and made the first movies there, also lived and worked in Bitola. After the Balkan wars in 1913, when Serbia occupied
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in 1829 and 1878, which reached the western outskirts of Istanbul. The Balkans were literally "balkanised" - broken up by nationalist movements and wars
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Balkan, Kralja Aleksandra I (Краља Александра I Карађорђевића) ~94, ☏ +381 34 334304. You can try out national specialties and listen to live music
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still preserved for tourist to see today. Sliven is situated in the sub-Balkan region and is approximately 100km from the Black Sea. The climate is mild
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One of the largest orthodox churches worldwide and the largest in the Balkan Peninsula.   42.64467223.26617216 Boyana Church, 1-3 Boyansko Ezero Str
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Air Serbia and has flights to most European capitals, but especially to Balkan cities such as Ljubljana, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Thessaloniki
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rare local cheeses.  [dead link] Balkan Grill (Балкан Гриль), Perensona 9 (Behind Krasnoyarsk Opera theater). Balkan food. Nice atmosphere, although the
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order "burek" which is pastry with cheese, one of the best in this part of Balkan  You can drink on the promenade, Riva caffe, Banana caffe, Zlatne godine
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enthusiastic and welcoming to tourists.  Peaks of the Balkans Trail. Hike the Peaks of the Balkans Trail. This trans-border 192-km trail will take you from
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Alphen aan den Rijn
quality, situated in a park. Lubo Steal Grill, van Nesstraat 1a, 0172-499441, Balkan kitchen. Original Chines Palace, Burg. Bruijn Slotsingel 20, 2406 AE, 0172-436655
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cuisine. Pizza places: Aktuelle, Laguna, Arbesha, Manos, Gino (Tus) Local Balkan restaurants known as "Kafana" that mainly serve barbecue: Baba Cana, Adzi
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food; with a mixture of Subalpine, Italian, Hungarian, Central European and Balkan cuisine, most people will find something to their liking - unless they're
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businessmen. But the most important is qualitative Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Balkan and Byelorussian cuisine.  Senoji Hansa, Teatro g. 3 (located in the very
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considered themselves as a Balkan state until their demise, built most of their landmarks in Balkans and the natural extension of Balkans within today's Turkey—Marmara
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Food and drink
United States and Canada Argentine cuisine Brazilian cuisine Mexican food Balkan cuisines Benelux cuisines British and Irish cuisine Central European cuisines
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schedule at Skopje Autobuska Stanica. Buses to Sarajevo run daily at 08:10 (Balkan Express minibus) and the journey takes about 7 hours, stopping at Podgorica
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Rhodope Mountains
The location of the Rhodope Mountains in the southeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula also determines the climate. It is characterized by a transitional
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Ljubljana. Ljubljana is a year-round destination but you need to dress for the Balkan climate. Summers are warm, with daytime highs of 30°C. There are often public
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Munich (section Theatre, opera, and music)
neighbouring countries, especially from eastern and southern Europe and the Balkans. Buses arrive at 48.142411.54995 Munich Central Bus Station (ZOB) (close
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with Albania and North Macedonia, respectively, the Prespas especially offering an austere and evocative Balkan landscape and plenty of birdwatching.
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Nicosia (North)
quality. Traditional Cypriot cuisine is a melting pot of south European, Balkan and Middle Eastern influences. However, in northern Nicosia, the food you
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Sweden (section Music)
like Ryanair and Wizzair, with many connections to Europe, especially the Balkans. In Nyköping, quite a distance (about 100 km) from Stockholm. Stockholm
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Bauhaus and BauMax. Evropark. It's one of the largest shopping centers in Balkan and Central Europe with a wide variety of service - from clothing stores
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as well as the ethnic and religious atrocities that plagued the Western Balkans in the last decade of the 20th century, Prizren has the best-preserved
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sits on the large plain between the Rhodope Mountains on the south and the Balkan Range (Stara Planina - "Old Mountain") that runs through the centre of Bulgaria
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several times, Budva is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in the Balkans. There was a Hellenic colony here as far back as the 4th century BC. The
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was completely abandoned. The site, however, was used again during the Balkan Wars and the World Wars. A restoration effort of the fortress began in 2014
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Lake National Park (S 25 km - 20 min by car). The largest lake on the Balkans, and a national park.  While in Podgorica, one can enjoy the diversity
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and different soups.  51.175509-115.5708277 Balkan Restaurant, 120 Banff Ave, ☏ +1 403 762-3454. The Balkan restaurant first fired up its grill on Banff
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Sunny Beach
semicircular bay facing east. Closed to the north by the descending ridges of the Balkan Range, thus blending sea and mountain in perfect harmony. Everything in
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to a Jewish community numbering over 1,500 people, who settled in the Balkans during the late 15th century from Spain after escaping the Reconquista
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was established as a trading town, sporting the largest bazaar in the Balkans, called Çarshia e Madhe (the Grand Bazaar). The tradesmanship spirit and
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Ancona is the next major city down the Adriatic coast, with ferries to the Balkans. Bologna is the stand-out among the cities along the Po valley. San Marino
