Plunge forward
This page in a nutshell: Don't worry about being perfect or making mistakes. If something needs to be done, do it. Jump in and make useful edits to articles.
Plunge forward!
Being a traveller requires courage, self-confidence, passion and perseverance. Being a Wikivoyager requires the same qualities. We expect you to plunge forward into the task of authoring, editing, and illustrating articles on Wikivoyage. You can edit any article on Wikivoyage (even this one!), and we hope that you do. We need your knowledge, your experience, your talent, and your attention.
Plunging forward means:
So plunge forward! You will enjoy it!
...But don't be reckless!!
Don't be afraid of making mistakes, but at the same time be aware that there are certain cases where you might find that your edit receives extra scrutiny, or may be undone by others:
While everyone is encouraged to plunge forward, if someone else undoes your change you can view the article's history and there will usually be an explanation in the edit summary to indicate why the change was undone. If you still don't understand, ask for clarification on the article's talk page.
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