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Incorporate text adapted and translated from french Wikipedia https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tizi_Ouzou&oldid=187052887
'''Tizi Ouzou''', also known as '''Thizi Wezzu''' (in Berber : ⵝⵉⵣⵉ ⵡⴻⵣⵓ, in Arabic : تيزي وزو),‎ is a city in [[Central Algeria]]. Tizi Ouzou is the capital of the Kabyle region and is inhabited by the Berber tribes. While it is not special, it's quite lively and makes it a good base for day trips.
[[File:Aet rhouna.jpg|thumb|Ait Rehouna Tizi Ouzou]]
With a population of 150,000, Tizi Ouzouit is, thethanks capitalto ofits thegeographical Kabylelocation, regionone and is inhabited byof the Berbermost tribes.important Whilecommercial itcentres isin notthespecial, it's quite lively and makes it a good base for day tripsregion.
===Climate ===
Due to the mountain ranges that surround the city, it snows every year in winter between December for high altitudes (600 m and up), and February for low altitudes. In summer, the heat can be suffocating as the sea air collides with the mountainous terrain which prevents it from reaching the city. From November the temperatures are at least 5 °C.
==Get in==
===By plane===
The nearest airports are those of Algiers and Béjaïa.
===By train===
There is a train station here with direct connections to Algiers.
==Get around==
The Tizi Ouzou cable car, with a total length of 5.4 km, has six stations, four of which are intermediate:
*Kaf Naadja Station (Multimodal Station)
*New Town Station
*Station Stage 1re Novembre
*M'Douha Station (Upper Town)
* Sidi Belloua Hospital Station
*Station Redjaouna
The first section (connecting the Multimodal Station to the Upper Town) was commissioned in 2020. The second section will link the Upper Town of Tizi Ouzou to the Sidi Belloua Hospital, while the third section will go from the Sidi Belloua Hospital to the higher village of Redjaouna.
* The '''monument of Candle''' by Tizi Ouzou
* Archaeological site of the '''Roman ruins in Tigzirt''': These ruins steeped in history are now an integral part of the Tigzirt district of Tizi-Ouzou.
* East of the town of Tizi-Ouzou (40 km from the city centre) is the '''Yakouren forest'''. It has splendid vegetation, thermal springs and monkeys. There are also jackals, porcupines and hares.
* The '''Djurdjura mountain range''' is considered the longest mountain range in Kabylia (250 km). The Djurdjura is made up of several mountain ranges, including Lalla Khadija which is the highest peak (2,308 m) and Tikjda, which is home to one of the only ski resorts in Algeria; it has circuits for all mountain sports (climbing, mountaineering, orienteering, etc.)
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