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Dhërmi, it's the best you can find in Albania and one of the best in the Balkans. The oil is very virgin and usually home-made. Also don't forget to get
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Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo. The city of Gabrovo to the south-west, at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, which has historic sites, a humor museum and impressive shopping
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center of the city, the Castle is billed as the second largest in all the Balkans, and is worth a look. The Armaments Museum is located in the castle (separate
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Fiction tourism (section Balkans)
"Der Schuh des Manitu" ("The shoe of Manitou") was shot in neither the Balkans nor North America but instead in Spain. -37.8588145.1727 Melbourne/Box
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Xanthippi is a modern restaurant with traditional flavours from Greece and the Balkans. It offers a spectacular view of the city and the valley of Xanthi.  41
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Banja Luka
Banjaluka. The monastery is the only trapist monastery in the Western Balkans and it was reopened in 2008. It is known for its home-made wines and cheese
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South. Combining the European Baroque with the Byzantine traditions of the Balkans, these churches had a cultural importance as a bridge between the Southern
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Settlement Association sells chili sauces and rakija (an alcoholic drink of the Balkans) made out of products grown in Liberland. If arriving with LSA, food will
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Medieval Europe
the Islamic Golden Age with the Caliphates expanding to the Iberian and Balkan peninsulas and the subsequent Christian crusades to the Holy Land as well
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Ahal, Tejen and Merv), the Ersari (along the Amu Darya), the Yomud (in the Balkan Region and Khorzem Oasis) and the Goklen in the Southwest. Turkmenistan
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the slight influence of the oceanic Black Sea coast and the continental Balkans causes it to experience colder than average winter temperatures for typical
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Çorlu, is known for its local boza — a traditional winter drink of the Balkans which is a thick wheat ale with a negligible alcohol content that is both
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marathons under the patronage of FINA-The World Swimming Association. The Balkan Folklore Festival - Member of the UNESCO Association of The International
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cultural flows: German middle Europe to the north, Slavic masses and the Balkans to the east, Italy and then Latin countries to the west and the Mediterranean
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the already-progressive-minded culture of refugees from Crimea and the Balkans settled in the city in the late 19th century during the decline of the
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Bavaria, as well as a couple of international routes (mostly serving the Balkans as well as countries from the former eastern bloc) that have already existed
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inter-city services are provided by the public transportation company "Balkan Ekspres" (Macedonian: Балкан Експрес) which has connections from all cities
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31222219.4448678 Durres Amphitheater, Rruga Kalase. The biggest in the Balkans it also features restored iconography works.   41.312619.44419 Durres Ancient
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Elyria (Ohio)
historical name used by ancient Greeks and Romans to refer to the western Balkans. In 2010, the city had a population of 55,000. The village of Elyria was
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Austro-Hungarian Empire
Monarchy, and the Austrian Empire) dominated Central Europe and the northern Balkans from the end of the Middle Ages until its collapse at the end of World
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the city's Southwest Side with a cuisine and culture that is decidedly Balkan. A host of restaurants and cultural institutions visibly display the rustic
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A hot pot of spicy beef tripe similar to those found in Turkey and the Balkans. Cocido madrileño – Chickpea stew with meat and vegetables. The particularity
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Vienna (section Balkans)
seven cities in Austria. Tickets from €5.  If you are traveling from the Balkans there are plenty of buses daily. Some may not be advertised and tickets
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Central Europe
used to be a niche market if that, mostly catering to immigrants from the Balkans and their descendants. However, since a liberalisation of the market in
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Brooklyn/Prospect Park
wonderful neighborhood bar and live music venue. Barbes tends tends to bring in bands that play early swing, Balkan brass bands (which are fabulous), and
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Ali Sultan Dergahı. Museum of the Ottoman history of the conquest of the Balkans. (updated Apr 2021) Hiking: in the forest of Nymphaea. Beach: About 30km
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15th-20th century from the whole world with an emphasis on Romania and the Balkan Peninsula. 10 Lei / 2,5 Lei for students. (updated Aug 2018) 44.42849226
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cafes, bars and restaurants. Athens airport is a major hub in the Aegean, Balkan and East Mediterranean regions. American, Air Canada, Air Transat, Delta
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electric light bulbs in Nordic countries in 1882. The pub is named after a Balkan town where men from Finlayson cotton mills fought alongside Russian troops
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Chicago/Southwest Side
Polish population, with a unique cuisine and culture that is decidedly Balkan. A host of restaurants and cultural institutions visibly display the rustic
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Dervish Café, Nowowiejskiego 8, pl. Wolności. Arabic, Balkan, Indian, Oldies, Reggae, Rnb Music. Bollywood and Bellydance shows.  Proletaryat, Wrocławska
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it is considered the most beautiful house from Ottoman period in the Balkans. The house is comprised of separate quarters for women (women’s courtyard
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European Union
results. Successes include the relatively peaceful resolution after the Balkan and Kosovo wars, which resulted in two former Yugoslav Republics (Croatia
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Lecce (province)
All of actual Apulia territory experienced an immigration wave from the Balkans, and in Salento peninsula this resulted in the develop of the Messapian
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Istanbul/Asian Side
349-19-02, ✉ info@ciya.com.tr. daily 11:00-22:00. Regional tastes ranging from Balkans to Asia, Caucasus to Mesopotamia, with much delicious kebabs. €10-15 pp
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2017, and can be much higher. However Bosnia and Herzegovina is part of a Balkan roaming zone with Montenegro, Serbia and North Macedonia, capped at €0.20
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Skopje/Stara Čaršija
Office housed the city's first telegraph. Today, it houses International Balkan University. The Vilayet Building was built to house administrative functions
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Development Index number is higher than or on par with Turkey and most Balkan countries. The port of -6.117944106.8088011 Sunda Kelapa dates to the 12th
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the Balkans between the port of Durrës (Albania) and Istanbul connecting the Adriatic Sea and the Bosporus. This first “highway” across the Balkans was
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open 24/7. Traditional Cypriot cuisine is a melting pot of south European, Balkan and Middle Eastern influences. You will find most Greek, Turkish and Arabic
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Washington, D.C./Capitol Hill
taxidermy.  Ambar Capitol Hill, 523 8th St SE, ☏ +1 202 813-3039. Great Balkan food.  Cafe 8, 424 8th St SE, ☏ +1 202 547-1555. Su-Th 11AM-10:30PM, F Sa
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World War II in Europe (section Western Balkans)
starting with a sneak attack in June 1941. The Axis also grabbed most of the Balkans plus Greece at around the same time. The Soviet Army retreated to Leningrad
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chilli). Ćevapi are traditional Bosnian dish and they are popular across the Balkans. Split's eateries are to be found in a variety of settings, ranging from
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you can get. But rest assured, if you venture out to this corner of the Balkans, you will find more history and character packed into Kratovo than other
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Andrew", is known for its well-preserved houses and churches, many built in a Balkan style as the area had been settled by Serb refugees. Today the town's best-known
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start at US$10 with set menus for less than US$20. Highly recommended.  Balkan House, Thongsangnang Village (from Thongkhankham Market second traffic light
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Closed Mondays. A bar in the front hides the homey dining room, serving up Balkan style BBQ meat and specialties. Fresh and flavourful. Delivery available
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the summer). Even though train services are poor, when compared to West Balkan standards, they may be more frequent, cheaper, and more scenic than taking
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Malmö (section Music, theatre and film)
If you visit Özen Allfrukt (Lantmannagatan 59) you might want to try the Balkan fast food dishes. Burek, Ćevapčići and Pljeskavica in the range from 25
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10:00-20:00, Sa 10:00-16:00. CDs and LPs of modern music, pop, rock, indie, very strong also in electronic music. (updated Oct 2016) 49.596417911.008867418 Der
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of The Big Issue, and they have now been replaced by beggars from the Balkans. Neither represent a danger. Far more life-threatening are outdoor activities
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eastern Europe, such as Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, the Balkans, and Georgia. It winter, many Poles drink grzaniec (mulled wine), made
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Venetians and the Turks, until the liberation in 1912 during the First Balkan War. During World War II, the strategically important island was occupied
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Nea Anchialos
and Magnesia in the world and the port of Volos between Europe and the Balkans to Asia and North Africa. The geographical location of Nea Anchialos is
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Pangaion Hills
Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries and centers of Orthodoxy in the Balkans. (updated May 2018) Above the monastery, a high-altitude road leads 6 km
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Thasos passed over to the Turks and was freed by Greek troops by 1912 in the Balkan War. In the Second World War, Thasos and larger parts of northern Greece
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Moldova (category Balkans)
the food eaten or sold here originated from Russia or Romania. Moldovan music has a distinctive flair, but is what you might expect in eastern Europe
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Saint Petersburg/Center
Datscha, BarBarA, Fidel, Belgrad. These bars have cheap beer, crazy dances, Balkan, ska, punk, disco or whatever the DJ has on his mind. 59.9258430.352421
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Euro 2020
Round of 16: 28 June 44.437226.15254 Bucharest. The largest city in the Balkans, the Romanian capital will host matches at the Arena Națională, the national
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Nordic cuisine
Cuisines of Europe Balkan • Benelux • British & Irish • Central European • French • German (Bavarian • Franconian) Georgian • Greek • Italian • Nordic
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Franconian cuisine
is bread, preferably home-baked. On menus, you'll read mit Musik, (with music) a lot. This means a marinade of vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and onion (no
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German cuisine
service charges, taxes and other surcharges; separate surcharges, e.g. for music, or for the place setting, are not permitted. At least one menu with a meaningful
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Georgian cuisine
and to individual consumers, and there are food stalls and traditional music and dance performances. A bottle of good Georgian wine in a shop can be
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Travel topics index (section Topics in Balkans)
tourism Hill stations Historical travel Industrial tourism Literary travel Music Places with unusual names Religion and spirituality Visual arts Architecture
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